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Right now, we have 4 offenses and 3 defenses. Not only is this overly simplistic but it pigeonholes teams into choosing one type of offense exclusively, and at most two defenses if you use a combo.

What if the sets were split up into sub-sets like this:

Motion vs. Man
Motion vs. Zone
Motion vs. Press
Flex vs. Man
Man vs. Triangle
Man vs. Fastbreak

etc. and you could practice them individually. Then, for gameplanning, you choose which offense you run (situationally as well) and which defense you run in response to each offense.

Some aspects to this:
-Certain offenses work better against certain defenses and vice-versa, so there's a reason to diversify your offense/defense
-Practicing motion vs. all types would have a synergistic effect so your players learned them faster, so there's a reason to stick with one type. Jim Boeheim would undoubtedly do all-zone vs. all types.
-The 20 or so minutes typically dedicated to team practice would be divided into 4-8 minutes for each sub-set, per your choosing. This is a smaller investment and would allow you to learn new sub-sets faster, so emphasizing a new sub-set isn't totally out of the question while staying competitive.
-If you were to switch between different offense and defense types you could see how some players perform better with certain sets. You could learn the game much faster.
4/10/2013 9:43 AM (edited)
the biggest issue to resolve in this type of setup is, well, the way to resolve decisions :) if you set, i want to play motion vs everything, its simple - soon as you say, i want to play motion vs man, triangle vs zone... and i say, i want to play zone vs motion, man vs triangle... what happens? say we start, motion/man. you are happy, i switch to zone. so you switch to triangle. so i switch to man, and so forth.

there needs to be decision logic in place to resolve these kinds of situations, and i think generally speaking, most of those have significant disadvantages.
4/10/2013 2:31 PM
I think what you gotta do is pick your offense for the game, the defense is the "response". your team gameplan for offense screen looks the same as it is now, but your defensive gameplan now has a drop down for defending each of the four offenses.

you could flip it for which is the response; i think this defense as the response makes more sense.
4/10/2013 10:37 PM
If you think about it in terms of what happens in a real game, on-the-fly changes in defense generally come in response to where the offense is scoring, not what type of offense they are running. For instance, if your opponent is dominating you in the paint you might switch to a zone defense to compensate. Teams don't really tend to change the type of offensive set they are running based on the type of defense, but rather they just change how they attack. For instance if the defense switches to a zone, rather than slashing to the basket to score you would tend to slash and kick to perimeter shooters more.
4/12/2013 1:33 AM
You can already choose different offensive distros to run against different defenses. Others might want more complexity than that, but I really don't.
4/12/2013 10:23 AM
theploww may have a point

perhaps subsets only really make sense for defense...most basketball teams have the capability to run a combination of defenses more so than offenses.
4/12/2013 2:42 PM
IDEA - practice offensive and defensive sub-sets Topic

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