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Just curious and looking for opinions.

If you are going to go 20 on one and 0 on the other, which would you do and why?
1/29/2013 9:08 AM
Look at where others in your world are going, and do the opposite.  You give yourself less competition.

If it's close to a 50/50 split, then I typically go college.  They'll be more developed at draft time and be ML ready earlier.
1/29/2013 9:13 AM
Same as tec but I'll decide differently if it's a 50/50 split.   If I've got some young talent on the way, I'll go HS because I can wait for them to develop and I think HS players have a higher ceiling.   If I have nothing in the minors, I go college because I'll need players sooner.
1/29/2013 9:16 AM
Same as above but I go college if 50/50 for a different reason; way more HS players have signability issues, making the college option somewhat cheaper.
1/29/2013 3:53 PM
Thanks...that's the info I was looking for.  Wanted to make sure I knew all the issues to consider.  I'm curious about MikeT's comment about HSers having a "higher ceiling"....
1/29/2013 4:14 PM
College scouting is good for the 19 and 20 year olds . I can't remember seeing many awesome 21-22 year old draft picks
1/29/2013 5:15 PM
Really depends on how far away from the BL they are. I've seen a good share of 21 or 22 YO guys who were at BL ready or at least close. They are good picks.

When there is a great difference between current and projected ratings, HS guys seem to have a better shot at getting close to their projected. If a 21 or 22 YO needs 25 points in most ratings to be BL ready, I'll pass.
1/29/2013 6:52 PM
HS players start at a lower ratings point but have more seasons of progression. Growth is limited by age and # of seasons, so the younger a player is when he starts, the more seasons of development. To a degree it mirrors the theoretical growth HS players would have had in college ball. If you go the HS route, it becomes more important to have a few good coaches in the lower minors to maximize development.

Specifically on the higher ceiling, if you draft a HS and College player with an OVR of 55 at time of draft, all other ratings being equal the HS player might have a Projection (ceiling) of 68 and the College guy 64.
1/29/2013 7:24 PM
In this thread, I posted what I was able to see with $0 in each. With $0 in each, I saw nearly 3x as many college players as I did HS players. Take from that what you will.
1/29/2013 7:52 PM
Because there are roughly 4 times the amount of college prospects than HS prospects.
1/29/2013 9:28 PM
Posted by mchalesarmy on 1/29/2013 9:28:00 PM (view original):
Because there are roughly 4 times the amount of college prospects than HS prospects.
I'd be surprised if that is true across the board. 

In this year's draft in World Major Leagues, for example, there were 208 HS prospects drafted and 637 JC/COL prospects drafted, so barely over 3:1. I suspect there's a somewhat wide range.

Interestingly also in S21 Major Leagues, 69 of the top 205 (first 5 rounds) were HS students, so of the most likely future ML players the ratio was closer to 2:1. 

First round (non-sup) picks: 14 HS prospects and 20 JC/COL prospects.
1/30/2013 12:06 AM
The number of players drafted (COL versus HS) is more a function of how the owners of the world allocated their COL/HS scouting budgets than it is number of players available from each pool.
1/30/2013 8:14 AM
I don't think anyone knows the ratio in HBD because no one can see more than 500 players.  And, even if they could see all players within their budgets, they wouldn't see ALL the players because of the game set-up.

Comparing to MLB is pointless.   It's not set-up the same way.    In RL, players have to declare for the draft right out of HS or wait three season.   We shouldn't be seeing 19-20 y/o in HBD.
1/30/2013 8:17 AM
JC and Community college players are draftable any time. Only 4-year college players have to wait 3 years from high school.

And from what I recall, all the 19-20 yr old HBD draftees are JUCO players. Now, maybe there is a real world vs. HBD difference in the amount/quaility of talent drafted out of JUCO, but HBD mirrors the MLB for the draft eligibility
1/30/2013 1:02 PM
That may be correct.  I've never actually looked at the college names in HBD.
1/30/2013 1:28 PM
High school or college scouting budget Topic

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