Are there DITR-maximal traits for franchiase mgmt? Topic

Are there ways to manage a franchise in order to get a better chance at one or more good Diamonds in the Rough?

Roster management?  Behaviors like avoiding releasing many players? Keeping a certain number on minor league rosters? Etc.?

Would you like to post ideas and experiences here?

Or, if there is a thread which covers this, please point to it, thanks.

4/4/2013 6:00 PM
DITRs seem to be generated based on OVR (ie. Any player projected to be over "x" OVR will not be eligible for a DITR bump).

What types of players who are ML quality have the lowest OVR? Catchers. Relievers.

As such, when you are at the end of the season and have that chunk of prospect money you don't want to waste, drop it on as many borderline relievers and catchers that you can.
4/6/2013 4:06 PM
I've had 4 DITRs make the majors, all acquired with the end of the season leftover prospect cash that you don't want to waste.
4/6/2013 4:09 PM
nice tip. thanks
4/7/2013 5:21 PM
In an podcast with Fangraphs in March, Tom Zentmeyer (president of WIS) indicated that there is one thing owners can do to maximize their number of DITR every season.  He would not elaborate further than that.

I spent about 15 minutes looking at teams that had 4 or 5 DITR in one league vs teams that had 1 or zero.  Nothing jumped out at me.

Anyone do any reasearch on this?

4/9/2013 11:31 AM
Yea, they keep saying that.

I can't figure it out, so I buy more tickets to the lottery, so to speqk.
4/9/2013 12:28 PM
Maybe they should tie the number of DITRs you get to the number of teams you own.
4/9/2013 2:58 PM
Did he say anything about ways to get DITRs that are worth a damn?
4/9/2013 6:33 PM
I believe there are a few things you can do.  First, DITRs can only come from players who are on your active roster.  Any inactive players do not have a chance at becoming a DITR.  Also, the player's projected overall must be under 60. 
4/10/2013 5:38 PM
I wondered in another thread whether it might have anything to do with giving a player who doesn't look like a full-time contributor regular playing time... more than might be expected.  For instance, an unimpressive catcher who becomes your starting catcher just because he's the best you've got, or a pitcher who you give more innings than his ratings suggest.  Any thoughts on that idea?

4/10/2013 7:09 PM
David Gonzalez

DITR in Season 24. He may be the best sample of trying to find the lightbulb to turn on, because he took 7 seasons to get the bump.

I see nothing.
4/11/2013 3:43 PM
I thought I read that the more you sign in the amateur draft, the greater the likelihood of getting DITR's.  Didn't research it any.
4/12/2013 5:19 AM
Tzent probably just said it to create threads like this. 
4/12/2013 11:01 AM
Are there DITR-maximal traits for franchiase mgmt? Topic

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