I've been a bit confused at some of my guys' fouls at the beginning of this season...it seems like we are fouling more than (I thought) we should/would. The three specific guys are:

Barker - 47 ATH, 77 SPD, 65 DEF, A- IQ...averaging 3.4 fouls in 22 mins
Jarosz - 54 ATH, 55 SPD, 75 DEF, A- IQ...averaging 2.9 fouls in just over 20 mins
Hogle - 41 ATH, 71 SPD, 44 DEF, A IQ...averaging 2.9 fouls in just over 20 mins

I know Hogle's defense is a bit low, but I am very confused at Barker and Jarosz. Is it all ATH? Or maybe playing against a really tough schedule?
2/12/2013 1:09 PM
You need to look closer at the fouls rather than just looking at how many they're getting per game.  Quite a bit can go into it.

Where are the fouls happening?  Are they all defensive or are there some charges in there?  You run press, which is the most foul-heavy set to run, so are the fouls happening on the pressure in the backcourt or are there mismatches going on due to switches on traps?  What are their fatigue levels when they pick up the fouls?

Have to dig deep to find the issue.
2/12/2013 1:50 PM
    ATH SPD DEF                
    47 77 65                
Game   Mins Fouls Fouls/Min                
Augsburg   28 3 0.11                
Wisc. SP   17 3 0.18                
Rutgers   29 4 0.14                
PBAU   10 5 0.50 1              
Kean   24 1 0.04                
York   26 5 0.19 2              
Hamilton   30 3 0.10                
Knox   20 2 0.10                
Wisc. Platte   22 4 0.18 3              
Fram. St   19 3 0.16                
WiscoLuth   22 3 0.14                
Wheaton   17 5 0.29 4              
      avg 0.18                
  1 Matched up on Lawrence Cupps (56 ATH, 85 SPD, 45 LP, 56 BH)…Cupps scored 16 pts (5-8 shooting, 6-9 FT)
    Fouled: Long, Collinsworth (x3), Averett…last foul with 6:33 left in game      
  2 Matched up on Anthony Byrd (26 ATH, 69 SPD, 13 LP, 57 BH)…Byrd scored 11 pts (4-11 shooting, 1-2 FT)
    Fouled: Pepper (x2), Byrd (x2), Latorre…last foul with 1:36 left in game      
  3 Matched up on William Stradford (30 ATH, 46 SPD, 43 LP, 48 BH)…Stradford scored 7 pts (2-6 shooting, 2-2 FT)
    Fouled: Curtis, McElhiney, Stradford, offensive…last foul with 3:45 left in game    
  4 Matched up on Scott Nida (55 ATH, 77 SPD, 22 LP, 58 BH)…Nida scored 10 pts (2-5 shooting, 5-6 FT)
    Fouled: Marks, Gammill (x2), Nida (x2)…last found with 4:01 left in game    
2/12/2013 3:15 PM
Attribute-wise, I don't see anyone that would blow Barker away. Cupps would be a little better. By the way, the "Matched up on..." player is whoever was playing opposite at that position (i.e. if Barker came off the bench at SG, whoever came off the bench at SG for the opponent). I know this is rudimentary. I don't see fatigue as being an issue as 2 games were below 18 minutes, and a third was only 22 mins. I believe for the first two matchups I was playing slowdown, and the last two I was playing normal tempo.
2/12/2013 3:17 PM
Just for comparison, I took a couple of really good games he had foul-wise and analyzed them:

Kean: Matched up against Gleaton (52 ATH, 77 SPD, 6 LP, 71 BH)...he scored 9 pts
Hamilton: Matched up against Isom (51 ATH, 69 SPD, 6 LP, 55 BH)...he only scored 4 pts

2/12/2013 3:20 PM
I try to play no lower than (-1)  positioning if I am running the press due to the fouls.  I do play (-2) sometimes for teams that score a huge number of points from their Bigs ... but playing closer to the basket than (-2) while running press can lead to some seriously inconsistent foul games ... at least that is my experience.
2/12/2013 6:55 PM
I'm with you on that hughes, definitely can't go -3 or -4 in a press. That would be a foul nightmare. I usually don't play (+) defenses, as not too many teams have an effective 3 pt scorer, so the fact that those 3 guards were getting into foul trouble was pretty surprising.
2/13/2013 11:59 AM

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