Shouldn't this guy be a more efficient scorer? Topic

Or am I missing something?  Second year in a row under .400, and I'm not having him take a ridiculous number of shots or anything...

Paul Denny

1/26/2013 2:27 PM
He looks okay but nothing special to me.  I like to have ATH and LP over 70 for my 4/5 scorer.   

I also think his 3 pt setting is to high.   I would probably set it back to -2 or maybe -1.   He seems to be 43%ish ( I did the math quick) from inside the arc, that isn't good but he might be taking to many jumpers due to the high perimeter and those settings.
1/26/2013 4:15 PM
doesnt seem great to me... inside scorers need to be pretty beastly just to make the grade. per does help those guys but really only if they've already got the ath and lp with it.
1/26/2013 4:45 PM
i do think his avg shooting would be higher on a longer run of shots though, i think the rng has you a little on the down side.
1/26/2013 4:46 PM
450+ shots in the past two seasons isn't the smallest sample ever... I'm very surprised to see him under 40%.  Nothing special, doesn't seem great, sure.  But awful?
1/27/2013 11:39 AM
I'd put 3 pt setting at -2
1/27/2013 12:18 PM
yup, turn off the 3's
1/27/2013 12:21 PM
He shoots 3s because, from a team stats perspective, I want the made 3s and I can afford the misses.  I'm specifically talking about his 2%, which is still just barely over 40%.
1/27/2013 2:21 PM
Yea he should be way better than he is. I do think the 3 point setting might be messing with him though. I don't know how the sim does it but it could be changing where he is taking his 2 point shots from as well.

Ive got a guy who is somewhat comparable who is doing a lot better. Hes got a lot less LP but he has comparable Ath/speed/per/BH.
1/27/2013 4:24 PM
Agree.  PER does not = 3 point shooter.  He is a Center.  I would try -1 setting first.  If he is jacking more than 1 of 2 3-point shots a  game, set him at -2.  He doesn't have enough LP to be good posting under the basket consistantly.  Doesn't have enough Per or Spd to be shooting outside.  He can be very affective between 5-10 feet from the basket, where he doesn't need Spd, and has the Ath to get open, make shots, and get Reb.  I think you will see shooting % and REB go up by keeping him in closer.  I don't see him as a great offense threat, but a good one who can average 10-12 a game with a more efficient shooting %. IMO
1/27/2013 5:05 PM (edited)
There is nothing in the game logic that determines where a shot is taken from.  Any logic about where he's taking his 2s from is inherently flawed with respect to the game.  There's no way you can tell a guy to play 5-10 feet from the basket; in terms of the shooting logic anywhere inside the 3-pt line is basically identical.  At least as far as I can tell.  I think you get more makes on layups, but aside from breakaways that's probably an artifact of being more likely to call a make a layup in the boxscore, and a miss a jumper.
1/27/2013 5:14 PM
If you play -2, you are playing closer to the basket.  Playing + 2 further out.  You are correct, you can't tell a guy to play 5-10 feet from the basket.  But if you play him 0, +1, or +2, he is hagning out at or past the three point line.  That can take a rebounder out of position to get offensive rebounds. Playing him -1 or -2 he is playing closer to the basket.  You can play around with each player to make sure his jump shots are coming mid-range, which is still PER, or posting up on the blocks. Technically, perimeter is anything outside of the lane. You can also follow the play-by-play to see where the shots are coming from and adjust that way.  Each player is a little diffferent, but you can move him further inside or further out to get him to take the majority of his shots from the distance you want.
1/27/2013 9:12 PM
I have never seen any correlation at all between 3-pt setting and offensive rebounding rates.  Denny himself is getting over 2 per game.
1/28/2013 12:11 AM
that is a pretty big sample size. i dont know why he is shooting so poorly. i had a REALLY good 4 on a national championship d2 triangle team a long time ago - but of all those great d2 teams, i might have only had one. he was like your guy, but maybe 80/70 ath/spd or something, with about the 70 lp/per. he was really efficient but so much has changed in the game. i find per (and if you have per, bh) to be useful in bigs, but again, i still get the sense you need superior ath and lp to really be good enough to make use of the per/bh. i dont think you really need a ton of speed to go with it, although traditionally spd and per complement each other. think the - setting might help your 2 pt %, because really, the spd probably DOES hurt your long range jumpers. for the sake of learning (and he sucks now anyway, cant really hurt anything), id put him at -1 and see how it goes.

wow... i didnt realize you had that soft a schedule. thats WAY low, very surprising. hows your passing? hmm, not so hot. 73/48 on your starters, ouch, that kind of sucks. that pass is pretty important in triangle, id definitely pay more attention to that in the future. its not enough to justify the extent of the badness of that player - but its a start. your team really is not playing that well offensively, 48% is solid but not so much on a poor schedule, thats really not very good, and 31% 3s is pretty bad.

actually, now that i really look at your offensive ratings, i have a theory. the bad triangle IQ is bringing you down a little. but your offensive ratings, your lp/per, are really not very good at all. there definitely seems to be some concept in the game of primary scorers, where the defense seems to target certain players more, or something. it happens in real life, i never thought it would in the game, but so many times you see things like the senior slump, or consistently players slightly worse on a team seem to outperform guys slightly better - my theory is the game is basically having the defense put more effort on guarding better players. my low scoring guys seem to do really well, with decent ratings - 55% and better is normal, for a guy not shooting much (putbacks probably contribute some to that, but still). i wonder if denny is getting targeted, and because hes just not that good, hes struggling? if you had some better offensive players, he might be doing considerably better. id consider that -1, too.

1/28/2013 1:24 AM
Just a couple of notes on things you said that seemed right, but I just discovered were not - my team LP and Pass are both in the top 20 in Phelan D2.  Just have unusual distributions of those ratings I guess...  I do have a couple of guys with solid LP.  Nobody with blow-you-away passing, but all my bigs are above-average, and I guess that's dragging the team average up even though my guards are thoroughly unimpressive in that department...
1/28/2013 1:29 PM
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Shouldn't this guy be a more efficient scorer? Topic

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