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If Comer keeps doing his thing we at Adidas should stay ahead of UA though.
3/29/2013 11:25 PM
Actually the more I look at it the more I like our spot.
3/29/2013 11:34 PM
3/30/2013 12:51 AM
Very close challenge!  Adidas wins an advantage in the next challenge.  Under Armour goes to tribal council...votes are due by 8pm EST on Saturday.
3/30/2013 12:59 AM
Action Required For Next Challenge:

Captains must assign each tribe member one of Monday's NBA games listed below.  This will be important for the next challenge.  If you feel confident about making predictions in a certain game, then you should tell your captain.  Captains should sitemail their assignments to survivorxii by 8 pm EST on Sunday.  If you have Easter plans, feel free to sitemail the assignments well before that time. 

Tribe should probably wait for the results of tonight's vote before sending assignments.  Since you will only have 5 members, one tribe member will be assigned 2 games.

The next challenge will be posted late on Sunday night.  Make sure that you check the forum either tomorrow night or during the day on Monday, as each tribe member will have to submit something.

Monday's NBA Games:
Cleveland at Atlanta
Charlotte at Milwaukee
San Antonio at Memphis
Orlando at Houston
Boston at Minnesota
Portland at Utah
3/30/2013 5:28 PM
5 of the 6 votes are in.  Anyone wishing to play the idol has until 11pm EST.
3/30/2013 8:20 PM
Voting Results:
1 vote for ahrens
4 votes for redraider68
mb625 did not vote before the deadline - he receives a warning - the next missed vote and mb625 will be disqualified
Redraider68 is voted out of Tribe Under Armour and heads to redemption island

The rules state that if a captain is voted out, the tribe member who has received the most total votes becomes the new captain.
With 2 votes received, Psap is the new captain of Under Armour.
3/30/2013 11:05 PM
Weird that I was the only one who voted for myself.
3/31/2013 4:27 PM
Challenge #6 – Choose Your Own Spread

This is a double-elimination challenge. The two lowest scoring tribes will each vote one member out. The winning tribe will receive a new clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Yesterday, captains were asked to assign each tribe member 1 NBA game. The assignments are below:

    Adidas   Nike   Under Armour
7:30 - Cleveland at Atlanta   kneeneighbor   citizenkane   ahrens
8:00 - Charlotte at Milwaukee   bperkins   tsut30   mb625
8:00 - San Antonio at Memphis   pureh21   shoe21   shlog3131
8:00 - Orlando at Houston   swany623   polabonez   ahrens
8:00 - Boston at Minnesota   caesari   sjurat   psap
9:00 - Portland at Utah   da_goat   stalagna   katzphang88

For their game, each tribe member must pick the WINNER and the SPREAD. Your tribe will receive 10 points if you correctly pick the game (against your spread) and 6x the points of the spread you give, if the team covers. All ties lose and you cannot use half-point spreads. You can play pick’ems (Atlanta PK), but would receive no spread bonus points.  Winning and losing tribes will be determined by total combined points.

Example: Let’s say in the Charlotte at Milwaukee game, you pick Charlotte -4. If Charlotte wins by 5 or more, your tribe would receive 10 points for the win and 24 additional points (6 x 4) for your spread. If Charlotte wins by 4 or less, or loses, your tribe would receive 0 points. If you need more examples, this challenge was used last season. Click on this link!

Each tribe member must send their pick to survivorxii by Monday at 7pm EST. If a player does not submit by the deadline, the tribe receives 0 points for that game. While tribes are allowed to discuss picks together, each pick MUST be submitted by the tribe member who is assigned to that game

Captains must also submit tie-breakers:
Tie-breaker #1: Who will score more points: Monta Ellis (Mil) or Paul Pierce (Bos)?
Tie-breaker #2: Number of rebounds for Omer Asik (Hou)
Tie-breaker #3: Total combined points in the San Antonio vs. Memphis game
Tie-breaker #4: order of submission (all tribe picks completed)
3/31/2013 10:20 PM (edited)
Sorry for the late notice, although this challenge won't require much work.  There doesn't have to be a lot of communication and each person only needs to make 1 pick.  I will try to send out a reminder a few hours before the deadline.  
3/31/2013 10:23 PM
Challenge #6 Picks

Adidas will receive a 6 point advantage (1 spread point) for winning the last challenge...

    Adidas   Nike   Under Armour
7:30 - Cleveland at Atlanta   kneeneighbor: Atl (-9)   citizenkane: Atl (-12)   ahrens: Atl (-5) - 40
8:00 - Charlotte at Milwaukee   bperkins: Milw (-5) - 40   tsut30: none   mb625: Milw (-5) - 40
8:00 - San Antonio at Memphis   pureh21: Mem (-3)   shoe21: Mem (-5)   shlog3131: SA (-3)
8:00 - Orlando at Houston   swany623: Hou (-10)   polabonez: Hou (-16)   ahrens: Hou (-12)
8:00 - Boston at Minnesota   caesari: Min (-2) - 22   sjurat: Min (pk) - 10   psap: Min (-8) - 58
9:00 - Portland at Utah   da_goat: Utah (-7) - 52   stalagna: Utah (-8) - 58   katzphang88: Utah (-7) - 52
Advantage   +6        
Total    120    68    190
TB1   Ellis   Ellis   Ellis
TB2   9   8   12
TB3   192   195   185
TB4   1st       2nd
4/1/2013 11:14 PM (edited)
This is going to be a fun challenge to check in on but its gonna be baseball on tonight for me.
4/1/2013 7:54 PM
Sorry to my tribe. My pick never went thru. The sent page didn't come up. Connection issues at the time. If we have to vote, vote me off because of it, I deserve it
4/1/2013 8:17 PM
Let's hope our winner dominate. 
4/1/2013 8:28 PM
So far we are looking good. 
4/1/2013 8:29 PM
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SURVIVOR XII: Ahrens Crowned Champion Topic

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