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You can search postings back at least to 2008.  Who is this snake guy I keep hearing about????  Could somebody copy a representative post or two to this thread so we newbies can learn to love the legendary snake?
4/10/2013 2:37 PM
You had to be there to love/hate him.
4/10/2013 3:15 PM
snakep posted every day for the first year or 2 that I played this game.  But then again, the forums were probably 10 times as busy as they are today if not more.

He wasn't a bad guy, but his social skills were absolutely terrible.  He he had a penchant for trolling, arguing, one-upping, instigating, stirring the pot, giving very vague and terrible advice on strategy, and being as annoying as possible.  Most people didn't know this, but was really good about helping newbies get up to speed on the game even though he wasn't a very successful coach himself.

But my favorite poster of all time was swamphawk.  I'm pretty sure he was banned, too.  He was a complete nutjob in my opinion, but I liked him.  Nobody could troll an internet forum like he could.

snakep and swamphawk were extremely entertaining back in GD's heyday and they are missed.
4/10/2013 8:28 PM
LOL... I never have played GD but I just read this and had to add... taint98 is absolutely correct about snake.  I "met" him through another game on this site, and I knew he wasn't an dumbass or a nutjob, but he just really liked to stir sh!t up with everyone in the forums.  It was kind of funny to see how much so many other people hated him.  Yeah his social game was lacking.  I never could figure out whether it was on purpose, or not.

4/10/2013 8:42 PM
swamphawk. Oh yea. People really loved that one.
4/10/2013 10:26 PM
Swamphawk still patrols the pit
4/10/2013 10:54 PM
Yea, snake got me started with this game. If you went by his forum personality, you had no choice but to really dislike the guy. But, if you had a question, or something you didn't understand he would go out of his way to help you out. As long as it was by sitemail. He ****** people off on the forum just because he could. But, it was like he had a different persona when he was 1 on 1 with somebody. I kinda liked the dude. He couldn't coach worth a s**t, but he was alright. He kept the forum lively though......
4/11/2013 1:16 AM
Oh man, I forgot about snake...
4/11/2013 10:30 AM
Snake was basically Demauler, but did not know when to shut-up when WIS admin told him too.
4/12/2013 3:14 PM
Snake trolled the crap out of folks.
4/13/2013 11:48 AM
"Snake was basically Demauler, but did not know when to shut-up when WIS admin told him too.".....LOL
4/14/2013 2:15 PM
He would love nothing more than to know people are still talking about him now. LOL  He had up to 10 different alias's who would comment and agree and sometimes even argue with himself. He felt he was morally and  intellectually superior to everyone else, Although he got caught having 2 teams in the same conference.  His excuse was he was teaching WIS how other people cheat.  He sucked as a coach but his advice was always better than anyone else's.  He had to have the last word.  He thought he was funny but was not.  He loved making fun of someone's grammar.  He was an internet bully.   That being said, he did make the forums a lot more interesting.

I did go through the old forums.  He does have some old posts but 95% of his ramblings have been deleted for being too old I guess,

4/15/2013 11:46 AM (edited)
my good buddy snake.  I wonder how he has been.
4/15/2013 12:34 PM
snake, he stayed around a while to ensure his legend.  He gets the longevity award. But he was second to mjacobs45, who didn't stay around as long. But he made more enemies in a short period of time than anyone else could do no matter how hard they tried.  Framingham in Rockne, season 35, mjacobs took over a strong team and made it to final four, he then outsnaked snake so much on the message board - and in sitemail - that EVERYONE took it upon themselves to recruit against him the next season. Some coaches jumped into DII just so they could target his DIII recruits. No one wanted him to win a title, let alone start a dynasty. So he bailed, as far as I know he bailed for good.
4/18/2013 6:51 PM
also, snake was a horrible gd coach.  of the regular players/vets of the site, possibly the worst ever. 
4/21/2013 5:21 PM
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Who is this snake guy? Topic

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