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Posted by burnsy483 on 2/22/2013 3:11:00 PM (view original):
Posted by tecwrg on 2/22/2013 2:27:00 PM (view original):
Posted by bistiza on 2/22/2013 2:07:00 PM (view original):
Why don't you just admit that you don't have any evidence to back your claims, instead of continuing this charade of being the puppet master. Because, really . . . . nobody is buying that.

I'd be lying if I said I don't have evidence, because I do. There's no charade - I am making BL dance like a puppet.

I don't care if you buy it or not, because I'm not trying to sell you on it. I'm only pointing it out because doing so actually makes BL dance even more.
If I claimed to have indisputable evidence that Michele Obama was born on one of the moons of Jupiter and came to earth in a spaceship, but I refused to let anybody see said evidence, should anybody believe me?  Would you believe me?
I would say you're a CRAZY PERSON!!!
So . . . I would be bistiza?
2/22/2013 3:27 PM
Yea, maybe....
2/22/2013 3:30 PM
Posted by bistiza on 2/22/2013 3:15:00 PM (view original):
That's right, BL, whatever you say is automatically a fact. After all, you're the Czar of Everything.

All hail the Czar of Everything!!!

If you had figured that out 60 days ago, you could have saved us some time.

2/22/2013 5:39 PM (edited)
2/22/2013 5:30 PM
Posted by bistiza on 2/22/2013 11:18:00 AM (view original):
Funny how BL trying to make me look foolish looks exactly like him squirming in his own foolishness.
Everyone other than you thinks you sound foolish, so that's really what he's likely going for.  Most people aren't willing to admit that they're not as smart as they thought they were until they can't avoid it anymore, and clearly you're not to that point yet, but everybody else can see that you aren't as smart as you think you are.
2/22/2013 6:57 PM
There you go again, pretending to speak for "everyone". You're just full of so much propaganda.

Somehow you follow up this bit of misinformation with something even worse - a WILD assumption about me.

You have no idea how smart I am or how smart I think I am, so you have no way to draw any conclusion on what the reality of those two things are. You are making ridiculous assumptions that forward more of your propaganda.

So let's clear up a few things here:

First, YOU may think I'm foolish (and I don't care). Just don't pretend to speak for anyone but yourself.

Second, stop making assumptions. You've been wrong every time you've done it, so it might be high time to give it up.

Third, quit with the propaganda agenda unless you're somehow trying to educate people on how NOT to use logical arguments.
2/25/2013 8:41 AM
I'm pretty sure everyone has a very good idea about how smart you are. Hence the somewhat vocal group taking turns calling you a retard for believing in a young earth.
2/25/2013 9:34 AM
I think "retard" is strong; you can believe whatever you want to believe.  But he is ridiculous when he claims that there's substantial scientific evidence supporting his argument.
2/25/2013 9:38 AM
Dahs speaks for me when it comes to bistiza.
2/25/2013 9:39 AM
Hence the somewhat vocal group

I didn't even know you had singing talent, much less that you are your own vocal group. I'm not sure how that fits into this discussion, but for some reason you decided to bring this up now. At least you're still making me laugh and entertaining me.
But he is ridiculous when he claims that there's substantial scientific evidence supporting his argument.
Those in the majority always tell those in the minority they are "ridiculous" and it's just an argument from propaganda.

"You're wrong because EVERYONE SAYS..." 

Get off the bandwagon, fellas. "Everyone" saying something doesn't make it true.

The fact of the matter is there is plenty of evidence to suggest at a minimum there is some question as to how the universe became what it is today and also how human beings came to exist in our present form. If you can't acknowledge that much, then you are being purposefully stubborn and there is no sense in ever trying to have any kind of intelligent discussion with you regarding these matters.
Dahs speaks for me when it comes to bistiza.
So you enjoy letting someone else use ridiculous amounts of propaganda to argue nothing for you? Not surprising, I guess.

2/25/2013 10:09 AM
Evidence stating one thing generally makes it a scientific fact.

Saying there's evidence about something else but not showing it makes you appear like a crazy person.
2/25/2013 10:12 AM
No. Saying there is evidence for something means I believe there is evidence for it. That's all.

Honestly, it isn't difficult to find the evidence with this thing called the internet. There's plenty of it out there if you really are interested in it.

But if you're only interested in arguing with me over pointless stuff (as I suspect is the case with several of you), then you can argue with yourself because I won't be doing it, which is why I'm not posting the evidence myself.

2/25/2013 10:21 AM
There's plenty of questions as to how the universe came to be. There is no question that the earth isn't 10,000 years old.
2/25/2013 11:10 AM (edited)
Yes, there is.

Oh, wait, the Czar of Everything has made a declaration, so that makes it fact.

That is your only reason for saying "there is no question" - you have decreed it, so it must be so. Nothing else is required but a simple statement from the Czar of Everything.

2/25/2013 10:38 AM
Do you have any evidence of a 10,000 year old earth?
2/25/2013 11:10 AM
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