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In a battle with a SIM (under a different ID) at a lower division.

SIM was on the player 1st.  I sent SV and got considered along with the SIM.
I have been sending HVs in waves each cycle (a set of say 2 HV and 3 HV in the same cycle).
The recruit is accepting 1 of the HV sets and rejecting the other HV sets.   This has happened multiple cycles.

I was under the impression that SIMS put all of the effort in at the beginning of recruiting until after the 1st signing.  We are still in the pre-signing stage so no more effort should be put in by the SIM yet.  Either, I should be close enough to accept ALL of the HV or far enough away to reject ALL of the HV, not a mixed bag.  

What's more, I am afraid I am not getting credit for some of the HV even though a get a positive email because he has accepted upwards of 20 so far, which is generally alot for a lower division SIM, and is still rejecting some HVs. 

1/25/2013 5:14 PM
Rejecting HVs is dependent upon how well the guy likes you compared to the other school. There is also a random possibility of rejection.

You should know if the guy likes you more than he likes the SIM team if you have either offered him a scholarship or if you have FSS for the player.

If you are not yet ahead, then you need to send more effort. If you are ahead, you don't need to send more effort ... the SIM will not put in more effort.

I would say that if a significant number of HVs are being rejected then you are not ahead or are barely ahead in the recruiting.
1/27/2013 8:31 PM
I had the same situation happen recently, where the player rejected some HVs but accepted others. I think it happens because you are still far enough behind that he isn't sure he wants to waste his time with you.

What I did was to send some SVs to hopefully get him more in my favor, then I began to start sending HVs individually, one at a time, even if I sent multiple in one cycle (which I did). That way a rejection only meant I lost one HV rather than a group of them.

Eventually he started to accept every HV, and shortly after that I got notification in a scholarship message that I was ahead, so I stopped sending. He did the usual wait for several cycles after signings have started and then he signed with me.

So either send more SVs to loosen him up a bit toward you and/or send HVs individually and eventually he should come around, providing you have enough cash to put forth the amount of effort required.

1/28/2013 11:21 AM
you sent 1 single SV and got considered? the sim cant have that much effort in - how many HVs were accepted by your post? sounds strange.

bistiza gives some solid advice, but id avoid using the SVs like that - its inefficient. get a handle on how many HVs will be accepted or rejected, send all you wanted in singles, and send extras to CONSERVATIVELY account for the accept/reject rate. for example, in d1, when i want to spend 20k on a guy considering a sim, in the first cycle - i usually spend around 30, maybe 35k. just gotta do it, to get enough accepted to stick.
1/28/2013 12:51 PM
Battle with SIM Topic

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