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An update on leagues since it's been a while since there's been a post to this thread...

ASC -- #14 Texas Lutheran (blapo21) remains unbeaten in league play at 10-0. #11 Hardin-Simmons (sunlightd) is a game back at 9-1 in the league and Austin (ricosuave21) sits at 8-2. The showdown between Tex. Lutheran and Hardin-Simmons has already taken place, so it'll be up to Austin later this season to try and knock the '0' off blapo's league record.

Capital -- Stick a fork in it, this race is pretty much done as Marymount (uncball4life) holds a three game lead over Catholic (shineenihs) and Hood (SimAI).

Centennial -- #5 Ursinus (barjaz) remains unbeaten at 21-0 overall and is 11-0 in league play. Dickinson (mfnmyers) is 9-1 in the conference, but has already taken his best shot. The only teams with winning records on Ursinus' schedule going forward are Sims, so not unreasonable to be thinking about a 26-0 regular season.

CUNY -- Polytechnic (grissom97) is 11-0 and two games clear of both Hunter and Lehman (Sims). Another race that looks pretty much in the bag.

CCIW -- Northland (raucous) is 9-1 in league play and a game up on Simmy at North Central in the standings. Again, though, the two have already played, so no late-season headlining showdown.

Coast -- New England (Sim) has a half-game lead on Gordon (Sim) and a full-game advantage on Wentworth (chewchad). The frontrunners meet Feb. 27 with chewchad cheering for Gordon.

Commonwealth -- #9 Susquehanna (zeuspole) leads by a half-game over #10 Penn St. Altoona (frankgrimes1) in a two-team race. PSA fans have March 1 circled on their calendars as they hope for a little payback and a joint championship.

Empire -- #24 Vassar (the riddler) has a half-game lead on Union (jtgraves), a full game lead on Medaille (Sim) and a game and a half lead on Hartwick (Sim). Lots o' basketball to be played here still!

Freedom -- Scranton (jpgerstu) is two and a half games clear in a race that's all but over. The bigger question in the Freedom is what's going on in the East division where a 5-4 DeSales (7-12 overall) holds a half-game advantage over Delaware Valley, Farleigh Dickinson Florham and Lycoming. Will anyone post better than 8-8 by year's end?

Great NE -- #17 Emmanuel (bananajacobs) is a half-game up on Rivier (jack_duck) and is the only school not sporting at least three league losses. Folks look like they might be lining up at the door to lace up their soccer cleats for a good kick to the GNE while it's "down."

Heartland -- #16 Defiance (nm1brownsfan) is a game clear of Thomas Moore (Sim) in the league standings with a 10-0 mark. Of the six remaining games, only one is against a conference team with a winning record. Four of the six are against teams with four or fewer wins this season.

Iowa -- Coe (Sim) is a game up on Buena Vista (westcoast22) with a 9-1 mark. Nobody else has fewer than four conference losses. BV can play itself into a tie as the top schools meet again on Feb. 27.

Little East -- Bridgewater St. (Sim) is 11-0 in league play and is a game and a half up on Plymouth St. (Sim). Hat tip to Massachusetts Liberal Arts (reigny), who at 4-16 is already assured of their best record since Season 57.

Michigan -- Calvin (prc56) is 10-0 in league play and one game better than Kalamazoo (zac9). The drama will run the rest of the season until they square off again on March 4 in the final regular season contest.

Midwest -- Lawrence (Sim) is 10-1 in league play and a game and a half ahead of Sim Illinois and two games better than Rose-Hulman Tech (strang).

Minnesota -- St. Thomas (Sim) is 10-1 in league play and half a game in front of Concordia, Moorhead (stoopsie). Those two programs square off tonight, so the hierarchy could change in the next 24 hours.

NESCAC -- #19 Colby (Sim) is a half-game up on #18 Connecticut (rwright) and #12 Tufts (zmark513). Colby and Conn meet on March 3. Conn and Tufts play on Feb. 27 in two games that have huge implications to the race.

New Jersey -- College of NJ (ptong1991) has a one-game lead on Ramapo (pgj930). They'll play again on March 4 to conclude the regular season.

N. Atlantic -- #20 Thomas (coachuk) is a half-game better than Maine, Farmington in the standings. There are no more games between the pair, however, so it'll be up to someone else to help UMF close the gap.

NCAC -- Wittenberg (darnoc29099) is still unbeaten at 11-0 and two games better than Wooster (pseudochamp). Those two have exhausted their supply of head-to-head games, meaning the title will likely be going to the Battling Bishops.

Northwest -- Chapman (redsoxrootr1) and Whitworth (tim_buggie) are tied with 9-2 league recode. Eastern Oregon (ldhope) and Pacific (Sim) are each a game back. Lots of key games remaining here to be played.

Ohio -- Capital (buckeye101) is unbeaten at 9-0 in league play. #21 John Carroll (whit6r) sits a half-game back. Feb. 27 is the big day they battle each other for a second time this season.

ODAC -- Lynchburg (barney1974) is 10-0, but feeling a push from Emory and Henry (meme4574), who is 9-1. The rematch is March 1 between the two.

Penn -- Arcadia (Sim) is 9-0 and a game and a half clear of Neumann (Sim), which is the only other team within 2-1/2 games at this stage.

Skyline -- US Merchant Marines (lynchmob1414) went 1-9 in the non-conference, but has turned things around to go 11-0 in league play. , that's 2-1/2 games better than SUNY Maritime (solly2225), who is the next-best conference mark. The fat lady is humming.

SoCal -- #6 CSU Eastbay is two games clear on Colorado (bdpoor) in another conference where there's probably not going to be a lot of late drama. Eastbay and Colorado do play on March 4, but it's hard to see where the other Eastbay loss might come from on the remaining schedule.

St. Louis -- #13 Webster (mschulte24) is two and a half games up in this leaf race. Go ahead and send the banner now to avoid the late-season rush.

SUNY -- SUNY, Cortland is unbeaten in league play with SUNY Oneonta a game behind. Both are Sims. Everyone else has four or more losses.

University -- #1 Ozarks (spike101) and #2 Millsaps (brianxavier) are on a collision course as unbeaten University members. Tonight's the showdown in a must-see contest.

Upstate -- RPI (stjohnnies95) and NYU (patsrule755) are also on a collision course as both are undefeated in league play. The date here is March 2.

USA South -- #4 Greensboro (tilldog28) is a game in front of #3 Piedmont (bunkerbuster). They've already tangled and Greensboro doesn't have a winning record left on the schedule after tonight, so expect the race to stay this way.

Wisconsin -- Platteville (shazamoos) is unbeaten. So is Concordia(WI) (bk41129). Something has to give and to find out what it is, you'll need to pay attention on Feb. 28.

2/25/2013 3:22 PM

It's sad to see the GNE in the shape its in.  We're part of the problem, though.  I'll be doing well to get a 5 seed this time around.  still, if 7 NT teams is a "down year," not bad.  It's just the first year in (how many?) that we've gotten passed for RPI lead.  And my guess barring a miracle we won't catch up in the post season.

2/27/2013 4:54 PM
I really don't think we're that far "down," but you have to spin it in the press ;)  This just happens to be a really solid year around the rest of Rupp with two stellar teams in both the University and USA South conferences and some quality programs elsewhere in the nation (CSU Eastbay has, in my opinion, their best team since I started tracking stuff). Toss that in with a lot of parity in the GNE this season that's causing everyone to slap everyone else around with no real frontrunner and you get what looks to be a "down" season. I welcome the challenge from the University for RPI status and I think the GNE will still be conducting its share of postseason damage as things go along.
2/27/2013 5:24 PM
I guess I mostly meant that for any of our GNE teams to make the final four or better this season would be a big upset.  Usually it's the other way around.
2/28/2013 11:24 AM
We have 5 teams in the top 20 on the projection report as I type...but none of the 5 are in the top 10.
2/28/2013 11:26 AM
I think it's worth pointing out that a lot of the reason the GNE is "down" this year is Rivier and J&W are not the top5 teams they normally are.  And funny coincidence, both teams are running a Press with walkons because of shady recruiting tactics by a team that's currently 0-22 and playing the two GNE-poached FR a combined 12mpg.  Seems legit.
2/28/2013 3:13 PM
spas, I thought you were going to expose the rascal that did this... decided not to?
2/28/2013 5:05 PM
Well I've been torn on how to handle that.  I'm not sure I really believe the "story" of what happened, but I'd be sort of a jackass throwing out a name if I'm wrong about it.  I mean it was definitely not acceptable, but it's *possible* it was an honest misunderstanding instead of intentional malice. 

The other coach involved did say he was closing his WIS account because of the incident, so I'm sort of curious to see if that happens.  jack_duck also knows the story here.  I'm surprised he's never posted anything about it, not sure how he feels about divulging the details.

fyi I have to post under this id for now.  spasticity doesn't have posting rights in the forum due to living off of credits for too long (didn't even know that was a rule!) and not actually purchasing something.  #humblebrag

2/28/2013 5:59 PM
I had no idea there was such a rule either... I think I have had to buy some credits for my account (just not quite as dominant as ya there spas  #sourgrapes).

I don't think there is any reason to divulge it, especially if the guy disappears.  FWIW, I sure would hope that it wasn't someone from the UAA.  I like our group of coaches and feel like I know them (I do know one in person - bobmeyer, one other I know real identity - discodave).... I know it wouldn't have been either of them.  The other guys all seem real cool and I'd be stunned if any of them did it - and many have multiple teams and several seasons under their belt.

Anyhow, let's keep it clean fellas.  If I ever pull out a championship I want to say I beat the best, not some team that's been harassed out of jealously.

2/28/2013 9:28 PM (edited)
Don't worry, UAA was not involved.

And I completely agree about wanting to beat the best.  I've always sought out tough conferences/worlds and fled simmy-dominated conferences for that exact reason.  If all I cared about was winning, I'd just play some offline sim like OOTP and traderape the sim teams to my heart's content.  I like to share things I've learned about HD pretty openly for the same reason.
3/1/2013 11:28 AM
Just to chime in about the recruits -- I think I feel the same as you about divulging details, Spas.  On the one hand, I feel like there's really no reasonable explanation for what happened, and the culprit should be publicly shamed.  But on the off chance I'm wrong, I don't want to drag anybody's name (well, screen name) through the mud.  Hopefully like you said, he just goes away.  He could always come back under another screen name, but at least he knows that this kind of thing will be called out and investigated.

I also didn't really want to whine about how much better my team might be with Peterson (the guy he took away), but I'm sure his 89 ath and 65 def would be coming in handy.  Our defense isn't itself this season...but then, our offense isn't either, so that's on me.
3/4/2013 11:32 AM
Good luck to everyone as the conference tournaments begin...here's the rundown of how each league shook out this season.

Champions Gallery

ASC -- Texas Lutheran (blapo21) runs the table to finish a game ahead (but two rating slots behind) Hardin-Simmons. That's back-to-back 16-0's for Texas Lutheran.

Capital -- Marymount (uncball4life) goes 16-0 to win his first league title in his three-year coaching career at the school. It wasn't close either as Marymount was three games better than their closest pursuer.

Centennial -- Ursinus (barjaz) goes unbeaten through the regular season and finishes a game better than Dickinson in the typical Centennial horse race.

CUNY -- Polytechnic (grissom97) finishes two games better than Hunter and continues the trend of 16-0 conference champs in the early-alphabet leagues. First banner in four years for Polytechnic and it comes in grissom's second year at the helm.

CCIW -- Northland (raucous) goes 14-2 in league play and holds off North Central by a game in the final standings. Northland hasn't lost more than 3 league games since season 57.

Coast -- Wentworth (chewchad), New England (Sim) and Gordon (Sim) all finish 14-2 to make it a three-way split atop the Coast. Wentworth continues its streak of conference championships dating clear back to Season 27. For New England, it's the first title banner on the gym wall since Season 24.

Commonwealth -- Susquehanna (zeuspole) finished 16-0 to win the league by two games. That's back-to-back 16-0's for the coach that hasn't lost three league games in a single season since Season 57.

Empire -- Vassar (theriddler) and Union (jtgraves) split the title at 14-2 in conference play. three games better than anyone else. That's consecutive conference banners for Union, something it hadn't accomplished since Seasons 2-3.

Freedom -- Scranton (jpqerstu) runs the table and goes 16-0 for a three-game margin of victory. Check out that race in the East division though, which ended in a four-way tie at 8-8. Fourth banner in five seasons for Scranton.

GNE -- Emmanuel (bananajacobs) wins by a game over S. Vermont as the GNE cannibalized itself throughout the season. First league banner for Emmanuel since Season 55, even though the school has gone to the national tournament every year since.

Heartland -- Defiance (nm1brownsfan) goes 16-0 to sweep the league and hold off Thomas More. That's five straight unbeaten league seasons for Defiance, the last two of which have been overseen by nm1brownsfan after carl3298 began the string.

Iowa -- Buena Vista (westcoast22) and Coe (Sim) share the league title at 14-2, three games clear of anyone else. First banner on the Coe gymnasium wall since Season 53.

Little East -- Plymouth St. (Sim) finished 14-2 to end up a game on top of Bridgewater St. Season 56 was the last time Plymouth St. could boast of a league title.

Michigan -- Calvin (prc56) wins by two games over Kalamazoo and Eureka. That's consecutive banner number eight for prc56, who has gone 15-1 the last three years in a row.

Midwest -- Lawrence (Sim) goes 14-2 and finishes a game ahead of Rose-Hulman Tech. Despite being summed the entire time, Lawrence has won at least 20 games in five of the last six seasons.

Minnesota -- Concordia, Moorhead (stoopsie) goes 15-1 in the league and ends up two games better than St. Thomas. In his first season at the helm, stoopsie gives Concordia,Moorhead its first league banner since Season 57.

NESCAC -- Connecticut (rwright) goes 15-1 and avoids a tie with Colby and Tufts by one game. Conn has posted 25+ wins in six of the last seven seasons.

New Jersey -- College of NJ (ptong1991) steps into his first season as head coach at CNJ and delivers the school its first league title since Season 53. prong finishes one game better than Rutgers at Newark in the overall standings after going 14-2.

North Atlantic -- Thomas (coachuk) goes 15-1 and finishes two games better than anyone else in the North Atlantic. That's back-to-back banners for coachuk, who has gone 49-6 in his two years at the helm so far.

NCAC -- Wittenberg (darnoc29099) goes unbeaten in NCAC play to hoist a banner. It is the first banner in darnoc's five-year tenure at Wittenberg and joins the only other conference title from Season 24 on the Wittenberg gym wall.

Northwest -- Whitworth (tim_buggie) holds off E. Oregon and Chapman by one game to pull down the league title at 14-2 in conference play. That's back-to-back titles for the Spokane, Wash., school.

Ohio -- John Carroll (whit6r) and Capital (buckeye101) finished tied at 14-2, one game better than Ohio Northern. Three straight banners for John Carroll while Capital is ordering its first in four seasons.

ODAC -- Emory and Henry (meme4574) missed perfection, but 15-1 overall gets a one-game margin of victory over Lynchburg. It is the second time in eight seasons meme4574 has hoisted a title.

Penn -- Arcadia (Sim) went 15-1 and runs away with the league by three games. That's as many conference wins as the school had in the last three seasons combined as Arcadia has been on Sim in 24 of the last 25 years. First banner since Season 40.

Skyline -- US Merchant Marines (lynchmob1414) shook off an awful non-conference season to run the table in the Skyline. Three straight unbeaten conference seasons for the program, which is no stranger to hanging up banners under lynchmob.

So. Cal. -- CSU, Eastbay (tedlukacs) scores a three-game margin of victory in the league standings after running the table with 16 wins. Despite advancing to the Elite 8 the last two seasons, this is Eastbay's first conference banner in three years.

St. Louis -- Webster (mschulte24) wins all 16 in league play. That's back-to-back conference titles for mschulte at Webster.

SUNY -- SUNY, Cortland (Sim) and SUNY, Oneonta (SIm) share league honors at 14-2, two games better than anyone else. It is the first league banner in four years for both programs.

University -- Millsaps (brianxavier) wins every game in a rugged league race, one game better than Ozarks. After seeing a 17-year run on top slam to an end last season, Millsaps is back on top.

Upstate -- New York (patsrule755) goes unbeaten in league play, finishing one game atop RPI. That's the fourth league title in five years for NYU, but patsrule pulls it off in his first season at the helm.

USA South -- Greensboro (tilldog28) finishes unbeaten in the USA South. You have to go back to Season 48 to find the last time tilldog failed to win at least 14 in league play.

Wisconsin -- Wisconsin, Platteville (shazamoos) and Concordia (WI) (bk41129) share the league title at 15-1 each, five games better than the nearest challenger. For Platteville, it snaps a bannerless streak that dates back to Seasons 51-52, shazamoos' first two at the school. For Concordia, bk41129 is hanging his second league title in four years after 60 seasons without a title.

3/4/2013 2:54 PM
Good year for us in the Wisconsin this year! Lost a game we shouldnt have or else we would have been 16-0. But still a great season and hopefully we can make it to the NIT.
3/4/2013 7:51 PM
I reserved Albert Mangus for next year, Im back and think I have honed my skill enough to at least compete in the juggernaut that is the GNE.
3/6/2013 3:14 PM
Championship games 

ASC — Hardin-Simmons (25-3, 17) vs. Texas Lutheran (25-3, 20)

Capital — Marymount (23-5, 47) vs. Hood (20-8, 125)

Cenntennial — Ursinus (28-0, 6) vs. Dickinson (24-4, 15)

CUNY — Hunter (26-2, 82) vs. Polytechnic (23-5, 94)

CCIW — Millikin (22-6, 83) vs. Martin Luther (17-11, 104)

Coast — New England (25-3, 52) vs. Wentworth (21-7, 58)

Commonwealth — Susquehanna (24-4, 5) vs. Penn St. Altoona (24-4, 10)

Empire — Vassar (23-5, 25) vs. Utica (19-10, 59)

Freedom — Scranton (27-1, 34) vs. Penn St. Behrend (23-5, 90) 

GNE — Rivier (20-9, 9) vs. Suffolk (20-8, 11)

Heartland — Defiance (26-2, 41) vs. Thomas Moore (23-5, 75)

Iowa — Buena Vista (20-8, 55) vs. Coe (22-6, 68)

Little East — Bridgewater St (22-6, 87) vs. Fitchburg St. (18-10, 126)

Michigan — Eureka (22-6, 30) vs. Marian (22-6, 53)

Midwest — Lawrence (22-6, 70) vs. Carroll (16-13, 188)

Minnesota — Concordia, Moorhead (24-4, 44) vs. Gustavus Adolphus (17-11, 119)

NESCAC — Connecticut (27-1, 19) vs. Tufts (26-2, 24)

New Jersey — Ramapo (21-7, 114) vs. William Paterson (13-16, 209)

N. Atlantic — Thomas (27-1, 32) vs. Maine, Farmington (23-5, 60)

NCAC — Wittenberg (22-6, 27) vs. Denison (22-6, 66)

Northwest — Whitworth (20-8, 56) vs. Willamette (20-9, 74)

Ohio — Ohio Northern (21-7, 50) vs. Muskingum (20-8, 93)

ODAC — Emory and Henry (24-4, 38) vs. Lynchburg (20-8, 43)

Penn — Neumann (19-9, 177) vs. Misericordia (17-11, 208)

Skyline — US Merchant Marine (19-9, 54) vs. SUNY Maritime (17-11, 108) 

So. Cal. — Colorado (23-6, 21) vs. Whittier (23-5, 23) 

St. Louis — Webster (26-2, 26) vs. Aurora (17-11, 144)

SUNY — Buffalo St. (22-6, 88) vs. SUNY IT (22-6, 107)

University — Ozarks (26-2, 2) vs. Louisiana (21-7, 8) 

Upstate — New York U. (25-3, 31) vs. Rensselaer Poly (26-2, 45)

USA South — Piedmont (27-1, 3) vs. Greensboro (26-2, 4) 

Wisconsin — Concordia (WI) (21-7, 48) vs. Wisc. Whitewater (16-13, 179)

Six conferences guaranteed with winners 65+, moves the break line to 58. 
Thirteen conferences with one team alive with a projection report of 59+, therefore...
...teams projected 44 and higher after tonight's action are guaranteed IN...45-58 are in the danger zone based on results..59+ should be PIT fodder. 

3/7/2013 2:45 AM
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