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Running zone puts you at a disadvantage when opponent gets offensive boards. Most times you will give up lots of Off RB's running zone due to the fact you can't box out. Looking at the box score, looks like the opponents bench outperformed yours as well. Opponent just got way more shots than you.
Yeah, I knew that'd be a problem in zone, but I still had a higher OREB% than my opponent's in that game. So I won FG% by a huge margin, I won OREB% by a small margin, and FTs were about the same. Only place I lost was turnovers, but I thought the rest would've compensated for that. I guess it didn't. 

So I guess going forward I either need to increase my wins in FG% (unrealistic) and OREB% (maybe by running a 2-3 instead of 3-2, but I'd give up a lot with that) or decrease my turnovers (not quite sure how to do this with the guys currently on my roster)
its the 14 extra shots, and your poor FT shooting, you probably should have had more than +4 points off FTs with him fouling 5 more times, if you werent missing a bunch (probably would have more FTAs too, assuming some 1 and 1s were missed). plus, he made 5 more 3s than you.

i think you are looking at rebounding wrong. on a rebound from your end of the court, you picked up 21 def rebs to his 12 off rebounds - you picked up under 64% of the boards on your side. on his side, he got 14 def rebs to your 7 off rebounds. thats about 67%... so from where im standing, he beat you % wise. he missed more shots, so you got more rebs overall, but thats not the point (i think)
No, you're completely right. That's how I was looking at it, but I was only looking at the second half, because that's where they had the big shot advantage. In the second half, I won the rebounding battle by OREB% percentage. In the first half, which I hadn't looked at previously, I lost it. I only rebounded 3 of my 15 misses, while they rebounded 3 of their 11. So I lost it in the game overall. You're right. 

Last game I lost, I actually had most of those problems fixed. I shot 85% from the line, outshot them from three, outshot them from FG (55% to 48%), played the rebound battle pretty close to even (my OREB% was 31%, theirs was 33%). But I turned it over six more times, and they shot 18/18 from the line. That's not too hard to figure out, although it's frustrating. 

I'm still not sure how to make this team decent. I've never coached a zone team before, and I just took over this team and obviously haven't quite figured them out yet. 
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How Does This Add Up? Topic

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