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I have my team assembled (er, someone elses) but haven't decided if I want to go with what I have or make some changes yet.
4/9/2013 8:47 PM
I have an idea to incentivize newbies to join and want feedback. I need to work out the details with WIS admin but I'd like to give my free team to either the "coach of the year" or "screwer of the year." the idea is this:
option 1: a free team would be given to the team with the best regular season winning percentage. first tiebreaker is record within division, second is run differential (scored vs. given up.)
option 2: a free team would be given to the original drafter of the team that ends up with the worst regular season record. that rewards the drafting of a truly screwed team.

thoughts? Is this enough to get those of you on the fence to join a really fun league?
4/10/2013 12:34 PM
the original worst drafter could get a free team, that would be some nice recognition of being able to pick the worst.
4/10/2013 7:36 PM
as someone who constantly picks crappy even when I don't need to it would be nice.
4/10/2013 7:37 PM
then this is the league for you scaughlan :-). anyone else out there game?
4/12/2013 3:02 PM
14 in and a few more who are committed and will get in closer to when we fill.
4/14/2013 7:34 PM

If teams are assigned at random that could take quite a while to make sure no one has their own team.  How are you planning to randomly assign teams?  Just wondering...but I am building a team!

4/15/2013 4:27 AM
I'm in. The last one of these I was in had more restrictions, so this leaves a lot of crazy options. Lots of ideas floating around right now...
4/15/2013 9:47 AM
welcome Mensu1954 and mattedesa,
the league has an automatic random generator so no one will get their own team and yeah mattesa, we tried to walk the line between being too restrictive.  it'll be fun.
it has taken a little bit pf time to fill but it'll be worth it. Right now, a couple of guys are revamping their team so the numbers look a little low but we are getting closer.
4/15/2013 10:06 AM
I'll get in on this, been a while since there was a SYN league.

I've been in a few of these leagues before and I'll throw in my 2 cents.  I think it'd be best to have a minimum IP and PA and no AAA otherwise we'll all be playing our AAA players and not the players we were screwed with.  Maybe even have a minimum player salary of $1M.  Otherwise, we're going to see a lot of $200k players.
4/15/2013 1:56 PM (edited)
thanks toysboys and welcome aboard. You make great points. Biglen and some of the others also weighed in and I listened while trying to find a happy medium. I ended up with below average random AAA. Honestly, my thought is that I want bad, but plausible players at each position--you know, is it realistic to have a left handed catcher have to play short? And without giving away too much in terms of strategy, not many have tried the approach you are talking about...I think we have some pretty diverse teams in here. in any case, we'll tweek as this goes on to find a sweet spot most can get on board with. But for now, I think the current rules work for most. thanks again.
4/15/2013 2:05 PM
4/16/2013 8:42 PM
i am i n
4/17/2013 8:42 PM
I hate non-live leagues, but I figure this is a great one to try out. So I'm in!
4/17/2013 9:02 PM
welcome gelfost and fireballers. this is good for guys who like to actively manage. there's gonna be a lot of trading and roster movement throughout the season.
4/18/2013 2:24 AM
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Screw Your Neighbor redux--full Topic

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