any feedback on the idea of on "gimme" games where im a 20+ point favorite... actually starting my 2nd string...  or even just adjusting my 1st string to "fairly fresh" and 2nd string to "getting tired"   will that have a better affect on WE and overall point increases?? Or is it not worth the hassle for the select few games
1/26/2013 11:11 AM
I don't think it's a hassle, but I do think the we impact from just adjusting those settings is beyond minimal, so it's not worth it. That said, I think starting one or two bench guys that you are trying to develop is worthwhile if you're positive you'll win the game anyway. But be careful ... I've seen people do that and lose.
1/26/2013 11:26 AM
I think your RPI is mainly based on your SOS.  You need wins and big upset losses seem to happen all the time in HD.  I would go after the win.  I don't think starting bench players or giving them more time is worth while unless you have several games over the course of the season to do this. 
1/26/2013 12:05 PM
i fairly routinely start sub-optimal lineups of the whole season (except maybe a couple select games, and of course, the NT), to get young players (not just FR, but key sophs) more playing time. this is really true for my better teams only. why? i dont really give two ***** if im the #1 overall seed or a lower 1 seed, or even a 2 seed - not if my team is now that much better, and my advantage over the field that much greater. but on my lesser teams, it can go either way, i still do it, but i wouldnt call it routinely. seeding changes are bigger and have bigger ramifications - a 2 dropping to a 4, or a 5 to an 8, i mean thats a pretty big difference in your chance of making various rounds of the NT. so, sometimes its worth it, sometimes its not. if you think you might have a championship team next year - id go for it, for sure. or even sub "championship" with whatever means "one of my greatest seasons ever". if you never made the final 4, and think you have a shot of it next year, id often start the right guys to increase my chances of getting over the new threshold.
1/26/2013 2:29 PM
I like to do this sometimes not just for development but to try to confuse future opponents gameplans by having a bunch of different players with starts
1/26/2013 5:35 PM
Posted by dacj501 on 1/26/2013 5:35:00 PM (view original):
I like to do this sometimes not just for development but to try to confuse future opponents gameplans by having a bunch of different players with starts
you and your crazy game planning theories :) its really not a bad idea in theory, but in practice, i dont think it buys you much. you'd have to be pretty committed. ive considered playing a lineup through the CT and swapping going into the NT, for confusion purposes, but most people are lazy and just look at your last game (well, most are too lazy to do even that - but still). and i just dont need that advantage in the first round. - so do i play my bad lineup until im really worried about losing? i dont know, i just cant see how to make that work. 

improvement is one thing, but to create chaos when 90% of coaches dont do anything beyond a quick check for +/- and maybe tempo, i just dont think its worth it.
1/26/2013 5:50 PM
well I don't do it just for that reason....if I do switch it around that's just a bonus
1/26/2013 11:57 PM

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