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BUT...I also see that as something coaches will complain about. Just like in real life, and possibly for the first time in GD, I believe a great game coach that may not be a great recruiter or is at a non BCS school an unable to get the top recruits, will be able to win National Championships, and possibly even build a dynasty.

Oh lawd, Could I finally have success??

2/7/2013 11:03 PM
Posted by katzphang88 on 2/6/2013 8:15:00 PM (view original):
As I was getting ready to start analyzing the match-ups I already found one aspect that concerns me. According to the "Gridiron 101" formations, in the 5 - 2, Nickel and Dime defenses the 2 LB on the field are OLB. The positioning for these LB is playing INSIDE the DE. Shouldn't these be ILB?
Because in all cases, except possibly the 5-2, those linebackers are needed in coverage and your outside linebackers are your coverage backers.

A lot of IRL teams have started bringing in an extra safety in nickel and dime situations and taking a LB'er off the field.
2/9/2013 5:41 PM

Also if you are looking at nickel packages, some teams will run it as a 4-2-5 which I think is how the game does it but other teams will go 3-3-5 or even 2-4-5 with stepped up outside linebackers.

2/9/2013 6:21 PM
I coach at a high school and we run a 3-5-3 or 3-3-5 depending on how you define it. I would enjoy something like that here but I understand the limitations... 

                E       N        E
 C     A    B        B        B    A      C

Presents a lot of challenges to an offense if done properly.
2/10/2013 9:44 PM
A little more in depth on how its run.

The front line is all heads up and have one of 5 calls. In, Out, Left, Right, Jet. (jet moves the linemen to a gap and they shoot it)

Then the ally players and backers are numbered 1-5. If your number is called you are on.

So a call would be "In 25" In that case the ends pinch, the nose works to the right (always right on in and out) The 2 backer works C gap and the 5 ally has C gap. Typically play cover 3 behind it.
2/10/2013 9:47 PM
This is exactly what I want to see with beta.  I know it won't be perfect out of the gate and I know there is still a lot of balancing to do within the plays, but it will be much easier with 100 people kicking the tires in 100 different ways than me running tests focusing on one thing and trying to balance it.  What will help me is if we can find trends. For instance, if we are getting too many 20+ yard runs and it can't be explained away by the match ups, we can then check to see if we can limit it even further, like it only happens when a certain formation match up or something.  When I test single plays, I run them 10000 times and get the averages and percentages of results, but that only tell me the results are in the right range. It doesn't tell me how single games are looking which was part of the problem of the balancing of the 2.0 engine.

I will be working on getting beta up during the next couple days.

2/11/2013 10:15 AM
So then it will not be launched tomorrow?
2/11/2013 1:01 PM
I am still concerned that when the update beta rolls out, we will be a game that everyone will have SIM stocked teams of equal vision and everyone will have about 470 rated DIII teams. I am willing to take one for the team and recruit a dynamic but medicore team for everyone to kick around. We won't be able to tell much when even teams play each other - and many of the gripes I have and the forum has is with that 60 point gap team pushing a perennial PO team around. So, I call for some to curb that competitive instinct and strive for mediocrity!
2/13/2013 11:17 AM
katz.....I'll go along with whatever you have in mind in order to create some "variation" if that is what is required.
2/13/2013 5:01 PM
katz- don't your teams always get kicked around anyways!? Very nice way to try to cover it up "I'll take on for the team" lol nice try....I'll see you in the playoffs I'm taking San Diego down this year!!!
2/13/2013 5:51 PM
Posted by jfootball88 on 2/13/2013 5:51:00 PM (view original):
katz- don't your teams always get kicked around anyways!? Very nice way to try to cover it up "I'll take on for the team" lol nice try....I'll see you in the playoffs I'm taking San Diego down this year!!!
Dang - I was hopin' no one would see through the charade. LOL - Does seem it would take the pressure off though.
2/13/2013 8:09 PM
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Changing hats - the beta update Topic

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