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         -   As part of Jamal's tutelage, Forrester gives him some of his own private essays to rewrite, with the condition that Jamal is never to show any of this work to anyone. When a prestigious writing contest requires some of Jamal's best work, he falls back on a particular piece of Forrester's that he re-wrote and submits it as his own, not realizing it was one of Forrester's few published works. Jamal's literary professor, Crawford (Abraham), finds the parallels with Forrester's piece published in 1960 and brings Jamal up on plagiarism charges. Jamal must either admit Forrester's influence on his work or prove he had Forrester's permission to use his material. He refuses to do either, so that he may keep his promise to Forrester, thus eliminating his entry from the competition and endangering his standing at the school.

  ooooohdoggie  - The idea of Jamal re typing Forrester's Baseball article and then going into his own article strikes a chord with me.

I was once very active on this site. I had a vision of big changes to assist Progressive League participants. It did not happen, and I believed it was unlikely to happen any time soon. 

I commented on this recently, and am putting some of my thoughts together.

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SimLeague Baseball's first progressive, the Centennial League, began in 2003 with 24 users, led by league founder and commissioner seaphil. The league began by drafting only players from 1969. Upon of the first season, they moved on to 1970, then 1971 and so on. Today, almost nine years later, the league is about to catch up to the present-day. In honor of this great achievement and the dedication of all involved, we recently interviewed current commissioner ceez, who took over for seaphil after a few seasons, as well as many of the other current players.

WIS: Who is ceez?

ceez: 41-year-old, hardworking/life-loving chef/bartender, father of two awesome boys, married to a beautiful woman who lets me drink martinis at 8 in the morning if I so choose.

WIS: What is your league format?

ceez: The original , no IR. The league started when seaphil posted his request for owners on June 29, 2003. Tom Seaver was the first draft pick by Minnesota/Iceman67 on July 11, 2003 and the first set of games were played on August 12, 2003...over 8 years ago, damn.

WIS: How did the league form?

ceez: Seaphil bailed after the first couple seasons. I enjoyed it so much that I refused to let it end on my watch and took over. I have a waitlist of owners ready to jump in and would like to take this minute to invite anyone interested to SiteMail with interest. Please include a list of your favorite cocktails. I don't choose new owners by order but by drinking preference.

WIS: What is in store for the future of the league now that you have caught up to present-day?

ceez: I'm collecting everyone's email and when a new crop of players are released into the sim, we willplay the season out - WE SHALL NEVER DIE!!!

The current cast of the Centennial League is below, including overall SimLeague records and overall SimLeague championships.  ...


WIS: What is one feature you want to see implemented in a future update?

zlionsfan: The almost total lack of support for progressive leagues has made our commissioner pull his eyes out every season.

bagchucker: Progressives support. Keeper lists and draft lists and running the draft. In order to do this right, WIS has to play and run some progressives for a few cycles. Otherwise there are a thousand niggling details you are sure to get wrong.

smeric: The inability to run keeper leagues and annual drafts for said leagues automatically through the draft center. Progressive commissioners would have a much easier time sustaining their leagues if the draft center was more progressive friendly. From a business standpoint this should be a HIGH priority for WIS given the long-term nature of the PROGRESSIVE league concept. I've been in quite a number of progressive leagues that ceased operating due to commissioners being unable to maintain the incredible level of effort required over 20, 30 or 40+ seasons. Make it easier to run progressive league and you'll see more of them survive and therefore more recurring revenue for your company.

ernestleifB: I think that it would be rather easy to generate a players list automatically for an upcoming draft of an ongoing progressive league. The commissioner of the league, in this case ceez, could enter the league number of the previous season and a feature could be created to generate a list of players available in the next season's database that did not appear on any roster at any point during the previous season. I don't think it would be that hard to do.

rsp777: A-FREAKING-MEN TO THIS! That is one VERY simple idea that would make sim leagues SO much easier for commissioners to deal with, especially in our case where there is no IR and a guy returns to the draft pool if he misses a season. Sometimes the research needed in the Centennial League can be a bit much because of the no IR rule, and a feature such as this would make things WAY easier for the commish in doing an available players list and it would also make things WAY easier for owners because it would eliminate the need to dig deep to find guys who miss a season. That way another "Ian Kennedy"episode wouldn't happen and he wouldn't drop to me at the #6 pick.

Editor's note: Big plans are in the works to help progressive league play. Stay tuned!   ...


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   This is where I left off  ...


  I had hoped for many of these improvements back in 2009. Seems like WhatIfSports Progressive League customers understand where improvements could be made.

I tried to work with administration when I was unable to continue managing my Progressive teams. I had plenty of credits and asked a like minded owner/ league commissioner, to handle the transition and gave him access to my teams and my account, unfortunately, that did not go as smoothly as he or I would have liked.

( I had always tried to post my current Progressive teams several seasons ahead. As an example, if I had a team playing 1933/1973 Split Progressive League, I would like to have my current roster posted in my team pages for about the upcoming 5 seasons, 1934/1974, 1935/1975, 1936/1976, 1937/1977, 1938/1978 in this example.

I had tried to get assistance from the WIS Search site, as well as Administration, to have a reference for players who were not continuously available in the Sim from their initial Sim season through their final Sim season.

Injuries and military service were usually the cause for these players to be out of our Sim in the middle of their careers, But there were players like Pitcher Fred Norman who has his initial Sim season in 1964 and does not reappear until 1970. 

It would have been helpful to have a resource to find these type of players for every available season in the WhatIfSports Simulation.

An organized players available list for every season's Initial Progressive League Draft also would have been helpful.

I imagined WhatIfSports having very helpful resources available to anyone wanting to start a Progressive League. 

For example a person wanting to start a Progressive League with an Initial 1947 Season, they could get lists displaying Players available sorted several ways, sorted alphabetically as well as by both position and salary. Since players sometime switch primary defensive position as their career progresses. 

And also have a list for 1947 forward for those players whose eligibility and absence from the Sim go back and forth. )



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  Quote post by contrarian23 on 1/25/2012 5:32:00 PM:

A very very useful tool is the Progressive Draft Forum that crazystengel recently started - it collects draft orders from all of the WIS seasons over the years.  Mostly these are rookie drafts, but it's still a great resource if you're just getting started and want to understand relative values of different players in progressives.

He'll add you to the forum if you sitemail him, or you can see more detail here:


2/5/2013 4:31 AM


   Quote: Originally Posted By sheller on 9/09/2009

If it helps, the underlying rationale behind automating the draft, and the league, is to decrease drudge work for the commissioner and, more importantly, eliminate errors.

The common errors include -

- owners/commissioners leaving a player or two off their keeper roster
- commissioners creating faulty available player lists (usually missing someone's kept player. If you don't discover it early enough you can really disrupt a draft.
- commissioners missing a drafted player (usually by bolding out or deleting the player in the available players list) 
- owners drafting a player who is either unavailable or had been drafted earlier

Running a draft demands attention to detail, and even the best commissioners and owners are only human. The detail stuff could be handled much better by the computer.

btw - I want to join in the thanks to tzent & the site staff for attending to this too.

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Posted by just4me on 6/16/2012 5:45:00 PM (view original):
Posted by thejuice6 on 6/15/2012 8:20:00 PM (view original):
Posted by just4me on 6/15/2012 2:56:00 PM (view original):
Ooooohdoggie and his constant bumping of old threads so they wouldn't disappear. Comedian#### and his humor, especialy his doctored pictures and his "ban cresten" stuff. 


$200k Babe Ruth, unlimited 30 game spring leagues, when people cared about their Dreams Teams and tried to build the best possible squads and the site ranked them by W%...
Forgot about Ooooohdoggie.  He could find the most amazing photos of all of the old-time ball players and the stadiums.  I'd click on his threads just to enjoy the pictures...
I forgot about the pictures, but you're right... I was in two different progressives with him and with every pick in the draft he'd find a good 5-6 pictures of the player just taken and post them. It's how I learned JR Richard was black and Brooks Robinson wasn't. Always enjoyed his pictures posts. 

  Thank you for your kind words.



  BoogPowell, Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Brooks Robinson, J.R. Richard with Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richard.

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            All Forums SimLeague Baseball SimLeague Baseball Fatigue Gripe, especially in Progressive Leagues

   The idea of changing my thinking in regards to Baseball, based on how our Sim performs,  is to me volunteering to be programmed.

   I know I am much more reactive and sensitive to ways I think the Sim performs then most , 

  Because of this I prefer to focus my time and energy on the GM part of the game and don't involve myself much with tweaking lineups.

  I am once again frustrated by a situation that to me is ridiculous.

  I have several teams where I have real life full time top of the order batters, who are under 100% before 25 games of the season.

One example is 2005 Carl Crawford with 687 PA is at 99 % at the 21 game mark.

On the same team Brady Clark is at 92 % despite 674 Real Life Plate Appearances.

 I had similar experience recently with 1946 Pee Wee Reese and Eddie Stanky of the 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers.

I understand the argument that a Sim Player should cost you more if a player plays 99% as opposed to 80 - 85 % of the time.

I really wish they would run a different program for Progressive Leagues.

 I offered an alternative years ago.

  Alternative Suggestion

   Take a real life player, Cal Ripken during his streak is an easy example. Give him 0.5 games credit for every game he appears in and 0.5 games credit for every game he has 3 plate appearances heading into a season.That gives him the full possible 162 at the start of a season.

Then for each game he appears in during the Sim Season, it costs 0.5 games of energy, and in each game he is used for 3 plate appearances that costs 0.5  games of energy. 

   So even if a player bats 12 times in a game he would only use the maximum energy for 1.0 games of energy.

  As it is now if one has a very strong offense or faces very weak pitching a player gets fatigued as his team scores runs in bunches. Winning lop sided games does not fatigue teams in real life.

  With this system a manager could use his backup infielder as a regular for a week or two as in real life when a starter has an injury instead of playing your regular 17-18 games out of 20 and the backup the other 2 or 3.

   Maybe there are big problems with this proposed solution, but I just hate having to be concerned about players fatigue levels because the offense is going well.

Thanks for your time.





  No comments from the above post,  connecting it to my initial thoughts after a long SIM absence stated in this thread, Progressives, WhatIfSports, Finding Forrester

  All Forums SimLeague Baseball SimLeague Baseball Fatigue Gripe, especially in Progressive Leagues

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Thanks for posting these thought ooooohdoggie. It is widely appreciated and your sentiments widely shared here at WIS. I think you speak for many of us in asking for some support for progressive leagues and commissioners/owners. 
5/17/2013 4:24 AM
Maybe one day that update will come.  Progs are pretty much my sole reason for being here any more.
5/27/2013 3:38 PM
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