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I'm pretty sure I'm reaching here, but does anyone have any input on "jumpstarting" an offense?  A guy I co-coach with and I just took over Arkansas State in Camp.  We knew it would be a project, especially with 26 schollies open last recruiting season and another 18 that will open up this next recruiting season... yes, you read that right...  44 schollies in 2 seasons...  I don't even know how that happens...  So needless to say, we're young.  But I can't get this offense doing ANYTHING.  I've coached several seasons in Rockne under a different username, and now co-coach here in Camp, and generally my offenses are top one or two in the conference and usually top 15 in the division at all levels in both worlds, but absolutely NOTHING is working with this offense.  I've tried heavy run, all pass, balanced, varying the aggression levels of both the overall offense and the individual playcall aggression, though I've mostly been running things pretty conservatively, since every deep shot my qb takes gets picked. 
I've even tried using the freshman backup QB, who is clearly not very good (got in a pinch during recruiting and had to settle for him), but I wanted to see if he might shake things up... bad move....  Between the 2 QBs, they've thrown 2 TDs and 10 INTs in 4 games and are only averaging about 110 yards per game passing (though one game was almost all run, so I'd have to factor that in)... But I'm used to my QB throwing for around 300 per game and my running game usually gets me about 150 per game the way I've ran my offense at the various division levels, so struggling this much comes as a bit of a shocker.
I've taken on rebuilds before, but I don't ever remember being outscored 101-17 (shutout today) in a 3 game stretch in any world.  Again, I know this team isn't that good and we're facing a pretty brutal non-con schedule, and I also realize the WRs aren't top notch, but the backs aren't that bad and none of them have been productive either.  And I also realize that if gameplanning matters at all, it probably does at D1A, but I can't gameplan if nothing is working.
I'm just hoping we can keep our job long enough to turn things around.

1/24/2013 5:03 PM
Ok Im no expert (espically in DIV1)  But your passing game is , how shall I say this ?? not good! Your qb's do not have enough arm strength for DIV1...so my advice would be practice Box or Wishbone (box would be better cause your tight ends r nice) and run the hell out of the ball!! Grind the clock and keep the other team off the field and NEVER let your qb's throw unless 3rd and long.  Put like 20 points into ND Box and play an aggressive 3-4 D and hope for the best :)
1/24/2013 6:08 PM
And unless they changed it I dont think you can get fired from Arkansas St...I may be wrong though....I got canned from Michigan st after a 10-4 season and a bowl loss...****** me off os I went back to my championship roots (div 3)

good luck!
1/24/2013 6:11 PM
I take it back ...run a wishbone...your speedy backs would be awsome in that set
1/24/2013 6:13 PM
I blame it on youth. I have seen FR QBs with 80 tech 80 GI and like 40-50 str throw around 20 ints and just a little more TD's so yours (that need a little work as I'm sure you know) will be struggling against solid defenses. Your younger players are the majority of your starters and at DIA, especially against solid human coaches you cant expect your youth to carry you... when your team is mostly SO as well you still might see some growing pains. They seem to stick out most in QB's and the defense IMO at DIA. 

You can see a better idea of what I am talking about is in your defense. Other than one game your defense has done quite well, points allowed wise. On your D your linebackers are your only younger portion otherwise your seniors make up most of your other positions. A lot of rebuilding teams go through these growing pains so just hang in there. Your young talent, for the most part, is pretty solid.

Also to my knowledge scumpuppy you can get fired from a mid major but it takes quite a while compared to other DIA and poor success
1/24/2013 6:53 PM
Jumpstarting an offense Topic

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