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1926 History Rewritten Progressive League

One team and we are off to the races

The History Rewritten was established 6 years ago by NailOne and we are still going strong 40 seasons later.  One of our owners has decided to cut back; we also have a duplicate owner that would be willing to let his team go to a good owner.  The available team will be described in the following post. We are ready to start our 1926 season just as soon as possible. Join us as we play our way through the history of ML baseball.
The History Rewritten Theme is a progressive, partial roster keeper theme that started with the 1885 season with plans to work our way to the present day baseball season (some years down the road). As a first season owner/GM you'll be exempt from the 13 keeper rule as we want you to build a team with your vision.
The History Rewritten Progressive Theme league is founded on:
1.) $80 MM salary cap (penalties apply, but not for 1st year of new owners)
2.) Returning 13 "keepers" carried over to the next season for a sense of franchise
3.) One round rookie draft every season (one round for each league)
4.) Drafted players are exclusive to a team within each league (total of 15 exclusive players allowed per team - 5 pitchers max)
5.) No AAA, clones nor DH on a team
6.) Trades -- Ok, but exclusive players are traded only within a league
7.) WW okay, but must stay within in theme year (cannot be exclusive players)
8.) Exclusive stadiums in each league

Check out our constitution (rules and regs) at click here :

Check out our exclusive players at this link

We have our own private forum site, so if you can't see these links please let me know and I we'll grant you access.

What makes us different?
1.) A salary cap (to test your research & GM skills)
2.) A 13 keeper requirement (can you build a dynasty, a one shot wonder or will you struggle to fit within the cap?)
3.) Exclusive players list (draft to build a team, without wading through months of draft threads)
4.) Salary cap penalties for missing the keeper requirement (display your planning & GM skills)
5.) A number of committed owners that enjoy the league (usually one or two new players every other season -- fairly stable, fun bunch)

We've got a good core of guys that play season after season and hope to be the longest running progressive theme at WifS. Come test your GM skills with a great bunch of owners.

Please post or sitemail me (sockless_joe) if you are interested in joining our league.

Current owners list with bold owners confirming return (sitemail list):
bamajama; Blueorange; bud4875; benfc; Bullmoose; CarlosVal; cstrohmier; fire13; gigrant; hacker7; lagermcale; lefty13; maddove117; mountainjack; Poddy; sockless_joe; riznitch27; scrimy; stroh23; tycho88; yogi20; zeuspole; (YOU!)
3/8/2013 9:01 PM
Available Team :  Atlanta Crackers
Current Ballpark: Griffith Stadium (HR LF/RF:-2/-2 1B:0 2B:-1 3B:1)
Prior Owner:  taylorn

Exclusive Players:
Ike Boone B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Rube Bressler B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Mule Haas B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Bing Miller B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Mel Ott B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Wally Pipp B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Del Pratt B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Pie Traynor B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Whitey Witt B Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Ted Lyons P Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Flint Rhem P Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)
Dazzy Vance P Atlanta Crackers (taylorn)

The 1925 roster consited of:
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Hal Carlson 1925 Philadelphia Phillies SP $4,809,263
Herb Pennock 1925 New York Yankees SP $8,064,213
Jack Quinn 1925 Philadelphia Athletics SP $2,248,202
Eppa Rixey 1925 Cincinnati Reds SP $8,175,027
Dazzy Vance 1925 Brooklyn Robins SP $8,597,496
Win Ballou 1925 Washington Senators RP $274,652
Jim Joe Edwards 1925 Chicago White Sox RP $779,619
Chet Falk 1925 St. Louis Browns RP $200,000
Ray Francis 1925 Boston Red Sox RP $200,000
Walt Huntzinger 1925 New York Giants RP $1,417,371
Joe Oeschger 1925 Brooklyn Robins RP $297,888
Jack Wisner 1925 New York Giants RP $958,367
Cy Perkins 1925 Philadelphia Athletics C $1,658,936
Muddy Ruel 1925 Washington Senators C $4,001,180
Rube Bressler 1925 Cincinnati Reds 1B $3,475,080
Phil Todt 1925 Boston Red Sox 1B $4,333,954
Bucky Harris 1925 Washington Senators 2B $4,806,810
Joe Klugmann 1925 Cleveland Indians 2B $685,663
Les Bell 1925 St. Louis Cardinals 3B $3,742,895
Pie Traynor 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates 3B $6,665,823
Everett Scott 1925 New York Yankees SS $200,000
Ike Boone 1925 Boston Red Sox OF $3,920,882
Eddie Brown 1925 Brooklyn Robins OF $5,040,762
Bing Miller 1925 Philadelphia Athletics OF $3,487,533
Johnny Mokan 1925 Philadelphia Phillies OF $1,930,281

3/8/2013 9:13 PM
3/12/2013 8:18 AM
great league!!
3/12/2013 8:53 AM
Sockless- I'm interested. I sent you a sitemail
3/12/2013 5:48 PM
3/13/2013 9:19 PM
3/13/2013 10:30 PM
History Rewritten (needs one) Topic

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