I. League Setup

Teams MUST use the ballparks that their teams started out with. They will have to change stadiums once a new one becomes available (i.e. the Indians will have to move from Cleveland Stadium to Jacobs Field in 1994). Also, teams can not move to new stadiums until the new park is available.


II. Future Drafts

A. Rookie Draft

As players enter the WIS database, they will be drafted in that season's rookie draft. To prevent tanking, the worst four teams in the league at the 120-game mark will be entered into a draft lottery to determine who will have the first four selections in the rookie draft. The rest of the order will be determined by inverse order of regular-season record. You may sign any rookie drafted in the 1st round for up to 7 years. Any player after that round may only be signed up to 5 years. If an owner misses their first round pick, the commish will make a pick for them at the end of the day so their team doesn't get behind.

B. Trading Draft Picks

You may only trade draft picks from the current year or ones from the next year.

C. Draft After Free Agency Bidding

After the free agency bidding is over, all players not drafted in the rookie draft & all players not won in the free agency bidding will be pooled together and available to be drafted.

D. AAA Draft

We will have a AAA draft after the regular draft is over. We will have 2 rounds. It is a voluntary draft, You do not have to draft if you don't want to. The player would have to be signed for 1 year only. Otherwise, a team might go over 25 players the following season. We will use the same player pool as the draft after the free agency bidding.

III. Free Agency Bidding

A. Free Agency

Free agency will work in an auction-style format, with the highest bid winning the player. The amount of credits spent on a player will determine the length of that player's contract, so spend wisely. Here is the breakdown:

  • 1-5 credits: 1 year
  • 6-10 credits: 2 years
  • 11-15 credits: 3 years
  • 16-20 credits: 4 years
  • >20 credits: 5 years

B. Free Agency Credits Awarded

Free agency credits for the offseason will be awarded by first two numbers of team's overall winning % + home wins(minimum of 25).

C. Bidding

Anybody can bid on day 1. On day 2, anybody can bid on any player that received a bid on day 1. Only the day 1 leader will be able to bid on day 3. The reason for this, is so you get real bids on day 1 & not have day 1 be a wasted day of bidding. If there is a tie on a player after day 3 bids are submitted, those tied owners will have a day 4 of bidding. If I receive no bids that day, the player is returned to the F.A. pool. If I do recieve bids for them & they are still tied then there will be a day 5 & so on. If there is a single leader, then the bidding is over(obviously). If an owner is M.I.A. for the first 2 rounds of the F.A. bidding, the commish will make bids for them in round 3 so they won't get too far behind.

D. Trading Credits

You may only trade free agent credits from the current year or ones from the next year. You can only receive up to 50 credits during 1 season & following offseason total. Anything received over that will go back to the team that traded them away. During the free agent bidding, you may only receive a total of 25 credits.

E. Adjusting Bids

Once a player is won, you may extend their contract up to the max of 5 years. You must spend the max # of credits to do this. For example, if you won player A with 11 credits he is signed for 3 years. If you really want him for 4 years, you would have to spend 20 credits total(the original 11 + 9 more). Since there is no max # for 5 years, you will have to spend 25 for 5 years. This MUST be stated in the draft forum before the season starts. If it is not stated there, it doesn't count.

F. Carry Over Free Agent Credits

Half of your leftover credits may be carried over to the following draft(up to 25 total). For example, If you have 20 credits leftover, you would get 10 credits added to your following season's total.

G. Other Free Agency Stuff

Pre 1977 players that don't appear in WIS in 1977 but appear later shall be added as free agents.

IV. Miscellaneous

A. Injured Reserve

If a players is not listed in the WIS database, he will be placed on the I.R. so he doesn't take up a roster spot. That I.R. season counts toward his contract.

B. Player Positions

A player must be rated at a position to play there. There is no DH. If a player has no position rating, he will be allowed to play 1B & ONLY 1B.

C. Missed Players

If a player is not listed, then they will be added to the next available players list. If it is in the last part of the draft, then the player gets added to that part of the draft.

D. Illegal Rosters

There will be times when you win too many players & your roster is over 25 players. You will be forced to trade the excess player(s) before the season starts. If you don't & you are forced to cut the player(s) to get down to 25 players, you will inccur a penalty. Any team that has an illegal player on their team after the season starts or has to cut players will drop 5 spots down in the 1st round or their 1st available pick will drop 5 spots in the next draft.

E. Other Trade Rules

You must trade a player for something. It can be as little as 1 free agent credit. Any trade made during the off-season can be put to a vote if it is determined to be lopsided by the commish. It will follow the same rules as an in-season trade. You can trade bidding rights if you were the day 1 leader.

F. Other Miscellaneous Stuff

Absolutely no use of WIS generated AAA. Use of the waiver wire is prohibited. H2H limited to current series only. Starting in season 2, the commish will post rosters so there will be no errors. Also, all owners must use real life names for their teams(determined by their stadium choice).

V. Sitemail List

4/18/2013 3:26 AM (edited)
Here are the teams:

California Angels

7 Year Contracts
Fernando Valenzuela
6 Year Contracts
La Marr Hoyt
5 Year Contracts
Rick Sutcliffe
Dave Parker
4 Year Contracts
Carney Lansford
Tim Lollar
Ivan DeJesus
Carl Yastrzemski
Tim Corcoran
3 Year Contracts
Gary Carter
Ray Burris
Paul Splittorff
2 Year Contracts
Dwight Bernard(on I.R. until 1982)
Brian Kingman
Juan Bonilla
Ron LeFlore
Oscar Gamble
Rufino Linares
Daryl Sconiers
Larry Biittner
1 Year Contracts
Bob Forsch
Rich Gossage
Dick Davis
Dave LaRoche
Mark Brouhard
Aurelio Rodriguez

Pittsburgh Pirates

7 Year Contracts
Steve Sax
6 Year Contracts
Ernie Whitt
5 Year Contracts
Ron Davis
Floyd Bannister
4 Year Contracts
Don Aase
Rod Scurry
Mickey Rivers
3 Year Contracts
Don Sutton
Bob Horner
Hal McRae
Odell Jones(off I.R.)
Steve Stone
John Stearns
Ken Schrom(on I.R. until 1983)
2 Year Contracts
John Lowenstein
Larry Milbourne
1 Year Contracts
Vida Blue
Dave Concepcion
Miguel Dilone
Kevin Saucier
Lamar Johnson
Rich Gale
Mike Squires
Joe Pittman
Ty Waller

Toronto Blue Jays

7 Year Contracts
Gary Ward
6 Year Contracts
5 Year Contracts
Dan Petry
Jack Clark
Roy Smalley
4 Year Contracts
Dan Schatzeder
Aurelio Lopez
Luis Leal
Frank White
Brian Downing
3 Year Contracts
Mike Schmidt
Jeffrey Leonard
John Wathan
Bruce Bochte
2 Year Contracts
Tom Hausman
Howard Bailey
1 Year Contracts
Jim Bibby
Vern Ruhle
Cliff Johnson
Otto Velez
Ken Clay
Dave Frost
Stan Bahnsen
Mark Wagner
Paul Serna
Joe Edelen
5/16/2013 6:04 AM (edited)
The Angels have the #2 pick(they made their 1st round selection: Valenzuela). The Pirates have the 11th pick. The Pirates have traded away their 4th rounder. The 1980 season ends tomorrow. I will update the free agent credits then. There are 2 open cities: The Indians & Twins.
4/3/2013 7:40 PM
The Pirates added Steve Sax for 7 Years.
4/9/2013 10:39 PM
The Angels added Juan Bonilla for 2 Years.
4/16/2013 3:22 AM
The Angels added Paul Splittorff for 3 years. The Pirates added Mickey Rivers for 4 years, Floyd Bannister for 5 years, & Rich Gale for 1 year. The Blue Jays added Jack Clark for 5 years.
4/30/2013 2:05 PM
The Pirates added Mike Squires for 1 year, the Angels added Dave Parker for 5 years & Carl Yastrzemski for 4 years, & the Blue Jays added Roy Smalley for 5 years, Ken Clay for 1 year, & Dave Frost for 1 year.
5/6/2013 1:36 PM
The Angels added both Ron Leflore & Oscar Gamble for 2 years. The Blue Jays added Stan Bahnsen for 1 year.
5/9/2013 2:06 AM
The Angels added Rufino Linares for 2 years, Mark Brouhard for 1 year & Tim Corcoran for 4 years. The Pirates added Joe Pittman for 1 year & Ty Waller for 1 year. the Blue Jays added Mark Wagner for 1 year, Paul Serna for 1 year, & Joe Edelen for 1 year.
5/14/2013 2:02 PM
The Angels added Daryl Sconiers for 2 years. The Blue Jays added Howard Bailey for 2 years.
5/15/2013 3:00 AM
The Angels added Larry Biittner for 2 years & Aurelio Rodriguez for 1 year.
5/16/2013 6:03 AM

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