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2/14/2013 8:20 PM (edited)
Links to get to the Gridiron Dynasty BETA:

World Signup:

Office Page:

NOTE: Beta teams will not show up on the WIS locker page. Please use the links provided above.

NOTE: Invites probably will not work for BETA Worlds. Please just send an email to a friend with the above links.  Thanks

Signing Up for Teams
All WIS Users are eligible to signup for a team the same as you do in live worlds.  Go to the Signup page and find an available team in one of the worlds.  BETA seasons are free, but please do not signup for more seasons unless you know you are going to continue to be active with your BETA team.  Also, out of courtesy, I ask that everyone grab only ONE team until the worlds have a chance to fill up over the next couple of days.  If there are still spots open after several days, feel free to grab another team.  I will be opening new BETA worlds as demand dictates.

Game State and Expectations
This is BETA and there are bound to be bugs and issues with the game engine, especially as it deals with play results.  We ask that any issues you find or even any comments you have be posted in these BETA forums.  DO NOT SEND IN SUPPORT TICKETS.  There are several ways you can test game results.  One is through the normal scheduled games, and another is through the test page under the Schedule menu.  The test page allows you to run any two teams (or even the same team) against each other in a game.  These test results do not get saved, but you will see a printout of game results and stats.  If you test game results in this manner, you can not link to the results, since they are not saved, but you can paste results into the forums.  If you do so, I ask that you keep the pasted material to as minimal as possible.  For instance, if you question the passing stats, only copy those stats into the forum post, or even just type them in.

These are a few things to look for:
Bugs: these will be pretty obvious as they usually involve a page getting an exception or a game throwing an exception, but might also involve something behaving wrong in the engine, like getting a safety but not getting 2 points and such.  If you see any of these, please report them in the forums.

Play Results: this involves analyzing the game results and seeing if they fall within expectations.  This is the more difficult piece because it requires looking at many parts.  It will generally help if you concentrate on one thing over many games, like passing yardage or sacks.  It will also help to test many different playbook and setting combinations to check if they act as expected, like easier to run against the Dime than the 4-4.  PLEASE check the extremes.  Create playbooks that seem crazy, like all passing out of Shotgun versus all passing out of Wishbone.  That type of testing will help us find match up issues.

Desired Features: As you work with the new pages (the Coaching pages) and you find yourself wishing you could do something you can't, like wishing you could copy "this" to "that", please let us know.  The highest priority is the bugs and play results, but making the coaching pages easier to work with is also important.  This also includes suggestions to expand or alter the settings, which I expect to see quite a bit for the defensive settings.

All in all, just have fun.  Yes, there will be times when we might have to adjust game schedules or alter data for teams, but I expect to try to run the beta seasons as they would normally run.  I will post in these forums if we are going to adjust anything, or are forced to because of bugs.

Last but not least, THANKS for participating.  Any help you can provide in testing this and providing feedback will make this product just that much better.

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