My first season, I have read stuff but need help Topic

I took over Martin Luther in Tarkanian.

Is it ok to switch to a zone with this team even though they have IQ in man?  The Def overall is pretty low and most of the defenders are below average from what I can tell.

Also, a motion offense ok or should I change?

2/6/2013 10:47 AM
The diffeence's in OFFENSEs are subtle.  Honestly, it's the last thing I would worry about.  Fastbreak is the only one that is significantly different.

For Defense, that team is atrocious.  It doesn't matter what you play, they're gonna get scored on.   The good news is that they are all gone next season so you have a clean slate.   I would plan man this season but practice whatever you think you'll run NEXT season.
2/6/2013 11:06 AM
If I don't practice man are they going to go down that much?
2/6/2013 11:09 AM
Their IQs in Man will drop, but it won't be incredibly significant, especially since their defense will not be very good to begin with. As Trentonjoe suggested, I would just practice whatever defense you plan to run in the future. That way the players you bring in this season (that will actually be around for future seasons) will increase their IQs in that defense. Which defense (and offense for that matter) you choose for the future is really up to you. I would go ahead and make that decision now so that you can recruit players that will fit well into that system. You basically have a blank slate here, so you can choose whichever offense and defense you want and recruit for that going forward.
2/6/2013 11:21 AM
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why do you not envy me for next year...?
2/6/2013 11:50 AM (edited)
..because it's difficult to recruit 9 players. Only 6 can be freshmen (5, if you redshirted anyone this year).

But, you don't have to fill all nine. You could fill six and do the remainder next season
2/6/2013 1:16 PM
yea I think with 9 next year, I would be looking at 4 freshmen, 1 soph, 1 jr  and save the other 3 for next year...... that would give you 1 jr, 4 sophs, 4 freshmen, followed by 3 freshmen the following year. That is quite a chore to build that program, but you will need to get some sort of balance in years or else always be rebuilding.

You need to Try to get quality in the Fresh and Soph....Jr I would tend to be less concerned with
2/6/2013 1:32 PM (edited)
My first season, I have read stuff but need help Topic

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