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4/18/2013 4:32 PM

just from the Dobie DIII thru 6 games, there is 1 RB averageing 190+ per game.
there are i think 4 more averging 150-190, and maybe a 10 or so 120-150.

So far in Romero DIII thru 11 games there are atleast 25 averaging 190+ (might be more, the top list cuts off at 25). and 19 of themaverage 200+
it still seems like there is a lot of work to do to bring the rusing numbers down to the realm of being reasonbale.

and ill go ahead and mention the flipside:
in Beta there are 3 WR avering more than 90 yards receiving per game
in Dobie III there are at least 25 averaing 90+

interestingly tho, catches seem to be up in Beta: at least 25 WR average 7+ grabs per game while only there are only 8 guys in Dobie III averageing 7+ (and 6 of those 8 guys are on gimmicky 100% pass offenses)

So it seems like people are passing in Beta, but the yardage totals are way low, tied to the YAC issue i assume?

4/18/2013 5:43 PM
I'm in D-II Romero and my top RB is averaging 245 a game through 11, and the team overall is averaging 339 rushing per game.  My QB is only averaging a little less than 100 yards passing per game, and everytime I toy with raising it, it works, but I lose.  Right now, ball control seems to be the only way to win.
4/18/2013 11:00 PM
150-190 a game is not an issue.   200 a game should be possible as the current real life season rushing record is at about 220+ a game.   And there have been several guys who have hit over 400 rushing yards in one game.   It shouldnt be a regular thing but still isn't out of real life wack.
4/19/2013 1:23 PM
at all levels in the entire romero world, there are zero QBs averaging 300+ yards per game (thru 11 games)
the top few guys in D1-A & AA are averageing about 275 per game
In DII and III its more like 230-240 for the top arms.
4/19/2013 2:27 PM
I think the overall low passing numbers have to do with YAC.  I think YAC is still about 3-4 yards per rec lower than it should be, but adding those extra yards in there is more complicated than it may sound.  There's not just one spot to add 3-4 yards because it's all a combination of a bunch of things that add up to how much YAC a receiver gets on a play.  I have one thing on my list to update the receiving logic that I think will help with this, so I will add that in and see where we are after that.

I would also only look at about the last 3-4 games for passing yardage as that's when I put in the last YAC adjustments and I know the passing yards were way low before that.

All Forums > Gridiron Dynasty Football > Gridiron Dynasty Beta > Rushing still seems way too high? passing too low?

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