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My BYU team I simply can't figure out!  This was supposed to be the year that I turn things around and it has been terrible!  

They can't win and they are losing to teams that are not nearly as good as them?

I have a solid starting 5 all Sr's and I don't know what else to try!  

Any help would be appreciated - PM me some thoughts please!  
1/31/2013 2:57 PM
The first thing I notice is your playing a 3-2 zone which is getting you killed on the boards.  And you're doing it against teams that you don't need to.  I am sure that's not the only thing but its the one thing I noticed.

And then I noticed you played a 2-3 zone against teams that can actually shoot three and you got dominated from the arc.

I am sure others will chime in.
2/1/2013 1:17 AM
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just a quick glimpse, from a defensive stand point - Hodder is too slow for the 3 (sf) spot in a 3-2 and his rebounding skills won't be utilized as he's on the perimeter.  He is ideal for a 2-3 for the 3 spot (sf).  James Wolfe is too slow for the 2 spot (SG) in a 2-3 and will put too much pressure on Fetters, Wolfe is Ideal for a 3-2 at the 3 spot (SF).  Playing a 3-2 zone at -2 or -3 pending your 1-3 speed is like playing a 0 in a man to man defense.  Playing a +2 or +3 in a 2-3 is like playing a 0 in a man to man defense (EDIT, speaking in terms of D1 - In D2, Wolfe wouldn't be bad at all for the 2 spot in a 2-3)

2/1/2013 1:07 PM (edited)
Thanks guys who made suggestions I have made some adjustments -  I have no 2 so I needed Wolfe to play there - I think I will stick with 2-3 most of season instead of switching zones so much.

Am I better of with Wolfe being a liability or should I play Covington who is the worst player on my team?  
2/2/2013 11:35 AM
Kybucki, I have disagree with your thought on switching zones so much. That is one of the primary reasons to run a zone defense is the flexibility it offers. Zone is a tough defense to run at times, especially against really balanced teams, but its on you to change your lineup as needed to fit the defense when you plan on switching things up.

One of the key's to a zone is paying attention to where they are scoring from. Lots of 3, find out how many players are shooting 3's and what % of each playrs shots are 3's. If it's only one guy jacking them up, maybe just double team him and run a 2-3, but if its their top 3 scorers shooting like half of their shots from 3, play a 3-2. Small stuff like that is important.
2/2/2013 7:08 PM
Help - Team way underacieving Topic

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