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Posted by ashamael on 3/28/2013 3:22:00 AM (view original):
Posted by coachcroft on 3/28/2013 12:17:00 AM (view original):
is the max for undrafted player 3 million?
no max for undrafted players in the ODL iirc.  It was $4m in the funk52.
only rule I see related to this is that the top 5 minutes guys on your team must have been drafted
3/28/2013 10:55 AM
thanks ash
3/28/2013 11:19 AM
Thanks for the feedback ash. I agree that my team will foul a ton, hard to get those low minute rebounders without taking some serious fouls liability in the process. I'm sure Kobe will have at least 20 games where I'm beat no matter what else happens and 20 games where he goes for something around 50 points and I just can't lose. How the other 42 games of average Kobe go will determine the regualr season fate of this team, and the playoffs will be fully on Kobe's back.  Either way I'm sure to get some very interesting play-by-plays and boxscores out of this team.
3/28/2013 12:29 PM

Just because Kobe gets 50 points doesn't mean that your team will win natenoy. 

3/28/2013 8:43 PM
Posted by vancem on 3/28/2013 8:43:00 PM (view original):

Just because Kobe gets 50 points doesn't mean that your team will win natenoy. 

Tell him that.
3/28/2013 8:59 PM
Vance, yea I know Kobe for 50 does not always = W, but more often than not it will. I'm also going to attempt to squeeze more out of Lucas than most teams would, he'll be 2nd or 3rd on my team in scoring even with only 16.5 usage. I have three guys over 20mpg, three. The rest of my team is a bunch on interchangable role players, (except Melo) . This will be a very hands on team when it comes to managing my minutes (but I'll be sure to play my 100D Zo and Anderson like 5-6 minutes v the weak teams so I can give your team the extra 10-12 minutes from those guys.) At least I'm going in with 19,540 min, which feels a lot better than the 19,300 I had last season.
3/28/2013 9:13 PM
Posted by ncmusician_7 on 3/25/2013 10:24:00 PM (view original):
Name Team Minutes Usage% 3pm eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Def
Chauncey Billups 05-06 Pistons 2928 23.0 184 50.9 1.6 8.1 31.7 80
Joe Dumars 98-99 Pistons 1831 18.3 146 53.9 1.3 5.9 17.3 70
Serge Ibaka 11-12 Thunder 2227 15.7 2 53.6 12.4 16.9 2.0 100
Charles Barkley 89-90 76ers 3085 24.0 20 60.8 12.9 19.0 11.5 50
JaVale McGee 11-12 Wizards 1908 20.9 0 55.7 11.2 22.0 2.6 69
11979 101.9 352 55.2 39.4 71.9 65.1 73.8
Kerry Kittles 02-03 Nets 1950 19.1 78 52.2 2.9 10.9 11.9 79
Joakim Noah 08-09 Bulls 1938 12.4 0 55.6 13.5 20.0 7.0 70
Here are the total team totals:  486 3PM, 19486 minutes, good mix of per,mid,pnt
Usage% eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Def
98.68 55.27 41.31 73.86 62.12 70.44

3/29/2013 8:52 PM
Team - BungHole Bandit's XLII

1st Five                                   PER        USE%        WS        TS%          DEF       $$.$
  PG 87 T. Porter                    18.1         16.8             9.8       .592            50         6.7
SG 80 J. Erving                     25.1         28.4           13.8      .572           100         8.3
SF 69 B. Bridges                  15.9         15.7             6.6       .538            80          8.2  
PF 79 K. Washington          18.2         16.8             9.8       .584            80          6.7
  C 73 B.  Lanier                    23.9         24.0          14.4       .548            84          8.7
Totals                                    101.2      101.7           53.7                        ~79     $38.6M
This data shows me that the shot flow will be in the direction of my high usage, high PER, high WS players. Overall my TS% is good, and my defense is excellent. This team might work.

Team Totals - 185 d-rbs% / 148 ast% / 19,417 min's

3/29/2013 10:06 PM (edited)
smokey, total reb% and ast% does not mean a thing, what are your weighted averages? A 30% ast guy that plays 5 min a game should not be given the same weight as a 5% ast guy that plays 30+ mpg.
3/29/2013 10:18 PM
The drafted players are listed on page 13, with usage%, tmin's, tpts, FG%, FT%, o-rbs%, d-rbs%, ast% & def. This data is really for looking at team dynamic's.
3/29/2013 10:59 PM
I thinks totals on most stat's are useless, It's the distribution of stat's WRT position thats important. The stat distribution on this team outstanding WRT my design goals. I'm pretty please with the way the team turmed out in this draft, I was 20th pick.
3/29/2013 11:10 PM

smokey do you really think ws or per or ts% is that meaningful here?

3/30/2013 12:11 AM
felonius in short....yes. I'm always amazed when I read the pbp's at how well the SIM understands the character of a team and the intended dynamics of team design. WRT  WS, at the end of a close game you only see Dr J & Lanier shoot the ball on this team,and the WS indicates their the pair you want shooting, their very good at it, that's by design not chance. That the shot priority favors my high usage, high PER, high WS players just seems like a good idea. The distribution of my usage creates strong pressure on SIM to get the ball to Dr J & Lanier. Finally these number allow me to guage how well your squad match's up with my boy's. In that respect the team looks really strong. I do have parameters that I want these catagories to fall within.
3/30/2013 12:51 AM
Does anyone know if the SIM uses the PER#? I was under the impression it was used in determining matchup's.
3/30/2013 12:54 AM
3/30/2013 1:41 AM
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