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can you please explain the thought process that you specifically used to "choose" to be a heterosexual?

I don't think you'll find anything to be a revelation here, as I used a thought process that I'm sure is similar to what others use (whether they think deeply about it or not), but I'll indulge you:

I thought briefly about the plan I had for my life, what my levels of attraction to each gender were, and how others whose opinions I value would react to the decision and to me in general and then I made my decision.

As I said, other people do the same thing, some without giving it much thought, with others (like myself) thinking more deeply about it. I'm sure you did the same thing yourself, but of course you'll deny that because it doesn't fit with your views of sexuality.
At what point in your life did you consciously make this decision?
Some time in my early teens or perhaps right before that. I don't remember exactly when it occurred in terms of dates, but I do know I gave it serious thought (as I do with any important life decision).
What were the key decision points that influenced your decision?
The same ones that probably influence anyone else, to wit: My plan for my life, my various levels of attraction, and how those whose opinions I value might view my decision.
Do you personally know any gay people? 
Yes, several.
Have you explained to them how you have determined that homosexuality is a choice?
Some of them, yes. Others, no, mostly because the topic hasn't come up.
Have you asked them why they chose to be gay instead of straight?
Yes, with two people. One of them said he knew he wanted to be with men so that's who he picked. The other said her first sexual experience had been with a woman, she liked it, so she decided to stick with women - although I think she had some psychological issues that may have played a role in this, as she takes a long time to trust any men (we were in the same social group for four years before she said she felt she could trust me).

5/20/2013 9:09 AM

If a dude needs to spend more than a millisecond wondering if he'd enjoy having another dude's dick in his mouth, then there's a little bit of gayness going on.

5/20/2013 12:03 PM
If a dude needs to spend more than a millisecond wondering if he'd enjoy having another dude's dick in his mouth, then there's a little bit of gayness going on.

This is exactly the kind of hostile attitude that has homosexuals and those who support them convinced they need to justify the choice to be homosexual by trying to tell everyone it isn't a choice at all.

If people like you didn't act like this and make these kinds of statements, perhaps the propaganda campaign based on the lie that sexuality isn't a choice wouldn't exist now, and this whole thread wouldn't be here.

Then gay marriage wouldn't even be an issue, either, as it shouldn't be.

5/20/2013 1:15 PM
In other words . . . society is to blame.

Got it.
5/20/2013 2:19 PM
You completely got that backward. Society isn't to blame - YOU and people like you are to blame.

If you and those like you weren't so hostile about sexuality, homosexuals and their supporters wouldn't feel such pressure to be accepted. It is that pressure which has lead to the propaganda campaign to convince everyone the choice of sexuality isn't really a choice.

So really, while you've expressed the opinion of disagreeing with gay marriage, your hostile attitude has pushed the propaganda campaign which may lead to gay marriage.

Congratulations on being part of the root cause of something you say you don't want.

5/20/2013 2:30 PM
That's ******* brilliant analysis, Perfessor Einstein.

Accepting people for who and what they are is "hostile".

Telling people "It's your fault, you chose to be this way" is not.

You get dumber by the day.
5/20/2013 2:48 PM
5/20/2013 2:58 PM
I found a way to keep him from getting dumber:

You are blocking the author of this post, bistiza.
5/20/2013 3:03 PM
Accepting people for who and what they are is "hostile".

No, it isn't, but that's NOT what you did.

You insisted "there's a little bit of gayness going on" simply because someone took more time than you apparently did to make the key decision in their sexuality. That's a crude and ridiculous assessment of the situation.

Moreover, it's essentially the OPPOSITE of "accepting people for who and what they are." If that's truly what you intend to do, then you should accept the fact that some people take more time than you apparently did to decide their sexuality.
Telling people "It's your fault, you chose to be this way" is not.
I never said anything about anyone being at fault with regard to choices of sexuality - simply that sexuality itself IS a choice, which is a logical and obvious conclusion to anyone who doesn't have an agenda and isn't influenced by propaganda.
You get dumber by the day.
You somehow think that ignorantly labeling someone as "a little bit of gayness going on" because they are apparently different from you is being tolerant, which is patently absurd, but you seem to think its genius.

Maybe you should take a look at yourself and realize what you think is "tolerance" is actually you being an ignorant fool.
I found a way to keep him from getting dumber:

You are blocking the author of this post, bistiza.
Yeah, genghis, I put you in your place a while ago and you ran with your tail between your legs. So either come back and argue like you seem to think you can, or go away and stay away.
5/21/2013 8:30 AM
You see, I'm sure he said something incredibly stupid, but I needn't concern myself.

Try it!
5/21/2013 11:48 AM
No, I just pointed out how I whooped your *** any time you made a pathetic attempt to argue with me, which is why you've run away from doing it.

If you actually had even the faintest of debate skills and any guts at all, you'd come out of hiding and defend your position, but instead you rant about blocking me because you know you don't stand a chance in a real debate with me and you never did.

Now go back into your cave and let those who may actually have some guts step up where you can't.

5/21/2013 11:58 AM
5/21/2013 12:07 PM
"I'm done here."
5/21/2013 12:12 PM
genghis makes at least three people whose arguments I've decimated to such an extent the only thing they'll dare post in any debate thread where I'm involved are comments about how they're not going to post.

First there was MikeT23, then of course bad_luck, and now genghisxcon - who, for the record, may be one and the same as bad_luck (a theory I posited many months ago and I've seen nothing to suggest it isn't true).

5/21/2013 1:21 PM
I must say I'm actually quite disappointed in the lack of a sustainable effort by some of you to defend your opinions.

Tec you came out like a house of fire and then when I answered your questions and showed you how logic didn't support your position, you disappeared like a wisp of smoke. I guess you finally realized you didn't have much "fire" behind your opinion in the first place and decided dropping out instead of admitting you were wrong would save face.

Fine. Very few people show the class to admit when a logical argument has shown them to be wrong, and I certainly didn't expect that from any of you here. Regardless, the outcome is the same - despite your collective effort to defend a majority held emotion-based opinion, you have all failed in colossal fashion.

5/22/2013 8:30 AM
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