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I am looking for 23 other owners to participate in a most comprehensive 6 season dynasty league. It will be player exclusive with a draft of current players and a second draft of historical players to start the league off with. There will be a draft of real life players between seasons, off season free agency signings, retirements, trades, cap control, and our own waiver wire during the season.  Owners will select the eligible players for this league so there will be a more realistic looking line up with a bias towards scoring.
If interested read on.
3/4/2013 1:34 AM
Full league rules and how we will accomplish them will be posted in a separate league forum. Here are the Basics
-Salary cap season 1 = 130mil, seasons 2-6 = 100mil. 
-Waiver wire - we will run our own, limited, waiver wire. 
-Minor leaguers – Yes, below average. 
-Max 2 players out per team. 
-Playoff intensity – Off.
-Relaxed roster requirements
-Player Trades allowed – 6 votes to veto. Players, draft picks, money, free agency credits are all available to trade. 
-Ties allowed, no shoot-out
3/4/2013 1:35 AM
The extras
-Initial teams will have 23 real life players, 16 from a modern era draft and 7 from a historical draft. See the separate league forum for details of the initial draft, but it will be your basic snake style draft.
-Retirements - Players will retire at the end of each season based on the decade they played in. Players from 1917-18 to 29-30 retire after season one, 30-31 to 39-40 retire after season two, 40-41 to 49-50 retire after season three, 50-51 to 59-60 retire after season four, 60-61 to 69-70 retire after season five. 
-Draft between seasons - There will be a 32 player draft between each season. Players on the draft list will be nominated players from seasons 1970-71 to 2003-04. Teams out of the playoffs get 2 picks; teams in the playoffs get one pick.
Free Agency - There will be 16 free agents available each off season. They will be nominated players from 1970-71 to 2003-04. 
3/4/2013 1:36 AM
This sounds great! Sign me up. What do I do now?
1/ sign up
2/ nominate your players, using the following guidelines. Remember we are going for some degree of reality and a bias towards offence.
For seasons 2005-06 to 2011-12 nominate 15 players; 9 forwards, 5 D-men, and 1 goalie. Nominate the player and the season to be used. This pool of 360 different players plus 30 additional modern players (no clones) will be the only players available for the modern era draft.  Nominated forwards should have a minimum 2 mil salary, otherwise no restrictions and pick your favorite players best sim-season. Nominated D-men must meet the following criteria; max D rating of 79, only all-stars can have a D rating in the 70’s, only top pairing D men can have a D rating in the 60’s, at least half of the nominated D men should have D ratings 59 and below. Nominated goalies can have a max save percentage of 91.0%.
For seasons 1970-71 to 2003-04 nominate 10 players. Nominate the player and season to use. These 240 players will be used for the between season drafts and free agents. Pick these players as an estimate as to how they might actually perform in the modern game (pure goal scorers in the 50-60 goal range, top point producers in the 100-125 point range, D-men D ratings and goalie save percentage same as listed for modern players).
3/4/2013 1:37 AM
Sign up list
1/  Paul71
3/4/2013 1:41 AM (edited)
Nominated players C
3/4/2013 1:38 AM
Nominated Players RW
3/4/2013 1:38 AM
Nominated players LW
3/4/2013 1:39 AM
Nominated players D
3/4/2013 1:39 AM
Nominated players G
3/4/2013 1:39 AM
Nominated players 1970-71 to 2003-04
(for between season drafts and free agents)
3/4/2013 1:40 AM
Posting my modern era players.  A few favorites and a few players I watched during their Junior career

C             '06-07 David Legwand
C             '10-11 Ryan Kesler
C             '09-10 Henrik Sedin
RW         '05-06 Steve Sullivan
RW         '11-12 Jannik Hansen
LW          '05-06 Paul Kariya
LW          '10-11 Blake Comeau
LW          '11-12 Jamie Benn
LW          '10-11 Daniel Sedin
D             '10-11 Nicklas Lidstrom
D             '08-09 Shea Weber
D             '09-10 Dan Hamhuis
D             '08-09 Ed Jovanovski
D             '07-08 Josh Gorges
G             '08-09 Carey Price
3/4/2013 1:54 AM
Posting my nominated players for the 70's, 80's, 90's.  A few of my favorites growing up

C             '79-80 Thomas Gradin
C             '92-93 Trevor Linden
C             '83-84 Bryan Trottier
RW         '81-82 Stan Smyl
RW         '93-94 Pavel Bure
RW         '84-85 Mike Bossy
LW          '91-92 Greg Adams
LW          '02-03 Markus Naslund
D             '80-81 Paul Reinhart
D             '93-94 Jyrki Lumme         
3/4/2013 1:58 AM
somebody out there is interested in 6 seasons.  And if you are going to play 6 seasons may as well make it interesting.  No need to pick a team and set it on auto pilot.
3/9/2013 1:31 AM
Ultimate 6 seasons - make it worth your time Topic

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