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Welcome to Gridiron Dynasty Survivor XII: Redemption Island

In Survivor XII – Redemption Island, be careful who you vote for! Several players will earn the opportunity to re-enter the game, which could be dangerous if you had a hand in voting them out! There will also be a minor theme of College Sports which will help with dividing tribes, finding idols, deciding tie-breakers, etc. And of course to survive, you must make predictions on a wide range of sports including: NCAA Tournament, NBA, NHL, MLB, Masters, Kentucky Derby, World Baseball Classic, and others. Ghutton9 and I (the finalists from Survivor XI) will be co-hosting. We will be using some of our favorite aspects from the past Survivor seasons, but will also be incorporating new & creative ideas. Thanks to Polabonez, Dublinuf, Bfkfraser, and Muddapucka for the past work they have put into the game.

New For This Season:

1) Redemption Island Theme: When a player is voted out, they will go to Redemption Island. At each merge (and once during the final tribe), there will be a Redemption Island challenge involving all of the players who were recently voted out. The ONE player who wins that challenge will return to the main island. All of the other Redemption Island inhabitants will be eliminated for good. Players cannot pass immunity idols while they on Redemption Island! (Rule 6b)

2) Challenges will not be restricted to Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. If there is a big event on Saturday or Thursday, we will have a challenge on that day. Players will always be notified of challenges at least a day in advance. Some challenges will run more than one day. Because of the Redemption Island theme resulting in more challenges and to make the beginning of the game less of a drag, there will be some early challenges that result in a double-eviction! (Rule 2)

3) Some of the tribe challenges will have an individual aspect, where each member must submit a pick or a set of picks. They can discuss the picks with their tribe, but are not required to.

4) All immunity idols are created equal!! (Rule 6a)

Past Winners: 
1) jmason187
2) jmason187
3) carpediem33
4) mr_mojo
5) apple_butter
6) bellatrix
7) wildpike
8) nelsonba25
9) polabonez
10) awags
11) horvie78

Links To Past Seasons:
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5/2/2013 6:39 PM (edited)

And here are the rules:
*"I" refers to we (Ghutton 9 and Horvie78).  New or edited rules have been written in bold.

*Remember that the goal is to Outwit, Outthink and Outplay each other, not the rules themself. I will try to quickly clear up any questions, but I am hoping that you all understand that I intend to follow the spirit of what these rules clearly should mean, and not end up in an argument of semantics. Once again, you are playing each other, not me.

1) Gridiron Dynasty Survivor has three types of immunity: Gridiron Immunity, Hidden Immunity and Challenge Immunity. Each of these immunities has different rules associated with it that shall be explained in the rules.

2) On average, there will be three challenges for immunity per week. Most of the challenges will be held on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. However, I do plan on having a few Thursday and Saturday challenges, as there are some big events on these days. When I post the results for a challenge, I will tell you on what day the next challenge will occur and when I plan on posting it. This season, some challenges might last more than one day.   There will be no ties for Challenge Immunity, as I will have tie-breakers contained within each challenge. Only one tribe/contestant can win it, and only one can lose it.  Because of the Redemption Island theme resulting in more challenges and to make the beginning of the game less of a drag, there will be some challenges that result in a double-eviction! If there will be a double-eviction, I will always announce it at the beginning of the challenge.

3) Voting for expulsion of a player will occur the day after each challenge. If it is a double-eviction vote, two tribes will each vote to eliminate one player. You may vote from 12 a.m. EST on those days until 8 p.m. EST. You cannot change your vote. Therefore, there are reasons why you may not want to vote immediately.

4) Here’s one of those reasons now. You may transfer Challenge Immunity (this can only be done once we enter the individual section of challenge immunity, not when it is tribe vs. tribe.) If you win individual immunity in a challenge, you have from the end of that challenge until 6 a.m. EST the next day (a full six hours into the voting window) to give that immunity to another player. You must transfer this immunity in the thread for all to see. It can only be transferred by the person who won it. So if Person A wins it and gives it to Person B, Person B cannot then give it to anyone else.

5) Here’s another of those reasons. If you win a National Title at Gridiron Dynasty while this game is going on, you win immunity. You will be immune from the NEXT vote.  If your tribe is voting, you MUST post in the thread that you are using your National Title immunity. You can do this before the vote OR during the 8 p.m. EST – 11 p.m. EST immunity idol window (see rule 6). National Title immunity cannot be transferred.

5a) This means it is possible that you will win immunity around three in the afternoon for a vote that is due at 8 p.m. EST. If you have already voted for someone who has immunity, you can’t change your vote. You need to pay attention to who may be playing for a national title and what the halftime score is. If you take the chance to vote for someone that has a chance to win a national title, and they do, that’s your fault.

5b) Your national title is only good for the next vote in the game. If you win a National Title and your tribe already has immunity from the next vote, you don’t get to save it.

5c) Only National titles won with the moniker you are playing this game with count. No national titles won as a co-coach count.

6) There will be hidden immunity idols throughout the game. I will notify you when you have found one. If you have a hidden immunity idol, you will have three hours to play it between 8 p.m. EST and 11 p.m. EST on the day of an expulsion vote. This period comes directly after the voting deadline. You must post IN THE THREAD that you are playing it, and the person making the post must be the one I am aware has the idol.  Any person wishing to transfer an idol, must do so BEFORE the three hour time period begins. 

6a) If you play it, any votes against you will be thrown out and the rest of the votes will be counted with the top vote-getter being ousted.  All immunity idols are created equal! If multiple idols are played on THE same vote, all persons playing an IDOL will be immune. If there IS a tie, we will go to tie-breaker rules (see rule 8). In the rare situation that zero valid votes are cast, the entire tribe will re-vote and any players who have played an idol will still have immunity.

6b) You can pass the hidden immunity idols from person to person, but you have to tell me who has them. If you moved it and didn’t tell me, I won’t recognize you playing it. I will simply announce that person does not have an idol. You cannot hand it to someone and say I give it to them for one day. You give it to them, or you don’t. If you give it to them, and they later choose to give it back, that’s great.  If a person has an immunity idol and is on Redemption Island, they CANNOT pass the idol. If that person wins the Redemption challenge and returns to the main island, then they may pass it. 

6c) If you play the hidden immunity idol, and it was not necessary to protect you from a vote, you will not get it back. I will re-hide it. If you do not play the hidden immunity idol, and you get the most votes, you are out, and the immunity idol goes home with you. I will not announce to anyone that it has disappeared. 

6d) The hidden immunity idol can take you no further than the Final Four. You can’t play it if there are less than five people left in the game.  This rule also applies to National Title immunity.

7) When we have expulsion votes that you are involved in, you must vote, and you may not vote for yourself. If you miss two votes in the game, you are out. Even if you have immunity, if it is your second missed vote, you are out.

8) Tribal Council Tie-breaker Rule: If a tie occurs between the top two members receiving votes, a re-vote will occur. During this re-vote, the top two vote-getters who tied DO NOT vote. If any members missed the first vote, they also DO NOT vote. If the re-vote ends up in a tie, the top two vote-getters are now IMMUNE and cannot be voted out. A mini “fire-building” challenge will then occur between all of the tribe members who could not break the tie (except those with immunity), and any members who missed the original vote. The loser of the “fire-building” challenge will be eliminated. 

8a) If tribe numbers are low and only one person would be participating in the “fire-building” challenge, the “fire-building” challenge would then consist of the top two vote-getters.

9) During the tribe section, we will have tribe captains. Captains will be responsible for submitting their tribe’s picks. If for some reason a captain cannot submit the picks, they must designate somebody else from their tribe to do so AND tell me the name of the replacement captain via sitemail.  I will declare who the first captains are in the subsequent posts. The captains are responsible for declaring who will sit out challenges if their tribe has more people. If the captains are voted out, the remaining player with the most total votes received during the entire competition will become captain. If there is a tie, the first person alphabetically will be captain.

9a) Some of the tribe challenges will have an individual aspect, where each member must submit a pick or a set of picks. They can discuss the picks with their tribe, but are not required to do so. If an individual member cannot submit their pick, nobody will be allowed to submit in their place.

9b) If I am not able to post the picks to the forum at the beginning of a challenge, I will let everybody know with a forum post. At that time, somebody from each tribe can post their picks on the forum wall. I will then verify that all of the posted picks are the same as the ones I received in the official sitemail. This way, everybody can play along and follow the games! NEVER post your tribe’s picks on the forum wall unless I say so.

10) Don’t get too comfortable and expect some surprising twists! If you see a question that you need clarified, please let me know.

11) Only one moniker per person. Those violating this rule will be caught and tied to a post for all others to throw stones at. Since many people have left GD after the past update, I will not require having a GD Team to play. However, winning championships in GD is still a form of immunity so those with a GD team will have an advantage.

5/2/2013 6:52 PM (edited)

TRIBE ADIDAS:                                                           REDEMPTION ISLAND:
kneeneighbor (captain)                                            csudak
caesari                                                                        phillyboy107 (winner)
da_goat                                                                       mlee
swany623                                                                   patsrule755
pureh21                                                                       redraider68
phillyboy107                                                               bperkins
jbeninte                                                                       citizenkane

citizenkane (captain)

redraider68 (captain)
psap (captain)

5/12/2013 12:33 AM (edited)
da_goat (captain)

mb625 (captain)
psap (voted out after start of redemption challenge)

shoe21 (winner)
5/2/2013 6:40 PM (edited)

psap (winner)

ahrens - WINNER (7 votes)
mb625 - 3rd Place
polabonez (DQ: 2nd missed vote)
shoe21 - 2nd Place (1 vote)

da_goat - voted for ahrens
pureh21 - voted for ahrens
shlog3131 - voted for ahrens
tsut30 - voted for ahrens
caesari - voted for ahrens
kneeneighbor - voted for ahrens
psap - voted for ahrens
sjurat - voted for shoe21

Alternate Juror: phillyboy107
6/1/2013 9:04 PM (edited)
I'm in.

3/2/2013 2:19 PM
I'll play this one.
3/2/2013 3:07 PM
In *****
3/2/2013 5:56 PM
In "p"itch
3/2/2013 5:56 PM
3/2/2013 6:12 PM
You know it
3/2/2013 6:14 PM
Missed out on the last one, but I am in for this one.
3/2/2013 8:24 PM
I'll try it again.
3/3/2013 1:25 PM
I'll do it again!
3/3/2013 2:18 PM
i am in
3/4/2013 12:34 AM
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