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Challenge #5: There’s no “I” in TEAM

On Friday night, there are 4 NCAA Sweet 16 games and 4 NHL games. Each tribe will be selecting a squad of 7 “team players” who will earn them points by collecting assists. 
NCAA Games   NHL Games
7:15 - Oregon vs. Louisville   7:30 - New Jersey at Tampa Bay
7:37 - Michigan vs. Kansas   8:30 - Anaheim at Chicago
9:45 - Michigan St. vs. Duke   8:30 - Minnesota at Dallas
9:57 - Florida GC vs. Florida   9:00 - Columbus at Calgary

Rules and Point Values:
-Each tribe will select 7 players. At least 2 must be NCAA players and at least 2 must be NHL players. You are allowed to select multiple players from the same team.
-NCAA players will receive 1 point per assist, while NHL players will earn 9 points per assist.
-Each tribe will rank their players from 1-7. The player in the #1 slot will receive 7 times the points that they earn. The player in the #2 slot will receive 6x points, and so on until the player in the #7 slot receives 1x.

Advantage for Tribe Adidas:
The player in slot #4 will receive 5X points instead of 4X.

TB1: Winner of the Duke vs. Michigan State game
TB2: Number of combined goals scored in the Anaheim vs. Chicago game
TB3: Amount of playing time for Duncan Keith of Chicago (minutes:seconds)
TB4: Order of submission 

The captain of each team must submit the picks to the survivorxii account by 6:00 pm EST on Friday. If the captain cannot make the picks, then the captain must post in the thread who they are putting in charge of turning it in.
3/28/2013 6:51 PM
If anybody has the idol and would like to play it, you must post in the thread before 11pm EST.
3/28/2013 8:27 PM
Polabonez will be Team Nike's captain in this challenge.
3/28/2013 8:48 PM
1 vote for sjurat
2 votes for citizenkane
4 votes for patsrule755

patsrule755 is voted out of Tribe Nike and heads to redemption island
3/28/2013 11:01 PM
Was really no way of preventing the loss of an ally. I hope that Pats can make it out of redemption. As for now- this tribe needs to gain strength and stick together, whatever differences there might be.
3/28/2013 11:03 PM
Next challenge might be tough for all just cuz the NHL is thrown in..
3/29/2013 12:41 AM
the idol is resting on top of the rice lid disguised as the handle
3/29/2013 4:58 PM
Challenge #5 Picks:

  Adidas   Nike   Under Armour
Slot #1 (x7) Trey Burke (NCAA-Mich) - 70   Trey Burke (NCAA-Mich) - 70   Peyton Siva (NCAA-Lou) - 21
Slot #2 (x6) Peyton Siva (NCAA-Lou) - 18   Peyton Siva (NCAA-Lou) - 18   Trey Burke (NCAA-Mich) - 60
Slot #3 (x5) Brett Comer (NCAA-FGC) - 35   Brett Comer (NCAA-FGC) - 35   Martin St. Louis (NHL-TB) - 45
Slot #4 (x4) {x5} Elijah Johnson (NCAA-Kan) - 0   Quinn Cook (NCAA-Duke) - 8   Scottie Wilbekin (NCAA-Fla) - 12
Slot #5 (x3) Martin St. Louis (NHL-TB) - 27   Scottie Wilbekin (NCAA-Fla) - 9   Patrick Kane (NHL-Chi) - 0
Slot #6 (x2) Patrick Kane (NHL-Chi) - 0    Patrick Kane (NHL-Chi) - 0   Ryan Suter (NHL-Min) - 0
Slot #7 (x1) Ryan Getzlaf (NHL-Ana) - 9   Ryan Getzlaf (NHL-Ana) - 9   Brett Comer (NCAA-FGC) - 7
Points  159    149    145
TB1 Duke   Duke   Michigan State
TB2 5   3   6
TB3 23:15   24:30   26:02
TB4 2nd   3rd   1st
3/30/2013 12:58 AM (edited)
I thought We had the advantage at Adidas after dominating the baseball challenge?
3/29/2013 6:26 PM
i think the advantage is for Adidas not UA
3/29/2013 6:28 PM
Never thought i would ever say this but go Gators!!!
3/29/2013 6:31 PM
You guys are correct. It is Addidas with the advantage.
3/29/2013 6:48 PM
My mistake...just fixed it!
3/29/2013 6:50 PM
Big goal for Under Armor and Adidas.
3/29/2013 8:54 PM
Nike is looking good. Thanks Elijah Johnson
3/29/2013 10:22 PM
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