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2001 + Auction / Free Agency League

* All teams will have $100 Milion Salary Cap of Auction Money per team each Season. We'll hold an Initial Auction of all 2001 database players. Bids will be in $100,000 minimum increments. After the Auction, teams set Cotract Lengths of 1-5 years for each of your players. Max contracts will expire after 5 years to put stars like Pujos back on the open market and up for Auction again every 5 years.

* Going into 2002 we will bid on 2002 Rookies & Free Agents with what money you have left in our $100 million budgets after our 2002 payroll is calculated. Everyone will be allowed to carry up tp 33 players at one time. If you go broke, we'll hold a draft at the very end sign players to max 1 year contracts.

* 24 team League.
* Up to 33 Rostered Players allowed per team (8 players that you can add as AAA and bring up as needed.)

* AL Yes DH- with a traditional 4-game inter-league crossover.


$10 million Rollover allowed.If you have any extra cash left after each season you will be allowed to roll it over into the next Season's Budget.
$110 million asolute max Budget allowed each season though. No Compounding.

* That way everyone is encouraged to go for it every year & to avoid some teams stockpiling $200 mil- but you can get up to a $10 million push if want to or lucky to have any cash leftover.

2/23/2013 2:37 PM

Phase 2- Assign Contract Lengths

Once the Auction is over, we will assign contract lengths. The minimum contract for a player would be 1 year, the maximum contract length will be 5 YEARS. However much you won your player for will be their salary for the duration of the contract you decide to assign them to. If for example you won Albert Pujols for $8.5 million and wanted to sign him to a 5 year deal, he would make $8.5 million of your $100 million budget in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. On the flip side- if you win a player for $100 K that has an awesome 2003 season, you can sign him for 3 years at $100 K a season, so there will be some interesting strategy involved in who you bid on & how much.

* IF A PLAYER gets INJURED or is missing a WIS database season that you have him signed to, you are still liable for his contract salary that season, and he will still count against your 33 man Roster, just like in real life. You CAN outright release a player to free up a Roster spot, making him a free agent, but you will still be liable for that player's salary.

* Players receiving NO Bids will be rolled out again at the very end of the Auction for guys that may need filler players. Day 21 will be for owners who still have cash to spend, Day 22- Draft up to 33 players - draft order determined by (1) Who if anyone has the most $$ remaining Drafts first.
(2) Who went broke the last. (3) If 2 or more people went broke the same day- I'll do a random.org to decide the Draft Order.


Phase 3- 2002 & Beyond !
All NEW WIS database players as Rookies or guys that didn't have a 2001 WIS database season that hit the WIS database in 2002, 2003, 2004 ect. will be free agents along with all players whose contracts have expired, so going into each new season instead of a Draft we will have a new silent auction to Bid on Rookies & Free Agents each new season.

Trades ARE allowed, both before the season starts and during the season, but both teams involved in any trades MUST stay at or under your $100 millionBudget or under the $110 million Absolute Cap if you had extra money coming forward. Also, all teams must not exceed the 33 Rostered player maximum. You may outright release a player to make Roster room- but you will still be liable for the remainder of that player's contract against your anual $100-$110 million budget for the duration of that player's contract.

Sitemail List-
toddleduc; Oli35; chargingryno; joshkvt; jrnyfan01; jeffc7823; Pubs; yatagon; fillies; szczubelek; calhoop; just4me; Unnaturals; rickysdad44; DougsDawgs; cholatse; oakgrove32; dskantor; Robin4; BlueTufts; bargearse; flbarons; coldfeet

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Owner TBD  (Cincinnati) ROSTER-  25 players Position Salary Contract Length Last Year
Cincy TBD Diaz, Einar C $3,800,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Gonzalez, Wiki C $2,400,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Casey, Sean 1B $4,800,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Belliard, Ronnie 2B $4,200,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Bush, Homer 2B $2,800,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Koskie, Corey 3B $8,100,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Lopez, Luis 3B $100,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Aurilia, Rich SS $8,100,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Cameron, Mike OF  $8,500,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Burnitz, Jeromy OF  $5,800,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Catalanotto, Frank OF  $5,000,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Javier, Stan OF  $4,100,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Norton, Greg OF  $500,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Lieber, Jon P $8,900,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Sele, Aaron P $8,100,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Lidle, Cory P $7,000,000 2 years 2002
Cincy TBD Sparks, Steve P $6,300,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Helling, Rick P $3,000,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Magnante, Mike P $2,500,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Grimsley, Jason P $2,400,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Hiljus, Erik P $1,800,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Cabrera, Jose P $1,500,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Stewart, Scott P $100,000 2 years 2002
Cincy TBD Thurman, Mike P $100,000 1 year  2001
Cincy TBD Venafro, Mike P $100,000 1 year  2001
1) P (AAA) 1 year  2001
2) P (AAA) 1 year  2001
3) P (AAA) 1 year  2001
4) OF (AAA) 1 year  2001
  Total Team  Salary:   $100,000,000 Cash Left: (none)
2/23/2013 2:43 PM
Above is the Roster with Contracts.  Good competitor in 2001 - a lot of cash free to build it going forward in the 2002 Auction. 
Team is ready to transfer over to someoene who may be interested in trying out the League a season... Cheers & Good Luck in al your Leagues !
2/23/2013 2:45 PM
2001 + Auction / Free Agency League **FREE TEAM** Topic

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