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Should WiS merge all aliases in to a single user account?

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2/10/2013 9:58 AM
There may be legit reasons to have aliases.
2/10/2013 10:14 AM
How would we know who has an alias?   Seems that those attempting to cheat don't announce it.
2/10/2013 10:16 AM

tecwrg, I addressed that there may be "legit" reasons. I also said the bad far outweighs those "legit' reasons.

Mike, we don't need to know. WiS does. Obviously they are able to catch aliases if we do all the leg work for them (meaning they check the info they have and confirm our suspicions). Clearly they can tell, they just leave it to us to bring it up first. That's lame, especially given it has become a bigger issue with the new-age aliases cropping up only to fill worlds.


2/10/2013 10:29 AM
...twecwrg, my apologies. I had written a post and it was deleted when I created the poll. In that I had mentioned the "legit" claim and that the bad outweighs it.
2/10/2013 10:30 AM
Aliases pay money.   If they're not causing an issue, why would WifS want to eliminate them?

WifS is a business.
2/10/2013 10:52 AM

They are causing an issue. Are you seriously suggesting that all of the cheating aliases are caught? In addition, they have recently been taking on teams that when abandoned will make it even harder to fill worlds. Not all deceitful aliases are simply making bad trades to point it out, and it shouldn't have to be up to us, the paying customers, to have to smoke them out.

I realize you like to point out your worlds are all that Mike, but if HBD falls down around you, your worlds will go with it. So the issue of worlds stagnating and waiting to fill is legit for everyone. Aliases are part of that problem now, in addition to the historical problem of cheating.

I see no way that any "legitimate" alias usage overshadows the bad.

2/10/2013 12:48 PM
If they're not pointed out by the worlds they're in, they aren't causing an issue.

If they are pointed out by the worlds they're in, WifS is handling.  

Surely you get what I'm saying.    Has nothing to do with worlds I play in.
2/10/2013 1:48 PM

Not all issues are immediatly evident. And again, why should we have to police and do all the leg work when they are? 

We could go back and forth on this forever. My mind is very much made up on this particular issue, and a failure to address it on some wide scale will ultimately be a big reason I leave for good eventually. I also suspect that most people don't give a s**t one way or the other and that I am in the monority.

Given that I consider it a critical issue, I thought I should at least put it here and have my say.


2/10/2013 2:08 PM
I get what you want and why you want it.   I have no use for hidden aliases or an owner with two teams in one world either.

However, you're saying "I want WifS to do this" when it would take money out of their pocket.   That doesn't make good business sense.

And, as I said, when there's a problem, they've handled it.
2/10/2013 2:31 PM

I think it only takes money out of their pocket (if it in fact does at all) in the short term at the expense of long term viability. If people increasingly don't trust the game, they will not continue to play it. The problem is getting worse. They can wait and see what happens. It is their prerogative. I don't think it is a wise one.

Anyway, keep voting folks.

2/10/2013 2:45 PM
I see no indication that the "problem is getting worse".  It's no worse than it's been in the past.  

Maybe because it's happening in your world, your perception is a bit distorted (?).  Problems usually seem to be worse when they affect you.
2/10/2013 2:49 PM

There are clearly profiles being created only to fill worlds. I suppose you can believe they are all wholly new owners to WiS. I see differently (and in fact, in a couple of cases *know* differently). If a profile is used only to fill the world with no intent to run the team in good faith (which I have seen several times, and I'm not even in a ton of worlds), that is a problem. Even this argument could be put to rest by WiS itself. We shouoldn't have to wonder if what we see is what we get.

Go look at Hall of Fame. I was there for 6 seasons and did pretty well. They had at least 11 openings after roll over (may have been as many as 13). There are at least 3 profiles there created for this season to take over teams (checking date of creation). Are they all "new?" Maybe. However, it is a continuation of what started last season (if not before). This issue is a big part of the reason I left there, and it's getting worse. This is an example of what I meant by some duplicitous behavior not being obvious right away, or could be waved off as "just newbies giving up." We shouldn't have to wonder these things, nor should *we* have to prove them.

Clearly, worlds with smaller numbers of openings to fill will tend to be less affected by this. But unless you simply don't allow 0 history owners in (which I would not if I started a new world, only because you can't tell alias from newbie), those worlds aren't immune either.

2/10/2013 3:16 PM
The example above is not the only world in which I have seen this, FWIW.
2/10/2013 3:16 PM
WifS is in a no win situation.

"What is WifS gonna do to bring in new owners?"
"What?  These guys can't be new owners!!!  WifS needs to do something!!!"
2/10/2013 3:32 PM
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