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I hate to be the bearer of bad news again, but the WIS player list seems a bit buggy when searching OF in career mode.

Rube Bressler is listed here (and in the draft center search) but did not play until 1914 and the stats listed in the search are not his.

Another OF issue is Pete O'Brien. He never played outfield and his stats aren't his actual stats and match the same ones listed for Bressler.
3/5/2013 1:56 AM
I can't find the league. Is it THM45783?
3/5/2013 9:23 AM
Yeah, Bressler was 7 years old in 1901 so he would have been a helluva prodigy. O'Brien is much less valuable than the career stats shown.

Those are the only 2 anomalies I spotted, though. Everyone else seems reasonable.
3/5/2013 9:40 AM
Good catches.  I am swamped with work today and tomorrow, but can go through the list again after that and filter as needed.  7 yr old outfielders!!

bnicarlson - the league won't show up til after the draft when I enter my team.  I will email/sitemail everyone once it's avail.  In the meantime, start with a normal career league team to view avail players (other than 7 yr old outfielders) to get an idea of IP/PA's for planning.  Once we draft you will have the option of entering the league and loading your team into there.

I will be busy til after 5pm, but will check in then and see what's happening.
3/5/2013 9:52 AM
I recommend that, when each manager completes his/her draft, an email is sent out to each of the other managers to let them know who has been selected. Is there an email list for the league?
3/5/2013 3:24 PM
There are two Pete O'Brian's. One played SS for Cincinnati in 1901 and the other played OF/1B for Texas and Seattle in the '80s. Appears when the stats were loaded the SIM messed up more than a bit.
3/5/2013 3:34 PM
gigrant - I found another party crasher to the 1901 list. Jack Taylor. Last pitched in 1899.
3/5/2013 3:35 PM
Good lord... I may have to drive to Cinci and straighten the WIS people out!
3/5/2013 3:41 PM
There are 2 Jack Taylors. One pitched from 1891-1899, the other (and more successful) pitched from 1898-1907
3/5/2013 3:46 PM
Can I draft 7 year old's. Perhaps if they were good enough to play then they may stick around for awhile. lol 

My brother was an awesome baseball player in grade school and high school until he was diagnosed with heart problems. In his senior year, after 16 games, he was hitting .675, 18 HRs and 22 SBs and was told he couldn't play anymore. He had excellent vision. He used to use a .22 hunting bird using a scope. Never could understand how he did it.

3/5/2013 3:49 PM
dspahlinger, I see them now. The link was to the wrong Jack Taylor but his stats in the draft search are correct.
3/5/2013 5:18 PM

Yeah, Taylor is OK. The Bressler situation really puzzles me- don't see how they managed that one. O'Brien is not as significant but Bressler was a pretty good player.

3/5/2013 6:16 PM
Are we drafting now? How about we stop everything in the other threads and do everything here?

Again, I think it would be best if everyone, after they draft a player, post here so everyone knows what's going on.

3/5/2013 6:54 PM
if people are going to be unavailable it would help a great deal if they create a proxy list and send to someone who drafts after them
3/5/2013 7:26 PM
Ok just my 2 (or 3 cents). The first draft of a progressive league is not going to be a "quick" draft. Calm down and enjoy it.
And stlnathan are you an alias or a new owner? Not trying to cause trouble but as someone who has run many,many draft leagues it would kind of tick me off to have someone who has only had 3 WIS seasons under their belt telling me how to run a league.

now to the matter at hand I have made the 1st pick and sitemailed the next 3 owners.

Good Luck to everyone in the draft and please let's limit the griping.
3/5/2013 7:51 PM
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