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2/15/2013 5:48 PM
I have been playing with this today and ran into a couple issues.

1. On Offensive Formations, it says RB1 is a Fullback for Notre Dame Box.  So I set that to not carry the ball and go to my depth charts and setup my RBs and FBs.  Then I simulate a game.  My #1 RB is not running the ball at all.  My #2 RB is running the ball.  It appears the game is taking my top RB and sliding him into FB although he is not listed on the depth chart at FB.  Either that, or RB 1 is mislabeled and should be RB 2 similar to what it is setup on I-Formation.

2. We can setup our specific offensive formation with how we want it run.  Everything from how many times the QB runs, to each RB.  We can also put on what each of those does as far as the passing game is concerned as far as depth of routes.  My question is then why on the game plan do I have to fill that information out again when I specify that specific formation that I setup.  Can we get this to pull the information from where we already entered it?  it seems way too time consuming to have to put that information in over and over again when we have already entered it.
2/15/2013 6:16 PM
1. RB1 should be the RB and RB2 should be the FB in Notre Dame Box.  You can tell because the RB2 slot can be set to block.  If you look at it that way, does it clear up the issue?  Feedback on the default formation settings are also welcome.  We did try to make RB1 the "rushing" RB and RB2 the FB in all formations just so in the case that you have the plain RB depth chart set to those two slots, it would pull your top RB in the rushing slot and the second RB in the FB slot.

2. The formation settings and the play settings tell you two different things.  The distributions on the formation settings don't tell you anything about how the play is run, but rather just which players are most likely to be involved in the play based on how the play is run.  The playbook play settings are what tell you how the play is run. For instance, you can say in the formation settings that you want a particular WR slot to get the majority of the deep passes, but you could set your playbook play to pass mostly deep or not pass deep at all. Another example would be that you set one RB to get the majority of the inside rushes and another RB to get the majority of the outside rushes.  In your playbook play you can set the distribution of how many inside vs outside rushes you call for that play.

2/15/2013 6:38 PM

So along this line of thinking in the default formation why wouldn't your top 2 LB be the OLB as they would get more playing time in pass formations and the third as the ILB?

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