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Those are just a few of the superstars available in the upcoming draft!

The Big Time Progressive is completing its 27th go round with the 1936/2006 seasons and have decided not to move forward drafting from the 2006 season.  

2006 was the last season for drafting modern players. If any 2006 players are cut this season or any time after, they are finished in this league and can't be drafted again.

You may keep any of your 2007 players you like as long as their career lasts. You may trade them or put them on IR (when necessary).

This season will begin our entire 1885 players draft to go along with our continuing 1937 players and rookies.
This should be an exciting draft with all of the old pitchers, plus some fantastic hitters!

Keepers are due no later than March 10. 

3/11/2013 4:53 PM (edited)

These are basic rules and will be in effect for all following seasons unless a league vote or unexpected circumstances call for an update or additions.

Following the 1936/2006 season the eligible seasons will change to 1885/1937 and move forward until the league disbands. Modern day drafted players up through 2006 would be allowed to finish out their careers as long as they were not cut. Once cut, they would not be allowed to continue.

Unlimited salary cap. No DH,no WW,no AAA.

Trading of picks allowed for the current season and two seasons beyond.

Weighted draft lottery is run for the bottom 5 teams with a 30 win minimum at 120 games. The worst team will receive a 50% chance of acquiring the first pick of the draft, 2nd worst = 20%, 3rd worst = 15%, 4th worst = 10%, and the 5th worst = 5%. Teams failing to win 30 games by the deadline will draft behind the 5 lottery teams in order of most losses (1st round only).

Stadiums are held for a 5 year minimum,with a stadium draft held every 5 seasons. New owners taking over a franchise may choose an unused eligible stadium prior to the next season.

I.R. is available for seasons when players are not WIS eligible. Drafts,trades and discussions are held in our private league forum.

Major league rosters will be limited to a max of 25 players...however, players on the I.R. (no WIS status that season or seasons) do not count against this total.
Owners may choose to cut zero players or any amount of players, but your active major league roster must always be 25 players heading into each season.

Owners must check their keepers against the available players list...if you have a player that is drafted while on the availables and your keeper list, you must notify the commish before the player is taken or you lose that player.

Drafted players must appear on a major league roster the year they are drafted.

When an owner’s stadium is no longer in “actual use” during a season. In this case, an owner will be required to change to an unused eligible stadium.

Beginning with the 6th season draft, and every 5th season thereafter, eligible stadiums not in use by any team in the league will be made available in the draft. An extra draft pick will be assigned to every owner. The stadiums will be treated like available players. They may be drafted by any owner in lieu of a player at any scheduled time during the draft. After drafting a stadium, the owner’s original stadium will be “retired” and it, as well as any available stadium that wasn’t drafted, will become eligible for random selection when the next stadium draft is held five seasons later.

Disabled list. There is no limit to the number of players on a team’s roster not sim eligible that may be placed on the disabled list.


In the event of teams having the same record at the 120 game mark the following tiebreakers will be used in the following order: (1) Head to Head Won-Loss Record (2) In case that #1 still results in a tie, total runs by each team while playing each other will be used with the lower scoring team getting the higher pick. (3) If still tied, an online coin flip will decide the tiebreaker with the winner of the coin toss getting the higher pick.

In the event that a problem arises not covered in the rules, the commissioner will make a ruling to cover the remainder of the season. If at least 5 owners want to reopen the commissioner's ruling at the end of said season, it will be done and possibly brought to a vote.
3/5/2013 3:05 AM
Team Listings  (Rosters are from 1936/2006)

Available Team #1   Will draft either 18th or 19th

Death Valley Chuckwallas
Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles Dodgers: 1962-2012)
Dave Bush 2006 Milwaukee Brewers SP $5,122,280
Chris Capuano 2006 Milwaukee Brewers SP $4,951,933
Larry French 1936 Chicago Cubs SP $6,260,016
Scott Olsen 2006 Florida Marlins SP $4,218,330
Jake Peavy 2006 San Diego Padres SP $5,629,302
Fabio Castro 2006 Philadelphia Phillies RP $1,280,937
Manny Delcarmen 2006 Boston Red Sox RP $1,129,003
Bob Howry 2006 Chicago Cubs RP $2,274,942
Scott Proctor 2006 New York Yankees RP $2,688,614
Cliff Bolton 1936 Washington Senators C $2,176,445
Kenji Johjima 2006 Seattle Mariners C $3,881,603
Phil Cavarretta 1936 Chicago Cubs 1B $2,433,856
Wes Helms 2006 Florida Marlins 1B $2,177,710
Marcus Giles 2006 Atlanta Braves 2B $3,839,765
Ian Kinsler 2006 Texas Rangers 2B $3,493,180
Garrett Atkins 2006 Colorado Rockies 3B $6,117,303
Rafael Furcal 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers SS $6,587,800
Jim Thome 2006 Chicago White Sox DH $4,779,943
Bobby Abreu 2006 New York Yankees OF $5,381,119
Moises Alou 2006 San Francisco Giants OF $2,991,445
Rocco Baldelli 2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays OF $3,237,825
Chone Figgins 2006 Anaheim Angels OF $4,343,258
Brad Hawpe 2006 Colorado Rockies OF $4,427,989
Jimmy Ripple 1936 New York Giants OF $3,036,837
Juan Rivera 2006 Anaheim Angels OF $3,591,739
Active Roster Total Salary: $96,053,174
3/5/2013 3:22 AM (edited)
Available Team #2

Northern Kalifornia Redwoods   Will draft 8th or 9th
Network Associates Coliseum (Oakland Athletics: 2001-2012)
Josh Beckett 2006 Boston Red Sox SP $4,264,165
Joe Bowman 1936 Philadelphia Phillies SP $4,092,923
Freddy Garcia 2006 Chicago White Sox SP $4,595,771
Kyle Lohse 2006 Minnesota Twins SP $2,184,930
C.C. Sabathia 2006 Cleveland Indians SP $5,262,170
Earl Whitehill 1936 Washington Senators SP $4,179,019
Alan Embree 2006 San Diego Padres RP $1,319,224
Waite Hoyt 1936 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $3,104,352
Charlie Root 1936 Chicago Cubs RP $1,495,716
Justin Speier 2006 Toronto Blue Jays RP $1,206,693
Dan Wheeler 2006 Houston Astros RP $2,305,775
Mike Redmond 2006 Minnesota Twins C $1,869,531
Jason Varitek 2006 Boston Red Sox C $2,021,926
Adrian Gonzalez 2006 San Diego Padres 1B $4,971,981
Gus Suhr 1936 Pittsburgh Pirates 1B $5,979,795
Ossie Bluege 1936 Washington Senators 2B $2,404,835
Buddy Myer 1936 Washington Senators 2B $1,722,178
Harlond Clift 1936 St. Louis Browns 3B $6,565,882
Jhonny Peralta 2006 Cleveland Indians SS $4,507,921
Hanley Ramirez 2006 Florida Marlins SS $5,566,792
Bruce Campbell 1936 Cleveland Indians OF $1,970,139
Shin-Soo Choo 2006 Cleveland Indians OF $1,208,259
Chuck Klein 1936 Chicago Cubs OF $4,688,932
Pepper Martin 1936 St. Louis Cardinals OF $4,455,252
Sam West 1936 St. Louis Browns OF $5,206,347
Active Roster Total Salary: $87,150,508
3/5/2013 3:23 AM (edited)
Available Team #3

Philly Phly Swatters   Will draft 16th
Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies: 2004-2012)
Ed Brandt 1936 Brooklyn Dodgers SP $5,618,947
Wes Ferrell 1936 Boston Red Sox SP $8,734,281
John Lackey 2006 Anaheim Angels SP $6,049,898
Carlos Silva 2006 Minnesota Twins SP $2,350,009
Guy Bush 1936 Boston Bees RP $2,128,746
Matt Capps 2006 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $1,715,783
Rick Helling 2006 Milwaukee Brewers RP $827,733
Jon Rauch 2006 Washington Nationals RP $2,366,296
Mariano Rivera 2006 New York Yankees RP $2,893,649
Harry Danning 1936 New York Giants C $521,961
Ivan Rodriguez 2006 Detroit Tigers C $5,290,643
Lyle Overbay 2006 Toronto Blue Jays 1B $5,542,550
Adam Kennedy 2006 Anaheim Angels 2B $2,784,638
Brandon Phillips 2006 Cincinnati Reds 2B $3,639,616
Rich Aurilia 2006 Cincinnati Reds 3B $3,659,602
Pedro Feliz 2006 San Francisco Giants 3B $4,420,490
Melvin Mora 2006 Baltimore Orioles 3B $3,995,600
B.J. Upton 2006 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3B $755,721
Adam Everett 2006 Houston Astros SS $4,469,960
Troy Tulowitzki 2006 Colorado Rockies SS $681,584
Curtis Granderson 2006 Detroit Tigers OF $5,873,721
Matt Holliday 2006 Colorado Rockies OF $5,852,337
Jacque Jones 2006 Chicago Cubs OF $3,812,201
John Stone 1936 Washington Senators OF $4,749,995
Joe Vosmik 1936 Cleveland Indians OF $3,669,296
Active Roster Total Salary: $92,405,257
3/5/2013 3:24 AM (edited)
Available Team #4

Rock Ridge Mongos   Will draft 8th or 9th
Shea Stadium (New York Mets: 1964-2008)
Johnny Allen 1936 Cleveland Indians SP $7,784,382
Randy Johnson 2006 New York Yankees SP $4,848,371
Shaun Marcum 2006 Toronto Blue Jays SP $1,234,812
Carlos Marmol 2006 Chicago Cubs SP $1,118,122
Justin Verlander 2006 Detroit Tigers SP $4,058,366
Lon Warneke 1936 Chicago Cubs SP $6,032,067
Francisco Cordero 2006 Texas Rangers RP $1,820,591
Jesse Crain 2006 Minnesota Twins RP $1,750,986
Mike Gonzalez 2006 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $1,785,412
Brandon Lyon 2006 Arizona Diamondbacks RP $1,588,401
Rafael Soriano 2006 Seattle Mariners RP $1,926,369
Spud Davis 1936 St. Louis Cardinals C $2,841,534
Ramon Hernandez 2006 Baltimore Orioles C $4,602,781
Shea Hillenbrand 2006 Toronto Blue Jays 1B $1,795,855
Justin Morneau 2006 Minnesota Twins 1B $5,354,582
Mark Ellis 2006 Oakland Athletics 2B $4,003,665
Roy Hughes 1936 Cleveland Indians 2B $4,668,825
Billy Rogell 1936 Detroit Tigers SS $3,982,537
Cecil Travis 1936 Washington Senators SS $3,724,621
Barry Bonds 2006 San Francisco Giants OF $4,319,758
Coco Crisp 2006 Boston Red Sox OF $3,327,742
Kenny Lofton 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers OF $3,568,895
Terry Moore 1936 St. Louis Cardinals OF $4,712,735
Wally Moses 1936 Philadelphia Athletics OF $6,525,056
Shane Victorino 2006 Philadelphia Phillies OF $2,610,961
Active Roster Total Salary:

Players on IR

IR- Rick Ankiel-OF, Frank Francisco-P, Kelly Johnson-2B, Carlos Pena-1B

3/5/2013 3:25 AM (edited)
This is a great league, guys, and really - how many chances are you going to get to get to draft 19th century stars?
3/18/2013 7:54 PM
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