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So I am getting blown out in all of my games. Sometimes by 50 and sometimes by 10. I don't think my team is that bad so it must be something I am doing. Basically I am going to give up on this season and since all my big men are leaving I was considering using the Flex offense. I have some several 80+ perimeter shooters who are fast, pass well, and have ball handling. Can I just make a team that focuses on speed, perimeter shooting, and passing with the flex? Will this be as effective as a traditional big man lineup?
1/30/2013 5:11 AM
Change to Fatigue Sub (not minutes) and set everyone at fairly fresh.
Run slow down.

1/30/2013 9:40 AM
That's definitely the sort of attributes you'll want to look for if you want to build a flex squad.  But remember that it'll take a season or 2 for them to get anywhere other than sucky.  But if you do want to make the change, now is the time to do it.  Put 25 minutes into flex and they should stop running into each other sometime next season.
1/30/2013 10:28 AM
I have a suggestion, unless Augustana is your alma mater from which you never intend to leave, wait until you move up to D2 to run a flex system.   Motion & Press is a very good system to run in this game at the D3 level.  Team IQs really matter to the effectiveness of your offense & defense.   It will take a long time to build them back up.  You should follow mullycj's advice, but continue running motion & press only.

Here's the bad news: Athleticism & defensive ability really matter in this game.   With a press defense you can mix in a couple poor defenders, but those players need to be very fast to make up for the deficiency.  While your guards with 83 perimeter ratings are impressive, 46 & 56 speeds are not fast.  They may struggle to get open looks anyhow.  

1/30/2013 10:59 AM
I agree with rogelio. Motion is a fine offense. Flex is good, too, but they're very comparable. 

  A bigger  problem is your defense. You have 4 freshmen, 3 of which you recruited,  with DEF ratings below 14.  It won't matter about your offensive set if you continue to allow 54% shooting by your opponents

Setting that aside, there's not a coach here who didn't make recruiting mistakes when he/she first started. My first team had an average speed rating of 20. with 4 players at '1'.  My 'best' defender, DEF 83, was both a '1' for ATH and SP.  He just stood around and waited for his man to dribble over and be guarded. 
1/30/2013 2:37 PM (edited)
I would recommend that you read this thread by aejones.

Pay particular attention to what attributes to look for while recruiting ... specifically he says:

" A more specific guide to what I'm looking for my players to get to in terms of minimum speed/athleticism requirements. Note that there are exceptions to every rule, and these should only be used for a guide and not a steadfast rule. At d3, I am looking for my guards to be a combination of 120 in speed/athleticism; a PG to get to at least 70 speed/50 athleticism (or some combination very close to that), SG to get to 65/55, SF to get to 60/60. Again, if I find someone who is just under those marks but is spectacular in their skills, I can make exceptions. For bigs, I am looking for about 70 athleticism in my PF, 60 athleticism in my C. I value speed very little in bigs, but I value it slightly more in my PF than my C, where I don't value it at all (I might if I played the press anywhere). At D2, use all of the guides I just mentioned but add 10 to each number (so, a total of 140 speed/athleticism for my perimeter players). There are exceptions-- Edward Bradley is one of my better players on my SW Baptist team and he is only 65/64 in speed/athleticism, a total of 129 (11 under my recommended guide for D2 perimeter players). However, he is 76 defense, 89 perimeter, 83 ball handling, 76 passing, and 56 (and still growing) low post. Despite his marginal speed/athleticism ratings, he is able to get 15 PPG on 44%/40%/75% in 17 MPG off the bench. That is elite scoring efficiency against tough competition."

What I do at D3 and D2 is use the yatzr recruiting tool, where I input my equations that I think are important for each position.  I then set a filter for 29 for Defense ... meaning I do not even look at players under 30 for Defense.  I then look at the players who are 30 or higher and I do not take anyone who I project at less than 50 overall for defense (Add 0 for red, 10 for black and 25 for blue).  That would be any player with a Blue defense (since 30+25 is 55), any player with a black defensive rating of  40 or higher (I use a value of 10 as what I expect for average (black) ratings), or a player with a Red Defensive rating of 50 or more (I use 0 for the increase for a low(red) rating).

For D2, I use 34 as the low filter and a projected level of 60 minimum for Defense.  That means any a minimum of 35 blue, 50 black, or 60 red.

What I do is click the Flag on the right side for recruits who meet my Defensive requirements ... then I only look at flagged players and sort on the columns to see who I think are the better recruits.  So I get the players who I rank the highest, BUT, with a minimum defense rating of a certain level.

As others have said, Defense is very important for all players ... and ATH is also very important, especially for the 3, 4, and 5 positions.  I can overlook a lower ATH with good SPD at the 1 and 2 positions.

The aejones' advise and numbers for the different positions are also a very good starting point.  In both my numbers and the aejones recommendations, we are talking about a recruits "Final Projected" scores.  I add 0 for red (low potential), 10 for black (medium potential), and 25 for blue (high potential).  Other people might use slightly different numbers.  There are also several categories of high potential that you can get from looking at scouting reports as detailed here (spreadsheet by dacj501)

1/31/2013 11:57 AM (edited)
Total newb needs some help Topic

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