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Posted by MikeT23 on 4/16/2013 11:32:00 AM (view original):
Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something wrong.   While the majority isn't always right, the majority of the folks in this thread disagree with the original suggestion.   In fact, I'm not sure anyone has agreed with it.

As for your tiff with gomiami, I'd venture to say that 98% of the suggestions in this forum are based on one's current, individual situation.    It's reasonably fair for him to assume this suggestion was based on your specific situation.   No idea if he implied you were lying as I hadn't read your first exchange.
Sure sometimes doing nothing is better than doing the wrong thing. As I said, the "risk" in this case doesn't seem very severe. If it doesn't work, rescind it. I assume nearly 100% of owners would prefer that the game cost half what it does, so I agree that a majority doesn't really indicate anything, especially when it's only 27 people. But whatever. sometimes the right answer is the majority, sometimes it's the minority opinion, and sometimes it's neither.

gomlami was replying directly to a post of mine in which I wrote, "I don't want the appearance to be, however, that the world in question is the reason for my original suggestion. The problem I'm trying to address has happned across a number of worlds (worlds without any sort of theme), and I assume as I watch the totals for other open worlds that I'm not in, the issue is not uncommon."

So, yeah, he was essentially telling me that what I'd written wasn't true. He didn't need to assume, because I'd spelled it out in the message to which he was responding. I don't want to dwell on it, but it wasn't just a casual assumption either. I admitted in a later post that of course the "world in question" is a factor, but I never said it wasn't.

4/17/2013 5:18 PM
I think the disconnect from me comes from "Why?"

Say I enter a world.  3 days later an owner I know to be a tanker/disruptive force/general ******* also joins.   I don't care to play in a world with said owner.   I send a ticket requesting that WifS remove me.   Do you think they say "Tough *****.  You know the rules"?

Now, simply apply my ticket to tiring of waiting for 2-3 weeks.   What do you think WifS does when I send that ticket?
4/18/2013 9:05 AM
A proposed solution to one person's perceived problem is always flawless when you ignore the adverse effect that the solution has on everybody else.
4/18/2013 10:04 AM

Your response has virtually nothing to do with pretty much anything I've said these past 5 pages, tecwrg.

It's not a "perceived" problem, in fact it's so actual they've tried to address it previously via the bad idea Mike mentioned and also via the cheap pricing for all those "new" owners. It's a problem with worlds filling.

Nowhere have I said or even suggested my idea is "flawless." In fact, I have said several times that I don't know for certain if it would work. That you're so certain it wouldn't says a lot more about you than it does about me.

The problem of worlds lingering is an "adverse effect" on "everybody else." I've not been ignoring anything.

Look, I post suggestions in this forum with the expectation not everyone is going to agree, and some will even hate them. I post them with the hope that if they were actually read by someone who works at, or knows someone who knows someone who works at WiS, they might actually make the game better. That is my frame of reference and I expect to debate the ideas.

What I don't expect and I won't tolerate is nonsense. Don't put words in my mouth and don't completely mischaracterize the points I've attempted to make. Which is what you did in the prior driveby, in case that's not clear.

I'm out.

4/18/2013 6:33 PM
You can refer to the results of the poll in the middle of page 2 of this thread,

Most people think this is a very bad idea.  Yet you continue to tout it.  What does that say about you?
4/18/2013 7:12 PM
They didn't "address it" via the bad idea I mentioned.  It was just a suggestion from someone who had trouble filling his world. 
4/18/2013 7:28 PM
This is still going on?
4/18/2013 8:08 PM
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