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This league will use dual seasons, beginning with 1885 (the first season in the database) and 1915. It will progress from there to 1886/1916, then 1887/1917, and so on. Currently, we are about to begin the 1891/1921 season.  We are using the 16 franchises from the 1921 season. You can come up with your own mascot/team name, but must use the true city name and stadium for your franchise, again using 1921 as the reference point. We use WIS league E, so that we get 162 games and have 4 playoff teams. League affiliation will reflect RL, divisions are determined geographically.
I would love to see the league run long enough to mirror some of the other RL evolution of the game, such as franchises relocating to new cities (starting in the 50’s), expansion (beginning in the 60’s), and the introduction of the DH (in the 70’s). If I can gather a group of owners dedicated enough to go 30+ seasons this way, then we’ll move forward with those changes in each corresponding season. That’s looking way, way ahead, though. Right now we have 10 of 16 original owners coming back for season 5, and only 1 opening to fill, so I’ll just start by filling and running this season...
6/10/2013 1:30 PM (edited)
We have an opening for a new owner. We are set to begin the draft for season 5, and this team owns the 5th pick in round 1, with the 3rd pick in all subsequent rounds. Below is what the roster looks like going into this off-season. You can make cuts from the below at your own discretion and can begin setting things up as you like for seasons to come.

We have 10 of 16 original owners coming back for season 5, and only need to replace this team's owner. This team is a bit of a project for someone who is up to the challenge, but you'd be coming in at a good time to make changes. Team is heavy on pitching (Clarkson, Buffinton, Baldwin, etc.) which could be strategically traded to fit your needs. King Kelly and Baby Doll Jacobson will anchor the lineup for several years. You can use this upcoming lottery pick to begin re-shaping them into your own mold.

1889/1919 St. Louis Browns
Sportsman’s Park (III)
Kelly, King – C – 1889
Snyder, Frank – C – 1919
Pipp, Wally – 1B – 1919
Kilduff, Pete – 3B – 1919
McGarr, Chippy – 3B – 1889
White, Deacon – 3B – 1889
Fuller, Shorty – SS – 1889
Smith, Germany – SS – 1889
Collins, Hub – OF – 1889
Cruise, Walton – OF – 1919
Foutz, Dave – OF – 1889
Graney, Jack – OF - 1919
Jacobson, Baby Doll – OF – 1919
Murphy, Eddie – OF – 1919
Robertson, Dave – OF – 1919
Wolf, Chicken – OF – 1889
Baldwin, Mark – P – 1889
Buffinton, Charlie – P – 1889
Clarkson, John – P – 1889
Kilroy, Matt – P – 1889
Myers, Elmer – P - 1919
Smith, Phenomenal – P – 1889
Smith, Sherry – P – 1919
Evans, Joe – OF – 1919
Grimm, Charlie – 1B – 1919
Griner, Dan – P – 1918
Robinson, Hank – P – 1918
Tesreau, Jeff – P – 1918
1/30/2013 8:26 AM (edited)
I will take the St. Louis Browns if they are still available.

This team has a few of my favorite era players - including Kilroy around whom I had to build a team once for a 700 plus IP theme league.  

Should be fun. 
1/31/2013 5:47 AM
Two Questions:

1. Can Dave Foutz be a position player from 1889 to 1891, but pitch (and of course not be available as a position  player) in 1892 ? 

2. I notice that the roster listed here has up to 28 players - does that merely reflect that some have been on DL/IR, or are there more than 25 players to a roster ? 
1/31/2013 6:02 AM (edited)
The team is yours!

In response to your questions:
1. Yes.  There are quite a few guys from this era (Babe Ruth, anyone?) who switch from pitchers to position players, or vice-versa.  You retain rights to the player as long as you like while they switch back-and-forth.
2. It is 25 players per active roster, not including guys on IR.  There is no limit on IR, so you could have 25 players plus 4-5 guys (or more) on IR in any given season.
1/31/2013 7:05 AM
We have an opening for two new owners. We are closing out Season #6, and mid-way thru the draft for season #7. Below is what the roster looks like so far going into this season #7. Note that as of this year, we maintain 29-man rosters, with any four players of your choice assigned to Triple-A from year-to-year.  There are no fictional players used, only real players from the current season in play (it will be 1891 and 1921 coming up).

We have 8 of 16 original owners coming back for season 7. This Philadelphia franchise just completed a 99-win season, and is set for a good run next season as well.  So it's a solid team already, with plenty of room for personalization as a new owner sees fit. 

1890/1920 Philadelphia (AL)
Shibe Park
Farrell, Duke - C
Gharrity, Patsy - C
Hargrave, Bubbles – C
Konetchy, Ed - 1B
Werden, Perry - 1B
Collins, Eddie - 2B
Donnelly, Jim - 3B
Reilly, Charlie - 3B
Shindle, Billy - 3B
Glasscock, Jack – SS
Wheelock, Bobby - SS
Brown, Tom - OF
Ely, Bones - OF
Hooper, Harry - OF
Johnson, Spud - OF
Mann, Les – OF
Neis, Bernie - OF 
Van Haltren, George - OF
Benton, Rube - P
Carlson, Hal - P
Caruthers, Bob - P
Hutchison, Bill - P
Jones, Percy - P
McGill, Willie – P
McWeeny, Doug – P
Rettger, George – P
Shocker, Urban - P

The Boston franchise won the World Series in season 5, and may make a repeat appearance this season having the most wins of any franchise heading into the playoffs.  The roster is pretty stout for several more seasons.

1891/1921 Boston (AL)
Fenway Park
Daly, Tom - C
McGuire, Deacon - C
Nunamaker, Les - C
Carney, John - 1B
Stovey, Harry - 1B
Crooks, Jack - 2B
Bernhardt, Clyde - 3B
Nash, Billy - 3B
McKean, Ed - SS
Burkett, Jesse - OF
Mueller, Heinie - OF
Myatt, Glen - OF
Nicholson, Fred - OF
O'Neill, Tip - OF
Welch, Curt - OF
Barnes, Jesse - P
Braxton, Garland - P
Buffinton, Charlie - P
Clarkson, Dad - P
Mays, Carl - P
Meekin, Jouett - P
Miljus, Johnny - P
Morton, Guy - P
Neale, Joe - P
Staley, Harry - P
Stein, Ed - P
6/25/2013 7:30 AM (edited)
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I'd be interested in the Philly team.  
6/25/2013 12:02 AM
EXCELLENT!  I'll get you both forum access right away, and the new league will be ready to roll within a couple of days.
6/25/2013 7:11 AM

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