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The GM Progressive

I have come up with a version of an Auction type progressive that I'd like to try. It is a bit different from other Auction leagues.
This league will be very easy to get started in if you've felt that other Auction versions are a bit too overwhelming at the start.

This will be a 16 Team League using the 4/4 format with interleague play, unless we can get to 24 teams without much hesitation.

League Initiation:
Everyone will select 1 Team that played from 1930 to 1980. First come/first serve. I will pick my team 8th. All players will be exclusive so you cannot pick a team that has a player that is already rostered on a previously chosen team. Keep in mind your players will progress from the season that you start with. Example: Pick the 1972 Reds and your initial team of players progress to 1973, then 1974, and so on...

There will be 2 Caps that we'll use for this league:
1.$130M Payroll Cap - used for Auctions
2.$110M Salary Cap - used for the League

Initial Auction:
Everyone starts with their Payroll of $130M. The total Salary of the Team you selected is deducted from that $130M. We will always round UP to the nearest Million, so if a Salary is $74,301,808 then we'll use $75M. Using the $130M, minus the $75M leaves $55M to use for Bidding. I will randomly draw 2 seasons from 1901 to 2012 if this is a 16 team league, 3 seasons if we get to 24 teams. Rookies from those 2 or 3 seasons will be used for the pool. Each team will have 8 AAA spots (6/2) to fill. If your Initial roster had less than 25 players then you'll need to add that many more players in addition to your 8 AAA players. You must always roster 33 players, no more, no less. All Rookies will start with their first WIS eligible season and progress from there.

Bidding Process:
To start, each player in the pool will use their Salary for the upcoming season as a base price. Example: If it's $4,003,891 then rounded  UP the base price would be $5M. If it's $200,000 then it is $1M. The minimum amount anyone can bid on a player is his base price. Each day you'll submit a bid via SiteMail to me on the number of players you need to fill your 33 man roster. If you need 8 players total you must bid on 8, no more, no less. You can spend any amount of your remaining Payroll on Bids up to the maximum amount you have left. Only one set of bids can be submitted per day. I'll have a preset time that bids must be sent in by. I'll send my bids to 2 owners before I open theirs. At the end of the day I will post the bids on each player. Highest bidder wins that player. Players with tied bids will not be awarded and they will go back into the pool for the next day of bidding. You can only bid up to the total amount of cash you have left after each day. So, if you have $30M to start with and win a player for $10M the first day then you only have $20M left for Day 2. All bids must be in increments of $1M. You must have $1M or more of Payroll cash for every player you need to acquire. If you fall below that level you aren't allowed to bid and the Commissioner will appoint the lowest salaried players available after the Auction is over to fill your 33 man roster.

How Free Agents will be determined:
The number of seasons played for each team in real life will determine the length of a contract. For example: If you start with the 1972  Reds team, Johnny Bench played for them until he retired in 1980, so his contract length for you would be 9 years, (1972-1980). Joe Morgan played for the '72 Reds through 1979. In real life he changes teams and goes to Houston in 1980, so after his '79 season his contract with you would end and he would become a Free Agent. If you draft Morgan at that time for the 1980 season you'd have him for that season only because in real life he changes teams again in 1981 going to San Francisco, and so on...
As you can see it is really quite simple, anytime a player reaches a season in Real Life when they changed teams, they become a Free Agent. There is no assigning contract lengths and the salary of each player is the amount of dollars that he costs once he is on your team.

At the Transaction Deadline of each season I will post in the forum:
1.The returning players for each Team, Team Salaries, and available Payroll amount for the Auction.
2.All of the players that will be Free Agents.
3.One randomly drawn season that we'll use for adding Rookies from.

Auction Process for Season 2 and Beyond:
At the end of the regular season we'll have another Auction using the same process as the Initial Auction except I will only draw 1 season instead of 2 or 3 for adding new Rookie players. Any Free Agents and Rookies not receiving a bid by the end of the Auction will be removed from the league. Any Rookie players that are already in the league will not be eligible for the Auction.
Additional Rules and Notes:
1.The Salary on all of your players is deducted from your $130M Payroll Cap until they are Traded, become a Free Agent, or Retire.
2.If you go over the $110M Salary Cap due to players progressing to higher salaries you will still be able to field that roster however the  penalty will be that you will not be able to bid on any players. If you still need players to fill your 33 man roster the Commissioner will appoint the lowest salaried players available to your team after the Auction is over.
3.In the event a player changed teams in the middle of a season in real life and there are 2 teams for one season then you will use the correct version of that player for your team. Example: George Foster played for the Mets and White Sox in 1986. If you are using his Mets seasons his last season for you would be his partial '86 Mets season. If someone bids for him the next season he would use his partial '86 White Sox season. You cannot use the combined season unless that is the only one available.
4.Unused Payroll dollars cannot be carried over to the next season.

IR Players:
Players that have a missing season (IR), will skip ahead to their next available WIS season. Example: George Foster and Gary Nolan from the '72 Reds team both go to IR in '73, Foster would jump ahead to his '74 season and Nolan returns in '75 so he advances to his '75 season.

Cut Players are allowed however:
Their Salary will continue to be deducted from your Payroll until they become a Free Agent or Retire.
You cannot roster them again once they have been Cut even if you are still paying their salary.

1.You cannot trade for any players that would put you over the $110M Salary Cap.
2.All Trades must be balanced, (1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3...).
3.All trades will be allowed with the exception of rule #1 unless I determine collusion is taking place.

This should be a very competitive progressive. Using the Salary of each team to determine the available Cash to use for bidding will give an advantage during the Auction to those that have the least amount of Salary tied up in their rosters. Yet if you want to compete for Championships you'll more than likely have to acquire some expensive players which in turn deletes your cash supply. Rebuilding should be much faster considering some good players will be available as Free Agents. Strategies will be different. Some owners may want long-term players. Players that played entire careers with 1 team will never become Free Agents. Some players changed teams a lot which will make them Free Agents many times throughout their careers. So, will you go for a Rookie with a long-term career or a Free Agent who could help you right away? Even Trading players will have different value based upon their careers. Join in and experience something truely unique.

AAA - 6/2 you draft 'em
No Clones
No Live Play
Injuries Off
Any Stadium - Pick at signup
Alignment by seasons earliest to latest.
Pick your Team Name from the list below at signup.

Owners List: bheid408; topkat; dspahlinger

1/27/2013 1:16 PM (edited)
Altoona Curve
Appleton Foxes
Bakersfield Blaze
Beloit Snappers
Boise Pilots
Bridegport Bluefish
Buffalo Bison - topkat - Skydome - 1965 Cardinals
Cape Fear Crocs
Charleston SeaGulls
Charlotte Knights - dspahlinger- Ebbets Field - 1949 Dodgers
Durham Bulls
Erie Seawolves
Evansville Otters
Fresno Grizzlies
Greensboro Hornets
Huntsville Stars
Kansas City T-Bones
Lancaster JetHawks
Lansing Lugnuts
Las Vegas 51's
New Haven Ravens
Ogden Raptors
Ottawa Lynx
Quincy Jets
Reno Aces
River City Rascals
Salt Lake Bees
Scranton Miners
Somerset Patriots
St.Joe Blacksnakes
Toledo MudHens
Trenton Thunder
Tri City Atoms
Utica Blue Sox
Wichita Wranglers
Winnipeg GoldEyes
Yakima Bears
Yuma Scorpions
1/27/2013 10:09 PM (edited)
Will play at the Skydome the new home of the Buffalo Bison...
1/26/2013 9:48 PM
Welcome topkat! Thanks for starting this off! LMK which team you are going to start with.

1/27/2013 9:15 AM
OK I'll join-like the concept and hope it gets off the ground !

I'll take the 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers as my base team and the Charlotte Knights as my team name, playing in Ebbets Field since most of my players are familiar with that stadium lol.

3 questions for clarification:
1. During the league year the salary used for our player is actual salary, not what we bid ? If I bid $10 mil for a player with a salary of $7 mil, the salary for the $110 cap is $7 mil, right ?
2. We can use the AAA players we acquire freely during the year ? (think this is self-evident but just want to be sure)
3. For the 1949 Dodgers, Johnny Hopp played most of the year for the Pirates but played a few games for the Dodgers. Can I use him for the Dodgers for the 1949 season ?
1/27/2013 10:14 AM
Thanks for joining! dspahlinger

1. you are correct.
2. yes, AAA players can be used up to the 120 day TD
3. My gut tells me that if they didn't get the WIS minimum of 50AB's then that would be the cutoff for rostering a player or not, however for this league I will allow it if another owner doesn't pick one of the other teams that he played for. (40-45Cards, 46-47Braves, 48-50Pirates, 50-52Yankees, 52Tigers). Now, that also means that you must roster Bob Ramazzotti too as he falls under the same qualifications as Hopp does.

I've used your roster as an example to show your players, salaries, and when they will either Retire or become a Free Agent.
As we get more owners signing up I'll move this to the "Theme Leagues" forum.

dspahlinger Salary Last Season FreeAgent or Retire
1949 Dodgers   For Your Ballclub  
c-Roy Campenella 4.23 1957 R-1958
c-Bruce Edwards 0.979 1951 FA-1951 Cubs
1b-Gil Hodges 4.76 1961 FA-1962 Mets
1b-Johnny Hopp 2.69 1949 FA-1950 Yankees
2b-Jackie Robinson 8.4 1956 R-1957
3b-Billy Cox 2.62 1955 R-1956
3b-Eddie Miksis 0.779 1951 FA-1951 Cubs
3b-Spider Jorgensen 0.766 1949 FA-1951 Giants
3b-Bob Ramazzotti 0.716 1949 FA-1949 Cubs
ss-Pee Wee Reese 6.73 1958 R-1959
of-Duke Snider 5.72 1962 FA-1963 Mets
of-Carl Furillo 4.63 1959 R-1960
of-Gene Hermanski 2.39 1951 FA-1951 Cubs
of-Marv Rackley 0.841 1949 FA-1949 Pirates
of-Luis Olmo 0.62 1949 FA-1950 Braves
of-Mike McCormick 0.586 1949 FA-1950 WhiteSox/Giants
of-Tommy Brown 0.554 1951 FA-1951 Phillies
p-Don Newcombe 7.02 1958 FA-1958 Reds
p-Preacher Roe 5.2 1954 R-1955
p-Joe Hatten 3.89 1951 FA-1951 Cubs
p-Ralph Branca 3.76 1953 FA-1953 Tigers
p-Rex Barney 3.27 1950 R-1951
p-Jack Banta 3.96 1950 R-1951
p-Erv Palica 1.96 1954 FA-1955 Orioles
p-Carl Erskine 1.64 1958 R-1959
p-Paul Minner 0.711 1949 FA-1950 Cubs
p-Morrie Martin 0.251 1949 FA-1951 A's
27 Players Rostered $79,655,334/$80M    
Needs 6  $50M Payroll Left    

1/27/2013 1:10 PM
1965 St.Louis Cardinals..
1/27/2013 2:55 PM
Great thinking 1995 Braves...Turner Field, playing as the Bridgeport Bluefish.
1/28/2013 6:40 AM
Glad to have you aboard BlueTufts. Your initial team must be from 1930 to 1980.
1/28/2013 9:27 AM
3 people? That's all?
2/1/2013 9:27 AM
Very good idea, sad that it's not filling. Perhaps it seems complicated at first glance but it really isn't-look closely. An innovative and different progressive method
2/1/2013 9:49 AM
GM Progressive - Closed/Dead Topic

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