4/4/2013 9:07 AM
Don't know about everyone else, but I'd like to see Booster Gifts play a larger role in GD 3.0. We all know shady and illegal recruiting is a huge part of real college football, so why not make it a part of GD 3.0. In the current system every recruit is a good ole boy who will turn down your booster gift offers, so they have no benefit to you but will harm you if you get caught. I'd like to see a world where a coach can get away with a recruiting scam for a few years, pull off a class like Ole Miss has this year or pull an Auburn to get all their draft eligible players to return and make a run at a national championship. Of course there still needs to be drawbacks to offering booster gifts, but in real life most of those consequences fall on the university and future players when the coach bails for greener pastures. Another nice addition would be a pro level where coaches from successful DIA schools can get jobs and draft the very players that are playing in GD. Of course this would require reworking that game for salary caps, free agency, and other differences from the college game, but it seems like it could be done and would be a great addition to the game. This would free up DIA elite schools as some of the coaches would go to the pro ranks so other coaches could get an opportunity to coach some of the better programs, and it would provide a safe haven for coaches that have been caught up in too many recruiting scandals to leave the sinking ship of their previous university. I know that this would be a huge amount of work and right now we are focusing on GD 3.0, but just a thought on ways to add more elements to the game. To be honest, I'd rather see some changes like this to the features rather than the 3.0 changes to gameplay and gameplanning...thoughts?
4/6/2013 3:32 PM
Love it.  Doubt it will happen.
4/8/2013 12:24 AM
I'd love to see this, more so however I'd like to see a "pro league" above GD D-1 of 32 pro teams that you could possibly draft players you had coached in college. That would make GD by far the next big thing and would attract new customers!
4/8/2013 2:09 PM
ya I was thinking about the way if you play NCAA and Madden how you can upload the draft class and continue to play with the college players in the pros, that seems like the best possible addition to GD
4/9/2013 3:22 AM
4/9/2013 3:22 AM
4/9/2013 6:56 AM
Great idea and it would be interesting to see just how many DIAA players would be drafted. Currently regardless of how good a DIAA player is, he has zero chance of being drafted.

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