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Since I have too much time on my hands today I might as well **** off a few people.
 damn I have to start over again.
4/3/2013 8:41 PM (edited)
Hard to imagine, but the Jets (ptui!) were better than I 1st gave them credit for (due to a cut & paste error). They might make the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

P R ST OL D Overall  
1 6 7 3 5 22 New England Patriots 1 A+
7 1 9 5 6 28 Green Bay Packers 2 A
3 7 2 4 14 30 Indianapolis Colts 3 A
8 2 5 12 7 34 Detroit Lions 4 A
5 15 10 9 2 41 Miami Dolphins 5 A-
4 11 11 1 15 42 Minnesota Vikings 6 B+
19 13 4 6 4 46 New York Jets 7 B
2 17 8 8 12 47 Cincinnati Bengals 8 B
12 3 1 16 16 48 San Diego Chargers 9 B
10 5 19 13 11 58 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 B-
13 24 3 21 1 62 Buffalo Bills 11 C+
14 9 22 2 17 64 New York Giants 12 C
21 8 14 10 18 71 Oakland Raiders 13 C
17 22 17 7 9 72 Baltimore Ravens 14 C
6 20 6 23 21 76 Chicago Bears 15 C
9 18 13 17 20 77 Dallas Cowboys 16 C-
23 16 15 15 10 79 Arizona Cardinals 17 D+
20 23 16 14 8 81 Philadelphia Eagles 18 D+
11 14 12 20 24 81 San Francisco 49ers 19 D
16 4 21 19 23 83 Tennessee Oilers 20 D
24 10 23 24 3 84 Pittsburgh Steelers 21 D-
18 19 18 11 19 85 Kansas City Chiefs 22 F
15 12 20 22 22 91 Washington Redskins 23 F
22 21 24 18 13 98 St. Louis Rams 24 F

AFCE: New England, Miami, NY Jets (ptui), Buffalo
AFCC: Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Tennessee
AFCW: Indianapolis, San Diego, Oakland, Kansas City
NFCE: NY Giants, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington
NFCC: Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago

NFCW: Tampa Bay, Arizona, San Francisco, St Louis
Wildcards: San Diego at Cincinnati, NY Jets at Miami, Chicago at NY Giants, Minnesota at Detroit
Conference games: Miami at New England, Cincinnati at Indianapolis, Detroit at Tampa Bay, NY Giants at Green Bay
Conference Championship: Indianapolis at New England, Detroit at Green Bay
Championship Game: New England 27 Detroit 32
Miami Dolphins - Enough QB strength and players to connect with to allow for 70 passes a game, and by the way a 1500 yd RB. Top notch D and above average OL, ST, kickers. Likely will win 12 games and not get a bye.

New England Patriots - A lot like Miami but with more depth. You suck! Likely will win 12 games and get a bye. Also the Pats play Chicago and Miami gets Green Bay in interconference. Favre will get his 4000 yds, but there are too many on the other end of the ball for them to all hit their potential. The same may be true for the RBs.

NY Jets (ptui!) - A team so bad they don't even get their own stadium for a 25 year stetch and have to crawl out from under the rock that is Giants Stadium to embarass NY fans. Oooooooohh. NY Has good lines and a star WR & RB, but its downhill from there. Middle of the pack finish is all they can hope for, mainly because there are no gimme games in the division. The Phish will have to earn their wins against them.

Buffalo Bills - What a waste of good WRs! No supporting cast there, but the defense will keep them in some games. I expect them to win about 4 games, but their ST and D make them appear stronger in this model. With a league worst running game and below average OL the defense will be on the field nearly 40 minutes most games.

4/4/2013 2:37 PM
You're funny Phish man!  It's going to be a pleasure to send Charlie the Tuna to the bottom of the deep blue sea!
4/4/2013 9:45 PM
Cincinnati Bengals - The defense has some weaknesses that make it only average and the offense is not exactly overpowering, but Green with a decent OL and guys to throw to should be able to dominate their division. Olindo Mare and the ST will likely be responsible for at least 1 loss, hopefully against the Phish. I was always a big Westbrook fan and along with Droughns will help balance the passing game, even if they only rush for 2000 combined.

Baltimore Ravens - The OL will only help the comedy QB duo of Boller & Volek, and certainly won't hurt LT. Their defense is on the good side of average and will help boost time of possession, but the lack of depth at skill positions will keep the Ravens out of the playoffs. If they could play 6 games against the NFC things might be different.

Pittsburgh Steelers - A waste of a great defense, and with the league worst passing game and OL, they mirror the Bills problems. I expect them to beat Tennessee and not trail the division, but both teams should only win a few games. With half time QBs to manage and no 1000 yd skill players Pittsburgh will be hard pressed to keep up with the strong AFC offenses.

Tennessee Titans - A great rush OL and a pair of strong RBs makes for a good 1st & 2nd down team, but even Marc Bulger can't overcome a field full of midgets to throw to and pass protection that looks like the Keystone Kops. Janikowski will get some long FG chances and the return guys will be calling for fair catches all day. The Titans should get a great pick in the 2005 draft.

4/5/2013 1:41 AM
Indianapolis Colts - Peyton and one of the top passing OLs in the game would be totally unfair if only there was more than 1 WR to consistently have more than 3 grabs per game. Tiki Barber with a couple of FBs will make a good run game, which will be needed with a shortage of targets for Manning. A very pedestrian defense will get some help from good kickers and ST for field management, but like Buffalo their value is overstated. No return to the big dance this season.

San Diego Chargers - The top run game in the AFC and a decent pass attack for a 230 set. That may be the only set they use as the other guys can't be relied on to add much. The defense is on the down side of average, but with a high powered offense they should put up the points quickly and not get killed by losing the time of possession battle. League best ST and kickers will help with a short field and quick strikes.

Oakland Raiders - The Raider's QBs on a different team would give a great 1-2 punch (will they run / will they pass), but with the skill players Oakland has, it won't matter. The D and ST are on the weak side and most AFC teams will overpower them. Still, they should win about 5 games and get a decent draft pick.

Kansas City - An average OL with a great part time RB and a second string RB that will have to carry the load would be tough to win many games. Add to that Larry, Moe and Curly at the helm for a combined 1000 yds passing to Terrell (give me the damn ball!) Owens and Witten and TJ Whosyourmama will all be underacheivers. KC has a legitimate shot at the #1 pick.
4/5/2013 12:53 PM
NY Giants - Somebody has to win the division and it could be NY. Hey, it could happen! I'm not sure why they ranked so high on the run, it must be a mistake. The OL is good, but with Nick Goings as the go to guy you can't expect great things. After Horn and Stokeley, Drew (pat the ball) Bledsoe won't have many choices. Their defense is weak and ST an embarassment. But they are still the best (gak) of the NFCE.

Philadelphia Eagles - Warner would be good if he played and even better if he had better than all 2nd and 3rd string targets. After Warner the QB shuffle will get old fast. Even worse is the RB shuffle with Suggs (snicker) leading the way. The defense is okay, not so much with the kickers and ST.

Dallas Cowboys - Perfect place for Brady to be, with a mediocre OL and no great targets (current or future) to pass to. Part time RBs mean LaBrandon Toejam should get some playing time. Christie should get some FG chances, mainly because the Cowboys won't want to rely on McBriar and the ST. All the NFCE teams will have to play each other, so they could all win a few there as well as against the NFCW.

Washington Redskins - I like the RB combo, but the OL will bring their numbers down. Then theres the QB dilema of who to play and how to spread the ball around enough to get 200 yds passing per game. The Skins don't have many strong points after Longwell, which is why they are most likely to get the coveted 1st pick.
4/5/2013 1:30 PM
Green Bay Packers - A great OL plus lots of RB's with a good avg/carry make for the league best run game. Way too much QB firepower for a moderately good long and strong group of skill players. A top notch OL and average D, with better than average K/ST. The early favorite to go all the way, until about week 5, when a perplexing series of losses jeopardizes a bye.

Detroit Lions - A respectable QB and OL with a bunch of 2nd and 3rd stringers on the other end of the ball. Brown and Dunn will get their yards and the D will help with time of possesion. Could steal a game or 2 with Kris Brown and the rest of the ST through field position which is the team's biggest difference from the Pack. There are no gimme games though and they might suffer in the division.

Minnesota Vikings - Collins is a good QB with a ridiculous OL and plenty of capable targets, making a formidible passing attack. Part time RBs would balance out offense, but be a headache if they break at the wrong time. The D is mediocre, as are the ST/K. I think this division and the AFCE will make up half of the playoff teams and this could be one of the best.

Chicago - OL and D near the bottom of the pack will kill them in the division and Testeverde's potential will be hard to meet. Ahman Green and the run game will be diminished by the OL and a weak rec'g corps will not help the QB. They should get a decent draft pick.
4/6/2013 3:59 PM (edited)
Tampa Bay Bucaneers - The Bucs have a stable of RBs to match a strong OL, but wil have to focus on player mgt all season or the injuries will dictate the flow of availibility. Still, they should easily win the division and maybe sweep the division.  Except for Josh Brown the ST unit is weak, so they may be playing a long field frequently. They may fare well against the rest of the conference and earn a bye.

Arizona Cardinals - Drew Brees AND Eli Manning? Really? Must be planning a big move before the draft, they could have a pair of stars to add to that next year and until the end of our league. Jamal Lewis gets a good match on the OL and whichever QB not so much. A couple of good WRs, but pretty thin after that and only an average D. A little help with the return game but not so much defending against it. They would be overacheiving to make the playoffs.

San Francisco 49ers - I love Culpepper and all of his targets, but a horrible OL make them and Domianick Davis mediocre offensive attacks. The league worst defense kills a shot at the playoffs. The kickers will be busy but the ST won't them much and it is just average.This is a team in transition and might trade a high draft pick for some depth.

St Louis Rams - Last, but never least, the Rams have potential but lack the depth to make any kind of run on the offensive side.The defense is good enough to keep them in close, low scoring games, which may be frequent in this division. The league worst ST will create lots of short field situations against them. Although totally capable of grabbing the top pick, for the Rams each single loss could drop them by a few picks, or others near the bottom of the draft.
4/6/2013 4:44 PM (edited)
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