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Cowherd's sheep are voting.  "Uh, Colin said that he's a 3 and the other guy is a 6.  The 3 must be better."

3/20/2013 12:31 PM
Posted by MikeT23 on 3/20/2013 12:09:00 PM (view original):
Higher seed is winning all of them.  With the exception of Brees/Rodgers at 52/48, they are runaways.
Graham came back and beat Starr.  Brees over Rodgers.
3/25/2013 9:47 AM
After round 2, the following are gone:

tec:  McNabb, Plunkett, Staubach, Warner
MikeT:  Jurgensen, Starr
Edso:  Titties
stine:  Dawson, Griese
burnsy:  Anderson, Baugh
damag:  Rodgers, Namath
jtpops:  Raplisberger

Looks like kern nailed this game.

3/25/2013 11:50 AM
3/25/2013 11:52 AM

HA!!   Otto Graham was wrecking Favre and they found a hack or something.   30k votes from Europe, with none for Favre during the same time period, for Graham.

I'm assuming that's how Graham came back against Starr but the 'tards didn't catch it over the weekend.   


3/27/2013 12:05 PM
Favre sucks.  Graham was a much better quarterback anyway.
3/27/2013 2:31 PM
Manning, Elway, Montana, Unitas are the final 4.
4/1/2013 11:37 AM
only 1 of us had 2 in the final 8......
4/1/2013 1:45 PM

Montana beat Peyton in the finals.

I declare me and kerns the winners since that's how we picked 'em.

4/8/2013 4:07 PM
I thought this thing died weeks ago.
4/9/2013 1:49 PM
I still had a horse in the race.   
4/9/2013 3:50 PM
Posted by edsortails on 4/1/2013 1:45:00 PM (view original):
only 1 of us had 2 in the final 8......
I declare this
4/10/2013 12:23 AM
I know i'm late but my opinion... I gave each QB  rating, 1 worst 10 best, and added them up
1. Marino 9- very good QB
2. fouts 3- not at all on the level most of these guys are
3.manning 4- i repeat fouts
4.rothlisberger 2- one of the worst of this level of QBs 
Total: 17
1.rodgers 6- a very good QB but not the best right now, so who cares about all time
2.brees 5- i repeat rodgers
3.namath 1- the worst here
4.plunkett 3- umm no
1.Elway 8- won championships, and was elite
2.staubach 6- good QB
3.warner 7- not top 5 all time (maybe 10)
4.mcnabb 2- ummmmmm no
Total: 23
1.unitas 7- people dont realize how good he was
2.favre 8- this story may not be done?
3.moon 6- repeat unitas but slightly worse
4.tittle 3- i dunno for him in modern nfl
Total: 24
1. young 8- he WAS a backup
2. graham 5- like tittle, but better
3. baugh 4- i repeat graham
4. anderson- 2 hmm
Total: 19
1.Brady 9- one of the best
2.Tarkenton 5- nice
3.dawson 5- nice
4.griese 2- he coudnt earn a starting job
Total: 21
1.Manning 9- one of best
2.Starr 3- wasnt featured in  their offense
3.kelly 7- elite
4.jugenson 5- good finish
Total: 24
1.Montana  9- super bowls galore!
2.Bradshaw 6- super bowls galore!
3.aikman 6- hmmm
4.cunningham 6- very good
Total: 27
Winners: Montana, Bradshaw, Aikman, Cunningham

7/18/2013 10:45 PM
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