Silent Auction Draft II - Post Your Teams Topic

Gotta admit, I'm thrilled with Day 1.  Filled three hard positions (C, 2B, SS) and over 200 awesome RP innings.

C - 1970 Johnny Bench, Power-hitting Catchers.  #1 pick, went with one of the best ever.
1B -  1886  Roger Connor,1B with 3B (via trade).  Completes a really solid IF. 
2B - 1927 Hornsby, HOF Second Basemen.  #1, none better.
3B - 1933 Pinky Higgins, Hot Potato, #10.  Happy with this; C/C- is as good a fielding as you can expect from this category, and very good Avg#.
SS - 2000 Nomar Garcaiparra, 2000 Starting SS.  A touch light on PA, but awesome numbers (#1 pick).
O - 1987 Tony Gwynn, .360+ Avg (#15 pick).  Needed an OF desperately, and did pretty well methinks.
O - 1987 Willie McGee, All-Star Willies (#21).  Very happy to get him at 21; had him a few places higher.
O - 1894 Tuck Turner, .400 OF (#18 Pick).  This one hurt; expected to get a full-time player, missed by one draft spot.
B - 1888 Harry Lyons, 1887/8 Browns (323, picked last).  Got a defensive replacement for 2b/3b/ss/o and a few PAs to rest Nomar.

SP - 1953 Robin Roberts, 198-199 K (#5 Pick).  No complaints here!  Love the quality 300+ IP/162.
SP - 2006 Johann Santana, Smokin' Southpaws (#8 Pick).  Love the value with an 8 pick. 
SP - 1967 Jim Bunning, 300-400 IP SP (#14 pick).  Projected Bunning at 11th, so I'm quite happy!  Rotation looks good.
S/R - 1937 Johnny Allen, High Win % Pitchers (#5 Pick).  Minor disappointmet, would have liked more IP; really good numbers for LR/spot starter though.
S/R - 1993 Juan Guzman, Wild Thang (#18 pick).  Not really expecting anything ($1 bid); he'll be Mop-up.
RP - 1983 Quiz, Soft-Toss Closers.  Over 100 IP of great relief (#1 Pick).
RP - 2008 Mariano Rivera, Beanball RP.  Awesome numbers with beaucoup innings for a late man (#1 pick). 
RP - 1986 Brad Havens, 1986 ALE RP (via Trade).  Sacrificed bullpen depth with Henke but got an awesome 1B in the process.
RP - 2006 Cla Meredith, Low ERAs (#17 pick).  Ninth lowest ERC# in the entire WIS database (50+ IP/162).  Can't believe he lasted to 17.
RP - 1958 Bill Henry, 30-59 Pitchers (#16 pick).  86 IP/162 of 2.14 ERC# and 1.86 BB/9# with the 16th pick?  I'll take it!

Day 1 Comments:  Did not expect any #1 Picks, let alone 5.  Bid heavier in some more difficult positions (C, 2B, SS) and a couple harder - i.e., lots of drop-off from top to bottom - RP categories, and scored in them as well (Beanball RP and Soft-Toss RP).  Needed to score well, though, as I have a lot of $1 bids!

Day 2 Comments:  Would have liked over 200 IP with the High Win % pick, but the talent drop-off was such that I went with Allen as LR/Spot Starter.  Very happy with Henke, as he gives me a total of over 300 very strong bullpen innings with Rivera and Quiz.  Landed 600 IP/162 with Roberts and Santana, so the SP situation is looking up; 33 Higgins at 3B rounds out the scarce IF positions as all I need is 1B (and, of course, all three OF!).

Day 3 Comments:  Only one pick so far today, and that may be all.  Added another 51 IP to the 'pen with RP standout Cla Meredith.

Day 4 Comments: thrilled with adding Bunning to the rotation; that pretty much sets my SPs.  Very disappointed in the .400 OF category, though; was really expecting to get a full-time player, but missed by one draft position.  Pretty much sewed up the bullpen as well.  Gwynn gets me going on the OF, but I'm still a little worried about that position.

Day 5 Comments: no selections (the downside of lots of $1 bids), but a trade. Swapped Henke and my pick in 1b w/3B for 86 Connor and 96 Havens.  Havens will be a middle reliever, but Connor should be lights-out at the top of the lineup.

Day 6 Comments: another slow day, only one pick and it was last.  Got some defensive IF relief.  Whoopee.

Day 7 Comments: And the drudgery of low bids continues.  Lucked into 87 McGee with a 21st pick; not gripping so much about OF.

Final Comments: got lucky with my last pick of the entire process, getting 1979 Brock to rest Tuck Turner in the OF: D is weak, but AVG# of .303 is noce for a scrub!  Overall, I liked my draft except for falling one draft slot lower than I needed in .400 hitting OFs, costing me a full-timer.  Overall, the combined RL number for the nine starters: .337/.392/.522.  For my pitching staff, trading Henke dropped my numbers a bit but not horribly so.  Not including the two starters who will share time as Mop-up, my combined pitching numbers are 2.54 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, 6.13 K/9, 1.90 BB/9, 0.64 HR/9 in 1491 IP/162.
2/26/2013 12:08 AM (edited)
C - 1940 Jimmie Foxx- Decided against a A+ arm to go with a bigger bat. Avg catcher at best, but needed a middle of a lineup hitter in this spot.
1B -
2B - 1973 Bobby Grich- Terrific up the middle defense was key to have any chance and he was the best out of the group. Takes a lot of walks, so may help on offense. I said, maybe.
3B - 1988 Chis Sabo- Committed now to go the defense route, grabbed the best 3B w defense. I know it is a losing team at this point, but mine as well make it fun to watch. Hoping to win a lot of 2-1 games.
SS - 2000 Neifi Perez- Again, defense was key to this selection. He might hit a little, at least I'm hoping as this team will be light on power. He will fill out the bottom of my lineup. Hopefully...
O -
O -
O -

SP - 1888 Silver King- Planned my strategy around this guy and paid the highest's bid in league to do it. If it doesn't work out, it will be fun watching 700 IP from him.
SP - 1969 Bill Singer- Not the best SP around, but prob will be league avg. 300+ innings of low walk/low BAA. He will need the defense behind him to help him a ton.
SP -
SP -
RP -
RP -
RP -
RP -

2/17/2013 5:50 AM (edited)
C   - 1972 Johnny Bench (Power Hitting C #2 pick) - I don't think I've ever used Bench in a league, but I did play golf with him once.
1B - 
2B -
3B -
SS -
OF - 2004 Barry Bonds (360 Hitters #1 pick) - I didn't think I'd be high bidder among the .360 hitters, so I wasn't even looking at Barry, but it's hard not to take a guy with a .600 OBP.
OF -
OF -

SP -  1989 Ken Howell (Wild Thang #6 pick) - a guy I don't remember at all, and a big "WHO?" from the hometown fans
SP -  1946 Schoolboy Rowe (1930-59 P #6 pick) - figured I'd get a closer from the low-ERA group, so I might as well take a part-time starter here
SP -
SP -
SP -
SP -
RP -
RP -
RP -
RP -

My bid strategy was not to sell out on any particular category and hope that gave me good value (8th-10th pick) in most categories.  Worked reasonably well in Season 1, but I think this time around others' strategies were sounder, because I wound up with the 12th pick in about half the categories.  I should have bid more on pitching, and I may have trouble finding a great infield since the one category where I'd planned to take a great infielder is the one where I accidentally wound up with Barry Bonds.
2/16/2013 4:47 PM (edited)
I'm very happy with my auction results. I got the #1 pick in the category I wanted (Low ERA) and the #1 pick in a category I didn't expect to (World War 3B). For every other category I got pretty much where I expected to be. If my draft projections are correct, I should have a boffo team.

C - 1887 John Kerins - 1B w/ 19+ triples (#22) - I know it's weird to choose a catcher in a first baseman category, but...
1B - 1956 Gil Hodges - Power-hitting C (#22) - ...I was able to get a hell of a first baseman in the catcher category. Kerins is not that great of a hitter, but he has an A+ arm and will do alright in the #7 hole. Hodges also has good defense and a pretty good bat, too.
2B - 1953 Red Schoendienst - HOF 2B (#3) - Good defense and a 0.900 OPS# from a middle-infielder. What is there not to love?
3B - 1985 Wade Boggs - .360+ Avg (#10) - These are the splits for my 1-4 hitters:
.369 .436 .520
If that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.

SS - 1982 Ozzie Smith - Justified GG MIF (#20) - A+++ range shortstop. I can live with the poor bat.
LF  - 1896 Jesse Burkett - .400 OF (#16) - All I wanted to do was get a top-17 pick so I could get a full-time player and I just barely made it. This is probably the "worst" hitting season of all the full-time .400 hitters, but it's all relative. He has a .461 OBP and will make for a fantastic leadoff hitter.
CF - 1943 Stan Musial - World War 3B (#1) - I didn't expect the #1 pick in this category, but happily took Stan The Man here. He'll anchor what will hopefully be a solid offense. The only downside is, barring a miracle, his B/B+ defense will be my center fielder. In other words, my outfield defense is going to suck.
RF - 1968 Willie Mays - All Star Willies (#10) - I traded up to draft Mays, and am glad I did. He helps turn what would have been a dreadful outfield defense, had I remained in my original draft slot, into a mediocre one. He also has a .906 OPS#, which of course helps.
B - 1887 Lou Sylvester - 1887-88 Browns (#24) - Sylvester will be a serviceable backup. His outfield defense is decent and he makes for a good pinch runner.
B - 1991 Craig Grebeck - Hot Potato Corner (#23) - I knew I'd be able to bid low and still get a good pinch hitter and that's what I get in Grebeck. Bonus points because he plays passable defense at 2B and SS meaning he can spell Ozzie and Red should they need rest.
B - 
B - 
B - 
B - 

SP1 - 1913 Walter Johnson - Obscenely low ERA (#1) - I bid a pretty penny to pick in the top-3 of this category. I'm very happy I ended up with the top pick. Johnson is arguably the best overall pitcher available.
SP2 - 2004 Johan Santana - Smokin' Southpaws (#3) - Terrific normalized stats. I didn't expect to choose this high with this bid, so I am pleasantly surprised.
SP3 - 1972 Steve Carlton - 300-400 IP (#4) - 360 innings of excellent pitching and he's only my #3 starter. My rotation's going to be fantastic.
SP4 - 1935 Wes Ferrell - Hitting SP (#10) - His raw stats are not much to get excited about, but when considering his .960 OPS and 2.5 WAR JUST as a hitter, Ferrell looks a lot better. He will make for an excellent #4 starter.
Mop - 1986 Brian Clutterbuck - 1986 AL East RP (#24) - Excellent name. I hope he never pitches an inning for my team.
Mop - 1920 Mike Kircher - Beanball RP (#24) - This was the pick I traded to move up to get Mays. Kircher is absolutely dreadful, but it's still a good trade on the whole.
Mop - 1966 Tony Cloninger - Wild Thang (#21) - Another pitcher who will hopefully never appear in a game.
RP1 - 1938 Dizzy Dean - 1930-1959 good pitchers (#13) - My bullpen talent pretty much begins and ends with Dean. I accidentally bid too low in a couple other bullpen categories, which sucks. But the good news is my 4-man rotation will be able to go 7.5-8.5 innings a game, meaning I can probably get away with having the league's worst bullpen.
RP2 - 1955 Don Larsen - High Win% (#20) - A pretty mediocre pitcher, who will unfortunately be throwing more innings than I would like. Hopefully I can keep him out of high-leverage situations and have him eat some innings without causing any damage.
RP3 - 2005 John Lackey - 198-199 K's (#23) - My bullpen is easily shaping up to be the worst I have ever had. But I may have found a way around this. The plan is to make all four of my starters available to pitch relief. Lackey, Larsen, and any other slightly below average pitcher I draft will pull mostly mop-up duty and do minimal damage. So, yeah, John Lackey. Hooray.
RP4 - 

Projected opening day lineup - Splits#
1) 1985 Wade Boggs (L) - .368/.451/.466
2) 1896 Jesse Burkett (L) - .393/.447/.538
3) 1943 Stan Musial (L) - .359/.428/.581
4) 1953 Red Schoendienst (S) - .340/.402/.487
5) 1956 Gil Hodges (R) - .269/.357/.497
6) 1968 Willie Mays (R) - .300/.387/.510
7) 1887 John Kerins (R) - .289/.345/.451
8) 1913 Walter Johnson (R) - .261/.293/.433
9) 1982 Ozzie Smith (S) - .250/.344/.318

If you are counting, that's 7 hall of famers in the opening day lineup. I'm excited about this team.
2/22/2013 12:07 PM (edited)
My strategy was to get one of the top two Willie Mays and to be in the middle everywhere else. Bottom of the lineup is going to be WEAK and I won't get any star pitching....patience is the game here.

C - 1991 Mickey Tettleton - Power Hitting Catchers (#6) - One of my all time favorite sim players. Classic #5 slot guy.
1B - 1986 Wally Joyner - In/Out with a Bang (#11) - Poor planning means Wally World platoons with #24 from 1B w/ triples...
2B - 1949 Red Schoendienst - HOF 2B (#9) - Cornered the market on all glove, weak bat switch hitting MIF
3B - 1987 Wade Boggs - 50 Years of .360 Hitters (#8) - Got the guy I wanted.  No power now outside of the 4/5 slots.
SS - 1985 Ozzie Smith - Gold Glove MIF (#7) - Up the middle defense shaping up nicely.
OF - 1964 Willie Mays - 50 Years of All Star Willies (#2) - Our lone super duper star. We'll live or die with him.
OF - 1897 Wee Willie Keeler - .400 Hitting OF (#14) - Bid middle to get quality before the steep drop. Mission accomplished.
OF - 

C - 2000 Scott Hatteberg - 2000 Red Sox (#5) - MONEYBALL!!!
UT - 2000 Damian Jackson - 2000 Starting SS (#11) - MI, OF, PR, oh my!
1B - 1924 Wally Pipp - 1B w/ 19 Triples (#24) - The only thing better than a terrible 1B, is two!
OF - 1887 Dave Foutz - 1887-1888 Browns (#10) - Decent pop, decent value
B - 
B - 

SP - 1905 Harry Howell - 198-199 K Pitchers (#6) - Exactly the kind of solidly average pitching I targeted.
SP - 1939 Bob Feller - 300-400 Inning Pitchers (#12) - Deep category bears fruit.
SP - 1901 Nixey Callahan - Hitting SPs (#5) - More solidly average pitching.
SP - 2011 David Price - Smokin' Southpaws (#17) - One pick away from the Price I wanted....
RP - 1984 Dan Quisenberry - Soft Tossing Closers (#4) - Third best Quiz!!!
RP - 1909 Babe Adams - Obscenely Low ERAs (#8) - All of a sudden piling up a lot of relief innings with no starters...
RP - 1940 Tiny Bonham - 1930-1959 Good Pitchers (#8) - 300+ relief innings before one starter has been drafted...yikes
RP - 1986 Dan Plesac - 1996 AL East Relievers (#5) - Positive qualities: throws with left hand and...?
RP - 1915 Hooks Wiltse - Beanball RPs (#7) - Relief pitching for days!
RP - 1972 Jim Kaat - High Winning % SPs (#11) - Thought for sure I would get the Candy Man here. Bringing a lot of LRP.
Mop - 

2/21/2013 10:53 AM (edited)
C -  1995 Mickey Tettleton - 23rd pick - bid 3 - Power Hitting Catchers category - I messed up by not bidding more in this category - oh well at least he is a switchhitter.
1B - 1946 Musial - 1st pick - bid 102 - 1B with 19+ Triples category - Stan is the man!
2B - 2011 Brandon Phillips - 6th pick - bid 63 - Gold glove MIF category - Went with slightly higher OPS over higher OBP from Nellie Fox.  I will end up with2 good 2b's after the HOF 2B category.
3B - 1996 Chipper - 2nd pick - bid 63 - Hot Potato corner category - I passed on 69 Killer because I wanted a switchhitter with a higher average.
SS - 2000 Arod - 2nd pick - bid 63 - 2000 SS category - Shocked I got 2nd pick.
OF -  2007 Magglio Ordonez - 23rd pick - bid 3 - 50 yrs of .360 Hitters category - I did not bid a lot in this category because I figured with 500 min PA there would be plenty of good hitters available late.
OF - 1894 Sam Thompson - 10th pick - bid 63 - .400 Hitting OF category - Fewer AB's but higher slugging.
OF - 1985 Willie McGee - 3rd pick - bid 63 - I passed on 63 Mays to get some speed at the top of the lineup
Util - 1937 Billy Herman - 7th pick - bid 63 - HOF 2B category - I probably should not have bid so much here.  Now I have 2 good secondbasemen.  If anybody wants to trade for either Herman or Phillips, I will gladly entertain your offer -- I could use an upgrade at either catcher or relief pitcher.
Util - 1887 Eddie Hogan - 20th pick - bid 3 -  Walk and Run category - Not much left by the time I chose.
Util - 1943 Sid Gordon - 19th pick - bid 3 - WWII 3B category - I chose him because he can play several positions at better than D- field and range.
Util - 
Util - 

SP - 1907 Carl Lundgren - 7th pick - bid 102 - Low ERA category - I passed on some with better numbers because I thought I would need more IP's
SP - 2001 Randy Johnson - 5th pick - bid 102 - Smokin Southpaws category - I'm pleased to get this one
SP - 1940 Bob Feller - 8th pick - bid 102 - 300/400 IP category - Best guy available.
SP -  1983 Larry McWilliams - 21st pick - bid 3 - 198/199 K category - will use him as a 4th starter.
SP/LR - 1965 Tony Cloninger - 13th pick - bid 3 - Wild Thang category - I will use him at long relief.
SP/LR - 2006 Jared Weaver - 6th pick - bid 102 - High Win % category - I wanted someone with more IP's, but all the ones left weren't that good.
RP - 1982 Quisenberry - 3rd pick - bid 63 - Soft Tossing Closers category - best I could do in that spot.
RP - 1888 Jim Devlin - 15th pick - bid 3 - 1887/1888 Browns category - an OK LHRP for a small bid.
RP - 1946 Gordon Maltzberger - 21st pick - bid 3 - 1930/1959 Good Pitcher category - I may use this guy as my closer (I did not do too well on relief pitching)
MOP - 1986 Ernie Camacho - 15th pick - bid 3 - 1986 AL East RP category - not much left by the time I picked
MOP - 1937 Bob Smith - 24th pick - bid 3 - Beanball RP category - more mopup
MOP - 1947 Bob Lemon - 18th pick - bid 3 - Hitting SP category - I may use him as long relief B

2/24/2013 2:25 PM (edited)
2B - 2010 Robinson Cano (Justified Gold Glove) #1 of only three middle of the lineup quality seasons in the category, took the one without the Coors Field effect
3B - 1933 Pepper Martin (Hot Potato Corner) #4 Pick...Wanted to avoid a D glove, took the best full time player with C/C rating....316 hitter who will keep clubhouse lively.
OF - 1894 Billy Hamilton (Walk/Run) #1 Pick....Far and away the top available, K/BB ratio of 17/126, slash line goes .404/.523/.528...19h century OF with an A/B rating.

SP - 1910 Walter Johnson (Wild Thang) #1 Pick...Shocked I got top pick, just wanted to avoid the garbage in the lower half, end up with a 1.36 ERA over 397 IP and the only one in the category with a sub-2.0 BB/9.
2/16/2013 12:22 PM (edited)
C - 1977 Johnny Bench (Power Hitting C #14): I never dreamed I'd get a Bench this low, even if it is his lowest PA season available. There should be plenty of guys on base for him to drive in.
1B - 1993 John Olerud (.360 BA Last 50 #18): His defense isn't great, and it is 1993, but still: .363/.473/.599.
2B - 1913 Miller Huggins (HOF 2B #14): Another lower PA season, but I can't turn down a .432 OBP at 2B.
3B - 1901 John McGraw (Hot Potato #14): Yeah, he's light on PA. However, I can't turn down a .508 OBP at this point. I'm guessing there's enough lefty starters in this league that he can handle 75-80% of the starts against RHP.
SS - 2010 Troy Tulowitzki (GG MIF #3): Really wanted to get one of the Tulo seasons. Got last choice of them (higher $/PA, fewer PA).
OF - 1890 Perry Werden (1B w/ 19+ 3B #11): Fits here or 1B. How someone with so many 3B can have that poor an OF range baffles me, but the .404 OBP plays somewhere. Hopefully he winds up as a part-time starter or bench player instead of a full-time starter.
OF - 2000 Carl Everett (2000 BoSox #3): Was hoping J4M would have to take pitching in the 1887-88 Browns draft so O'Neill would fall to me and I could use this pick on something else, but...Everett's not an embarrassment out there, and his .587 SLG plays somewhere.
OF - 1965 Willie Horton (All-Star Willies #23): The only thing he does well is hit homers. I should have some guys on base, so I'm hoping he can play the 1996 Kevin Elster role.
UT - 2000 Rafael Furcal (2000 Starting SS #6): He's no great shakes, that's for sure...but 25 starts at SS, 25 starts at 2B, plus a .394 OBP PH and 40 SB PR makes for a valuable bench player IME.
UT - 1982 Mike Davis (.400 Hitting OF #20): I could have called this pick as soon as I saw the draft position. PH/defensive replacement in the OF.
UT - 1887 Yank Robinson (1887-88 Browns #3): Plays 3B against lefties, is the backup catcher and outfielder, and has a .445 OBP. He's no 1887 O'Neill, but he's not a horrible consolation prize either.
UT - 1891 Jim Donnelly (Walk and Run #15): Defensive replacement at 3B who can take a walk.
UT - 1944 Phil Cavarretta (WWII 3B #14): Platoons with Werden/Horton in one of the OF spots. Egad, my outfield defense is atrocious.
UT - 2010 Jason Heyward (In/Out w/ a Bang #14): No "needs" at this point, so either take the best available hitter or the best available 3rd catcher. I took the best hitter.

SP - 1901 Christy Mathewson (Wild Thang #2): 400 solid (if unspectacular) IP. At this point I have little doubt he'll be the ace of my rotation.
SP - 1989 Sid Fernandez (198-199K #10): He's not going to win the Cy Young, but 220 IP of 1.06 WHIP and 8.1 K/9 will fill out the rotation nicely.
SP - 2012 Madison Bumgartner (Smokin' Southpaws #18): And this is the category I screwed up. I needed to be in the top 13, and wound up 18th. As a 4th/6th starter, he's not horrible, but...
SP - 1970 Sam McDowell (300-400IP #21): 305 IP, and he strikes out a bunch of guys. With my defense, that's a definite feature.
SR - 1922 Elam Vangilder (Hitting P #15): He handles the bat well...
SR - 1950 Whitey Ford (High Win% SP #13): Not a terrible Long B/Spot Start option. If he's getting important outs before the 11th inning of any game, something's gone horribly awry.
RP - 1986 Mark Eichhorn (1986 AL East RP #1): Wasn't sure I'd get the #1 pick, but this was the guy the category was designed to pick up. 157 IP, 0.96 WHIP, 9.5 K/9.
RP - 1988 John Franco (Soft-Tossing Closers #2): Lefty was the tie-breaker here. 1.57 ERA, 1.01 WHIP
RP - 1944 Joe Berry (1930-59 Good Pitchers #7): 118 IP, 0.91 WHIP, 1.94 ERA. If I can get a lead into the 7th, I'm gonna be dangerous.
RP - 2012 Junichi Tazawa (Beanball RP #6): 44 good innings, 1.43 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 9.2 K/9
RP - 1888 Frank Dwyer (Low ERA #23): 51 relief IP, fits in well with the remainder of the 'pen.

Now that I have my sheet in front of me, I wound up with a pick in the acceptable range in every draft save one. I screwed up a couple and wound up in no-man's land, but that's more a failure to maximize value as opposed to getting a quality player. The offense is going to be all sorts of mix-and-match, but that should be interesting in and of itself. As for pitching, looks like I'm going to have a questionable rotation and a killer bullpen. I only thought I wanted 1888 Sliver King, apparently...
2/26/2013 2:53 PM (edited)
Sicks Stadium - 17th pick (2) - after this team came together, I realized I needed to limit singles and try to exploit HR's.  This park is pretty good for that.

C - 1996 Todd Hundley - #15 pick (14) in Power Hitting Catchers - not a good arm, but got what I needed here offensively without spending points.

1B - 1994 Jeff Bagwell - #4 pick (106) in 50 years of 360+ BA - 5 points away from Bonds, wish I would have known it would have been that easy
2B - 1960 Nellie Fox - # 11 Pick (52) in HOF 2nd Basemen - certainly not much offense here and he may end up hitting 6th or 7th (scary)...hopefully his D makes up for it
3B - 2001 Phil Nevin - #6 Pick (41) in Hot Potato - got the wrong end of a 3 way tie on the bid here - he will have to be one of the big boppers in this lineup
SS - 1968 Luis Aparicio - #20 pick (11) in Gold Glove MIF - terrible offense and batting 8th (or maybe 9th for certain pitchers)
SS - 2004 Barry Larkin - #23 pick (1) in In or Out With a Bang - only 386 PA's with bad range, but definitely an upgrade at the position where I wasn't expecting one

O - 1963 Willie McCovey - #11 pick (22) in All-Star Willies - middle of the lineup hitter with pretty bad D
O - 1982 Rickey Henderson - #5 pick (84) in Walk and Run - leadoff hitter will attempt 150+ steals.  Didn't spend these 84 points wisely
O - 1942 Jeff Heath - #18 pick (6) in World War II 3-Baggers - slightly better normalized numbers than Davis and better D gets him in the starting line-up

O - 1897 Harry Davis - #21 pick (8) in 1B w/ 19+ triples - Hopefully won't be a starter, but I'm not confident
O - 1953 Ted Williams - #19 pick (26) in .400 Hitting OF - worse bid of the draft. I screwed up and bid just enough to get the first non-starter in the category.  Awesome 117 PA's, but not having a starter is probably the downfall of this entire team.
UTI - 1888 Ed Herr - #24 pick (1) in 87-88 Browns - back-up PA's for SS/3B/OF
Useless bench warmer - 2000 Christian Guzman - #24 pick (1) in 2000 starting SS - hey you, go run!  Nothing like picking last in the category you nominated

SP - 1909 Christy Mathewson - #3 pick (265) in Obscenely Low ERA's - just wanted a top 5 pick here and made the significant bid to get it
SP - 1971 Vida Blue - #1 Pick (142) in 300-400 IP pitchers - just wanted near the top here
SP - 1995 Randy Johnson - #2 Pick (165) in Smokin' Southpaws - really wanted '04 Johnson, but this is a nice runner-up prize
SP/RP - 2009 Josh Beckett - #19 pick (17) in 198-199 K's - probably will make a couple of spot starts, but mostly just a mediocre Long reliever here
RP - 1994 Marvin Freeman - #15 pick (15) in High Win % SP - was meant to be LR, but probably ends up being used as a set-up man (bad bullpen)
RP - 1996 Dennis Eckersley - #20 pick (9) in Beanball RP - set-up B
RP - 1942 Dutch Leonard - #20 pick (6) in 1930-59 Good Pitchers - closer (should have bid more to get more innings)
RP - 1972 Clay Carroll - #20 pick (2) in Soft-Tossing Closers - another so-so set-up man
RP - 2000 Rheal Cormier - #20 pick (1) in 2000 Boston Red Sox - that I was excited to get him tells you how bad this bullpen is

RP - 1986 Rich Yett - #22 pick (1) in 86 AL East Relievers - mop-up
RP - 1903 Brickyard Kennedy - #21 pick (1) in Hitting SP - mop-up
RP - 1977 Dave Lemanczyk - #22 pick (1) in Wild Thang - mop-up #3

Wanted to assure myself of 3 high quality SP without blowing my entire that worked, now we will have to see if the rest of this team comes together.  I know I'm going to have one or 2 holes on offense, but oh well. 

The offense is looking worse than I thought.  Going to have to go with starting pitching and defense.

Looks like my bidding gave me WAY too many low picks.  I have a bad feeling this is a last place team I building.

A few pieces fell in place late, but I'm still not too confident in this team.  I have no backup C, so Hundley is going to have to play with some fatigue.  Luis Aparicio may still end up behind the plate, and that's not something I've ever tried before.

As I knew after I was done bidding, this team will go as far as my big 3 SP can carry it.  Unfortunately they have less than 850 innings and I dont have much pitching after them.

2/26/2013 10:30 AM (edited)
2/16/2013 12:41 PM
Not ready to post my roster, but one bit of information I am ready to divulge is that my rotation is going to SUCK.

Oh, also, "shaky" is likely to be a charitable description of my defense.
2/16/2013 5:37 PM
C - 1952 Yogi Berra
1B - 1886 Dave Orr
2B - 1966 Bill Mazeroski
3B - 2006 Alex Rodriguez
SS - 2000 Miguel Tejada
OF - 1895 Jesse Burkett
OF - 2004 Ichiro Suzuki
OF - 1971 Willie Stargell

B - 1975 Dave Concepcion (picked mostly for his B/B 3B defense for late innings)
B - 1888 Jack Boyle
B -
B -
B -
B -

SP - 1956 Don Newcombe
SP - 1907 Jack Pfiester
SP - 1914 Larry Cheney
SP - 1977 Steve Carlton
SP - 1958 Warren Spahn
SP - 1907 Rube Waddell
SP - 1968 Mickey Lolich
RP - 1992 Cal Eldred
RP - 1985 Dave Smith
RP - 1986 Bill Campbell
P - 1908 Jack Ryan

I can already see that I messed up with my pitching. I'm going to have a ton of innings and I could have avoided some of it by going with my first instinct on the low era category and went with Kimbrel. I'm going to end up with like 2300 innings haha

I am pretty happy with my team so far, I've got all my starting fielders totaling 5500+ PA/162 with a .315 BA/.382 OBP and an average of B/B defense and my pitching is very plentiful with 2221 innings at 2.56 ERA and 1.09 WHIP.
2/20/2013 4:41 PM (edited)
C - 1938 Rudy York: (#8) power-hitting catchers.
1B - 1926 Lou Gehrig: (#10) first basemen with 19+ triples.
2B - 1958 Nellie Fox: (#13) HOF 2nd basemen. At least he plays good defense.
3B - 1894 George Davis: (#5) hot-potato corner. Gotta like the .352 average.
SS - 2000 Barry Larkin: (#7) 2000 starting shortstops. Less than 450 at-bats, but the best remaining offensive player available by a wide margin.
OF - 1894 Hugh Duffy: (#4) .400-hitting OFs. Never expected Duffy and his .440 average to be there when I picked. I would have taken him if I had the first pick in this category.
OF - 1982 Willie Wilson: (#6) all-star Willies.
OF - 1994 Tony Gwynn: (#12) .360+ hitters. My corner OFs are a .394 hitter and a .440 hitter.
Reserve 3B - 2008 Evan Longoria: (#9) in/out with a bang. Late-inning defensive replacement.

SP - 1933 Carl Hubbell: ( #1) 1930-59 good pitchers. Didn't want to waste my only top pick.
SP - 1905 Rube Waddell: (#3) 300-400-inning pitchers.
SP - 1908 Nap Rucker: (#17) 198-99 K club.
SP - 1964 Sandy Koufax: (#4) smokin' southpaws.
RP - 2011 Mariano Rivera: (#4) beanball RPs. He'll be my closer.
RP - 1987 Tim Burke: (#13) obscenely low ERAs.
RP -
RP -

Each of the first 5 pitchers (more than 1,000 innings) I drafted has an ERA below 2.00 and a WHIP below 1.00, so that should be the strength of the team.
The offense has a fair number of high-average guys but not much power.
2/18/2013 5:06 PM (edited)
I tried to pick out 8 categories to focus on for the hitters, switching my highest bid from the .360 to .400 cat at the last minute. Kind of think now I would have been happier with a lower pick there given I had a bit of trouble choosing between the top few, but hardly complaining to have Tip running out.
For pitching I hoped to win Maddux, finish in the top half of the cats with a good number of decent starters and fill my bullpen from the ones that were nearly all good pitchers but scaled on IP. Has mostly worked out pretty well, but didn't quite bid high enough for better quality 2 through 4's and not sure where I thought my 5th starter was coming from - he will blow. Bullpen will rely heavily on top 3 guys also.

C - 1985 Gary Carter - (9th pick Power Hitting C's) Bid to pick somewhere in the middle so happy enough with this. Took the guy that seemed the most balanced available between arm/ops/avg.
1B - 1887 Dan Brouthers - (7th pick 1B w/- 19 trips) Like his avg and obp and will have to live with ordinary D at 1st.
2B - 1954 Red Schoendienst - (4th pick HOF 2B's) Went for the A+ range switch hitter over the stronger hitting Gehringer available
3B - 1980 George Brett - (9th pick .360 hitters) Thrilled to grab Mr Brett with this pick. Doesn't have the AB's of some others available, but love the quality.
SS - 1993 Jay Bell - (4th pick GG MIF's) Was looking at Tulo with my 82 bid here, but happy enough with Bell's A/A fielding and decent avg/obp.
OF - 1966 Willie Stargell - (9th pick All Star Willies) A banger to hopefully drive some runs in
OF - 1944 Johnnie Lindell - (4th pick WWII trips) Needed great D here to offset all the booted balls in left and right and Lindell delivers decent hitting too
OF - 1887 Tip O'Neill - (1st pick .400 OF's) A bit surprised to get the first pick here - thought I had to bid 150 just to get in the top 5, but the bidding on hitters was much more evenly spread than I expected. Had a bit of trouble choosing here, ended up just going for the highest AVG#.

Table scraps to fill out the bench - 75 Gary Carter (15th pick In or out with a bang); 2000 Rey Sanchez (17th pick 2000 SS's); 1888 Tommy McCarthy (18th pick St Louis Browns) will platoon vs lefties with Stargell and probably sub in defensively; 2012 Kevin Frandsen (21st pick Hot Potato Corner) will platoon vs lefties with Brett and be subbed in for defensively; 1911 Frank Chance (21st pick Walk and Run) Chance was one of the star small ballers when I used to play online Strat years ago, but not this version of him heh.

SP - 1995 Greg Maddux - (1st pick High Win %) Decided to go for gold in one category and tried to pick one that was not quite as hit or miss as Pedro/Silver. Obviously wish I'd bid a bit higher on the Red Sox as well now..
SP - 1970 Jim Palmer - (11th pick 198-199k club) Thought the top 15 here were pretty solid so just wanted somewhere amongst them. Picked Palmer for his relatively high innings from what was left.
SP - 1903 Rube Waddell - (15th pick 300-400 IP) 389 decent innings gratefully accepted
SP - 2011 Cole Hamels - (13th pick Smokin Southpaws) Closing out the rotation with another solid lefty. Using these 4 in a rotation will require some juggling and spot starts, but they'll account for the bulk of the innings.
RP - 1909 Deacon Phillippe - (10th pick Beanballers) Long A and spot starter. He's probably a better pitcher than Palmer actually, so might mix it up a bit
RP - 2011 David Robertson - (16th pick Low ERA) 67IP of nasty OAV and K/9
RP - 1946 Red Ruffing - (14th pick 30-59) Much the same, but without the K's
RP - 2000 Scott Williamson - (16th pick Wild Thang) Long B
RP - 1986 Brian Fisher - (18th pick 86 AL RP's) Mop up
RP - 
RP - 
2/23/2013 1:53 AM (edited)
I have a good 2B i'd like to trade for a good relief pitcher. 

2B 2011 Brandon Phillips R 675 610 18 82 14-9 85-44 33.9 .300 .353 .457 A/A $6,871,288
2/18/2013 8:07 PM
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