Two noob questions?! Topic

1.)  If you redshirt a sophmore does their work ethic go down a lot? 
2.) If you recruit a player who is ineligible how does it work can you sign him? If you do sign him do you have to wait until he does make the SAT requirement?
4/4/2013 1:02 PM
1. Not if they happily accept the redshirt. If they complain, it usually drops drastically

2. At DIII, an ineligible player can play right away. You'll just need more study hall minutes to keep him eligible.
 At DII, an ineligible player sits out for the year
4/4/2013 1:07 PM
1) Usually, but not always.  You might as well try it if you want to RS the guy.  If his WE takes a big hit you remove the RS and it will all come back.

2) In D2 and D1 if you sign an ineligible he may or may not show up.  In D3 you can just ignore the fact that he's ineligible, he'll show up and be eligible to play just like any other recruit.  He might need a few extra study hall minutes compared to most other guys, but that's not a huge deal.
4/4/2013 1:10 PM
1. Depending on the player, his work ethic might not go down at all. It depends on the player's expectation of playing time, if they're a team player sort of personality and, I'm sure, a measure of blind luck (among other things). But if you have a team filled with upperclass types or multiple players at his listed position with better ratings, the kid may well agree to the RS without penalty. The amount of WE loss (if any) will also vary by player.

2. At D3, you can sign him and he'll show up (at least the first one will...I've heard rumor that if multiple ineligibles are signed in a D3 class that only one shows, but someone else will have to confirm/deny as I've never tried). In D3, ineligibles are able to compete just like any other freshmen would, you'll just probably have to assign a few extra study hall minutes. At D2, you can sign them but there's a chance they won't show and opt to go JUCO instead, leaving you with a walk-on. Also, they'll be forced to sit out their first year and will not improve. You will not be able to redshirt them down the line, but you will have the player for four seasons after the first-year sit-out. D1 works like D2, except there's a minimum GPA the player has to have in order to be eligible to come back for their Sr/5 season. Obviously, if they make the SAT requirement, then you get them from Day 1 and none of it matters (although people sometimes hose themselves in recruiting by promising starts and minutes to ineligibles under the assumption the kid won't get eligible, and then when he pays someone else to pass the SAT for him and gets eligible they find themselves in a rough spot...)

4/4/2013 1:12 PM
Two noob questions?! Topic

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