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The ABA Parallel League
American Basketball Association

Competitors - Strategist -
Basketball History Junkies

In order to ensure that the ABA league is not TOO THIN,
The East and West Conferences will operate as their own independent league, but will play a regular WHAT IF schedule.  
The two conferences will operate as their own leagues as far as players and the draft, but of course will share the season schedule format.
The two drafts will be held simultaneously.
Players will be exclusive within the conference. There will be two Dr. J’s and two Artis Gilmores, and Dan Issel will be on two teams. 
Dr. J Issel, A. Gilmore and the rest of the players can be on only one team in the East and on only One team in the West.
Example: The Eastern team picking first has access to any player, and selects Dr. J; The Western team picking first has access to any player and they are also able to pick Dr. J; The second team from the East selects Artis Gilmore, while the second team from the West selects whoever they want ( Mel Daniels?)...
The league that forced a Free Wheeling - Wide Open brand of Basketball on the Country is here.
The ABA gave birth to numerous HOFers and legends as well as the three point line,
and a much needed jump in salaries for professional basketball players. 
So get out your Bell Bottoms, Dust off those old Disco records, and plug in the ol’ Lava Lamp –
The league that brought you the HUGE AFRO, not to mention the slam dunk contest is ready.
So are tales of fist fights, drug abuse and wasted talent.
Build your franchise – Take the Challenge
Do you start with steady veterans with longer contracts OR short term superstars?
Dr. J, George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin , Artis Gilmore, Rick Barry, Connie Hawkins, Moses Malone, George McGinnis, Dan 'The Horse' Issel, Mel Daniels, Maurice Lucas, Mack Calvin, David Thompson, 'Bad News' Barnes, Dampier, Darnel 'Dr.Dunk' Hilman, James 'Capt.Late' Silas, Willie Wise, Spencer Haywood, Larry 'Special K' Kenon, 'Whopper' Paultz, Charlie Scott, ‘Mr. Excitement’ Wendell Ladner, thugs like Warren Jabali and John Brisker, Red Robbins, Roger Brown, “Fatty” and “Goo”, and Gerald Govan’s glasses.

Reference site

A decent site for the ABA history

GREAT site for ABA history

2/15/2015 3:36 PM (edited)
1.     Kentucky Colonels           cmcafeeky
2.     San Diego Conquistadors cmcafeeky

Available Franchises:

Anaheim  Amigos
Baltimore Claws
Carolina Cougars
Dallas Chaparrals
Denver Nuggets
Denver  Rockets
Houston Mavericks
Indiana  Pacers
Los Angeles Stars
Miami Floridians
Memphis Pros
Memphis Tams
Memphis Sounds
Minnesota  Muskies
Minnesota  Pipers
New York Nets
New Jersey  Americans
New York  Nets
New Orleans  Buccaneers
Oakland  Oaks
Pittsburg Condors
Pittsburg Pipers
San Antonio Spurs
San Diego Sails
Spirits of St. Louis
Utah Stars
Virginia Squires
Washington  Capitals
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General Rules

 Commish: cmcafeeky

Parallel: 24 team league split into two parallel leagues. Each Conference holds simultaneous drafts, with every ABA player eligible to both conferences.

Format: Single Season, Forum Draft, Era Limited, Single Instance player availability

Forum Draft: AB-BA-BA-BA-BA draft sequence. Rounds 9 & 10, two picks per round. A,1-24 / B, 24-1
Random Draft Order: Random Draw (by NY Lottery 'Quick Draw')

Conference Assignment: Random - If two teams who adopted an ABA Franchise name with same city or the same nickname, they will be split into separate conferences. i.e. If there are Minnesota Muskies and Minnesota Pipers, the two teams will be placed in separate conferences, as would The Utah Stars and Los Angeles Stars be seperated.

Random Division Assignment:

Available player pool: WIS players, seasons 1967-68 thru 1975-76 (set your filter..)
Team salary cap: unlimited
No clones
No Waiver Wire
No Rookies
No Trading
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                                American Basketball Association



Anaheim Amigos         Kentucky Colonels          Indiana Pacers


Los Angeles Stars        Miami Floridians       Houston Mavericks

Utah Stars                   Pittsburg Condors        Minnesota Pipers

Denver Rockets           Carolina Cougars        Spirits of St. Louis

Dallas Chaparrals     New Jersey Americans      New York Nets

San Antonio Spurs       Minnesota Muskies       New Orleans Buccaners

S.D. Conquistadors      Memphis Sounds            Baltimore Claws

Oakland Oaks               Washington Caps            Virginia Squires




2/9/2013 8:55 PM (edited)
Players (partial list)
2/9/2013 9:02 PM
I'll select the Virginia Squires.
2/13/2013 12:50 PM
In w/ Utah Stars
2/22/2013 1:07 AM
commish use
2/22/2013 9:27 AM
commish use
2/22/2013 9:27 AM
commish use
2/22/2013 9:27 AM
Hopefully this league will kick off - several other ABA themed leagues have failed to develope. With your idea of a Parrallel and Progressive league format sounds good. Give it a try - all people can say is "No thanks!" Lots of great history, terrific memories and awesome (and not so awesome) players.
2/22/2013 6:52 PM
I'm in - Miami Floridians
2/24/2013 6:25 PM
Since logain's wheel league has died I'll throw in with 2nd team.  New York Nets

I'm seeing Rick Barry at the FT line launching his underhand granny with the Nets
logo on his uni framed just over the top of the ball. Or is it Will Farrell I'm seeing?
2/24/2013 6:42 PM
I LOVED the ABA - It is so much like the AFL back in the day -
a rebel league that wanted their own major league fracnhise for small market teams,
and thought they could compete with the big boys-

My son told me about this  theme, and I'm interested-
I knew a lot about the old ABA, but not too much about Simulation
or the ins and outs of that...

maybe my son can help me there-

2/26/2013 9:22 AM
ABA Parallel Progressive – 10 yr. vol.I: 8 IN !! Topic

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