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I made one of these "blogs" a few years ago when I was with D2 Bryant. After stepping away from WiS for a few years I recently came back and have gotten pretty into it once again. I stumbled on my old Bryant forum post and found it pretty nostalgic seeing my thought process as I recruited, and how well I had actually predicted certain things. So I thought I'd start back up after a couple seasons with GC.

I fully expect no one will read this besides myself, but MAYBE 1 or 2 people down the road will see it and join up in the D2 Peach Belt conference (which would be awesome!). Otherwise Im fully content using this is as my own trip down memory lane at some point in the future.

I initally took Georgia College on my re-entry to Hoops Dynasty based purely on Prestige and # of scholarships available, mixed slightly with the fact Im a huge Atlanta Braves fan. After neglecting my Bryant team entirely in season 30 and 31 and than leaving for 2-3 years no D1 team would take me in, and so the highest prestige team available was a C. GC also had 5 available scholarships which I figured would make it faster for me to get back into relevance.

SEASON 1 (57) STARTING PRESTIGE: C Offense: Motion Defense: Full-court press
My first offseason with GC was a bit disheartening, but definitely had some positives and, in retrospect, worked out very well. I always use the FSS system to scout the minimum amount of states it takes to obtain the 20% discount. In this case it is generally the entire southeast US, from Mississippi to North Carolina with 1 or 2 throwaway state sin there as well.

After looking over the DII recruit pool, I immediately saw a couple of guys I was interested in. I knew with my current prestige I couldn't rely on D1 dropdowns unless they were extremely desperate (a harsh reality after a couple of cycles), so I jumped on who I liked from the D2 pool. I needed to fill the holes the team had at the time (a PG, SG, 2 SFs and a PF/C). While I don't remember specifics of their ratings/potential, I will post their CURRENT ratings as of the conclusion of Season 59.

PG William Hernandez
Speed 86
Rebounding 21
Defense 46
Shot Blocking 4
Low-post 13

Perimeter 48
Ball Handling 64    
Passing 82    
Work Ethic 62
Stamina 83    
Durability 43
FT Shooting C  

Hernandez was a guy with good INITIAL ratings, but not a whole lot of potential. I believe his only high was in Passing, but I wanted a PG with good BH/Passing skills who didnt need to be a scorer. I didnt think his ath/Speed combo would get as high as it currently is, but Im not going to complain. Hernandez has turned into a very solid backup PG.

SG Carlos Salter
Athleticism 59
Speed 79    
Rebounding 10
Defense 51    
Shot Blocking 3    
Low-post 11
Perimeter 94    
Ball Handling 57
Passing 53
Work Ethic 67
Stamina 92
Durability 56
FT Shooting B-  

Salter was another guy with solid initial ratings and a lot of Average potentials, with highs only in Speed and Perimeter. I actually didnt even send scouting trips out for him, but thankfully both turned out to be high-high potentials. Salter has since developed into an elite scorer for the team as well as a good defender in the press.

SF Johnathan Smith
Athleticism 66
Speed 47
Rebounding 69
Defense 75
Shot Blocking 51
Low-post 58
Perimeter 58
Ball Handling 45
Passing 62
Work Ethic 67
Stamina 75
Durability 47
FT Shooting C  

This signing amazes me, as I far and away thought Smith would be my worst recruit of the bunch. His intial ratings were pretty damn bad, but his potential was high in MULTIPLE areas (Athleticism, Rebounding, defense, Shot-blocking, low post, perimeter I think) and his WE was around 55 so I thought I'd give him a shot. Even up to early this season I never thought Smith would be a scoring threat at all, then he magically shoots up to nearly 60 in low post/perimeter and next season in his senior year should be a legitimate scoring option (although not a 1st or 2nd, hopefully).  Smith is an all-around stud and I believe is the reason for the team's success right now.

SF Wayne Harrison
Athleticism 36
Speed 71
Rebounding 47
Defense 29
Shot Blocking 37
Low-post 55
Perimeter 56
Ball Handling 55
Passing 52
Work Ethic 75
Stamina 79
Durability 53
FT Shooting B-  

Harrison's initial ratings were also very bad, but he had highs in nearly every category and his WE was very high (65+). I thought with a redshirt Harrison would for sure be my starting SF for 4 seasons. Harrison's athleticism and defense have not improved as I thought they would, but Harrison has still turned into a solid Full-court press player and backup SF.

PF Robert Laws
Athleticism 56
Speed 44
Rebounding 74
Defense 56
Shot Blocking 56
Low-post 29
Perimeter 82
Ball Handling 45
Passing 36
Work Ethic 40
Stamina 71
Durability 40
FT Shooting C-  

When I recruited Laws I wasnt sure what to do with him. His rebounding numbers were very low for what I look for in a PF/C, and the oddity of his Perimeter ratings along with his high BH/P skills for a PF made me want to play him at SF, which I did for a season. He progressed enough in his rebounding skills, however, to warrant me putting him into the PF role after his first season, and is now who I would consider my "6th man". A good scoring threat who creates matchup problems for backup PFs.

Season 57 ended as expected, 13-15 with a 192 RPI/ 248 SOS.

4/20/2013 9:11 AM (edited)

My beggining goal for my second season with GC was, quite frankly, to get playing time for MY recruits, and with my own schedule finish somewhere around 100 RPI. Then we found Thomas Zenger.

I started the offseason with 4 open scholarships, and with the same crappy C prestige thought I could recruit some decent DII freshman. After investing again into my FSS and loading up the D2 recruits, Thomas Zenger popped up 1st on my list overall. Again, these ratings will be CURRENT ratings as of end of S59.

Jr. C Thomas Zenger
Athleticism 86
Speed 20
Rebounding 84
Defense 80
Shot Blocking 86
Low-post 82
Perimeter 11
Ball Handling 10
Passing 34
Work Ethic 79
Stamina 80
Durability 74
FT Shooting B

Thomas Zenger was a Junior transfer from a D1 school who didnt receive adequate PT, but went to school within 200 miles of GC. He had intial ratings around the mid-high 50s for all the major categories I look for in centers (Ath, Reb, Def, SB, LP). After sending a couple scouting trips I found he had high-high potential in each category, with a WE around 65-70. This was the green light for me to go all-out on him, as I spent nearly my entire budget battling  for him against a DII school with an A prestige, but nearly twice the distance. I figured with the distance advantage it would make the prestige an even wash. Thankfully, I was right, and I secured Zenger as my starting C. He has progressed a lot more then I even thought he would, and is our #1 scoring threat and an all-american 3rd teamer. Also worthy of note and something I didnt notice upon recruiting him, his FT shooting has been instrumental in his success.

C Nelson Johnson
Athleticism 62
Speed 28
Rebounding 81
Defense 68
Shot Blocking 43
Low-post 42
Perimeter 29
Ball Handling 9
Passing 35
Work Ethic 57
Stamina 75
Durability 56
FT Shooting C  

With all the money I had spent on Zenger I was hoping I could get a D1 dropdown or 3 for cheap. Again, with the C prestige, that didn't happen. No one dropped down... ever. So I found Johnson still floating without a team, with Highs in Reb, Def, and LP, although a very bad initial LP and good initial Ath. Johnson probably won't be a star, but towards the end of S59 I have moved him into the starting PF role, and starting next season after Zenger graduates he should be our starting C on what should be a good team.

After Johnson I had to get a couple of real cheapos. I found 2 players I liked who werent already recruited, because both were ineligible. Id had good luck in the past with ineligibles... one of my best players in Bryant history was an ineligible who showed up, so I thought "why not? As long as one of them shows up I'll still be good in a season or 2". Neither of them showed, and AFTERWARDS I looked up on the forums and noticed that very few people have had luck having ineligibles show, especially when recruiting multiple. Thus, although Zenger was a huge success, I was very worried at having to run a 10 man depth chart with 6 underclassmen and a transfer, not to mention the 2 walk-on penalty.

During the season, I immediately thrust Zenger into a starting role (I did promise him starter + 20 mins) and he was far and above what I had hoped for. In his first season he averaged 12.4 PPG and 5.3 RPG,  was the conference player of the year and made first team all-conference.

GC ended up finishing the season 21-10, winning the Peach Belt north with a 15-1 Conf record, and earned a trip to the PI as a 7 seed. We won our first round PI matchup before we were matched up against Shippensburg, a team that had gone to the NT Championship game the previous 3 seasons. Yeahhhhh we didn't win that one. Still, excellent season!
4/20/2013 9:44 AM

After a successful 2nd season at GC, my goal at the beginning of this season was to make the NT, and get Thomas Zenger an All-American bid. I put some decent time into making a schedule, finding teams that had success in season 58, but that were losing a couple of pieces and I thought would be beatable. I actually did a real good job of that, as my non-conf schedule pitted me against only 2 teams that made the NT, but all within a 117 RPI.

GC only had 2 openings this season, the 2 that were from the ineligibles not signing last season. This was definitely a disappointing recruit class, as I thought ONCE AGAIN that with the slight prestige boost I could get a couple of dropdowns. Hell,I even chucked out 8k of my 11k budget trying to pull a guy down who ended up not signing with anyone. How embarassing. Heres what I ended up with, again CURRENT ratings after a full season of developing:

PG Bruce Vance
Athleticism 39
Speed 64
Rebounding 7
Defense 33
Shot Blocking 2
Low-post 10
Perimeter 52    
Ball Handling 62
Passing 54
Work Ethic 87
Stamina 76
Durability 14
FT Shooting B-  

Vance wasnt the 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd) guy I was looking at, but hes who I ended up with. Highs in speed, Perimeter, and BH. Didnt have any extra cash to scout him out, and am not happy with the results. After a couple of games, he dropped to average in both speed and BH. Still, the insane WE had him gain 22 points in perimeter this season despite only playing 6 Minutes a game. He'll have to be my backup SG next season, but he doesn't have big shoes to fill as hes replacing a sim recruited SG who wasnt very good.

So. PF Everett Christopher
Athleticism 59
Speed 35
Rebounding 69
Defense 74
Shot Blocking 46
Low-post 56
Perimeter 27
Ball Handling 29
Passing 20
Work Ethic 24
Stamina 60
Durability 52
FT Shooting D  

Christopher was one of the ineligibles from last season. I had no other choice as I blew all my money trying to pull another C down and it didnt happen, and Christopher was already considering me from last seasons efforts. He has good initial ratings which I was really looking for (wanted to be good this season), but with his WE in the low 20s I dont expect him to improve much. he should be a backup PF for his entire career, assuming I can find someone better to replace Laws after S60.

All in all, despite the terrible recruiting offseason, GC had a pretty good team I thought was capable of making the NT. Since then, Zenger, Johnathan Smith, and Carlos Salter all had huge rating increases. Also worthy of note: Sim recruited PG Steve White has developed into a VERY good role playing PG. With the good scheduling job we finished 8-2 non-conf with a top 30 RPI, then followed it up with a 16-0 Conference record, CT championship, and 3 seed into the NT.

Season 59 NT JOURNEY:

With the 27-2 record, we were placed as the 3 seed into the East bracket. After looking at all the teams within the bracket, I saw 3-4 I thought Id have trouble with if I had to face them and the rest I matched up pretty well with. My first round opponent was 14 seed Fayetteville St, a team with some good scorers, but not a great defense and lacked ball control. The sim didn't let me down here, as we forced 23 turnovers. Not a whole lot more needed to say there, turnovers killed them.

After my first round game I was pretty happy and content with winning just the one NT game. I looked at the bracket and saw that both the 1 AND 2 seed were upset in the first round, making GC the highest seed left on the bracket. Definitely a "wow" moment. It also knocked 2 of the teams in the bracket out who I thought were better number wise than me.

My Ro32 opponent was Minnesota St, Mankato, a team I hadn't looked into much during the season. They'd only lost 1 game the entire season with a few wins over some really good teams so I was a little nervous, but saw that they only had 3 guards, and actually had a SF as their starting PG while running a 10 man depth chart. Running a fullcourt press, we match up very well with a team of big men. Figuring I could take advantage of this, I went with an uptempo offense hoping that more time on the court would force more turnovers and wear out their guys. The sim cooperated yet again, as we forced 24 turnovers, including 7 steals from starting PG Steve White. I noticed after this one too, that Bowie St was also knocked out, another team I thought had a big advantage on me.

On to the sweet 16, where we faced 7 seed East Stroudsburg. I didnt have high hopes of this one, as they have a solid lineup with no gaping holes. The only real advantage I had was at the C position where Zenger had a pretty sizeable advantage, but I knew it wasnt going to be easy. Thankfully we shot 52% from the field, and Zenger was able to take advantage of his counterpart to the tune of 20 points, including 10-12 FT.

The elite 8 is the furthest Ive gotten as a coach, having gotten there with 2 different schools. I believe I match up with 8 seed Northern Michigan, so heres to hoping the sim agrees! Win or lose, this season has been way above what Id hoped for. I have 4 seniors on the team, but Steve White was a 1st year ineligible so he should be back. We'll be losing our backup SG who isnt a big loss, an offensive backup center that shouldnt be hard to replace, and Zenger, which will be a big blow. Still, I think with a good recruiting class we could be better then this year, but I wont be upset if we dont make the elite 8 again.

In the elite 8, we faced off with the 8 seed Northern Michigan. I mentioned already that I thought I matched up well with them in the key positions, and that once again carried into the game. A very solid shooting performance from Carlos Salter (10-18, 4-8 from 3) with 27 points carried us in this one, as we won somewhat comfortably.

On to the final 4, matched up against another 3 seed Shippensburg. Shippensburg had been to the NT championship game 3 of the previous 4 seasons, and they were the team to knock me out of the PI last season. They are, well, better than us in most categories. Still, not an unbeatable team as Im not really far off from them, so a bad shooting game from them or a good one from us and it could swing our way. Thankfully, we got both. We shot nearly 59% as a team and held Ship to 35%, with our bench shooting a collective 13-17 for 41 points. Our first major upset of the tourney, and a championship is within grasp!

My first championship game as a coach, gotta admit I was pretty excited to get this game underway. We started the game a little shaky, but ended the half on a 6-0 stretch and took the lead into halftime at 32-30 with no foul trouble. We kept it close, keeping a lead all the way up until 7 minutes left in the game, but couldn't keep the momentum and fell behind.

Still, an amazing run for a team I had hoped for nothing more then a NT berth. We finish the season with an A prestige and a boatload of cash from the conference, so the team should be set up for a good recruiting class the next couple of seasons. As far as I can tell my plans are to stay with GC for the next 4-5 seasons to see how much of a difference that A prestige gives, but if the right D1 school opens up I may jump ship, seeing as the Peach Belt conference is lacking human coaches

4/24/2013 1:00 PM (edited)
Season 60

We begin the season with what we needed, an A prestige after reaching the PI 2nd round 2 years ago, and the NT championship last season. Very happy with that as I thought Id only jump to a B/B+. The schedule is tough this year, but realistically the team should be good this year, as we have more upperclassmen now then we did a season ago. Add to that we still have 2-3 scoring threats and good athleticism/speed around the court.

Pretty happy with recruiting this offseason. I was hoping to snag a SG and possibly a SF or PG to go along with a big man, but the SG/SF pool was really weak. So, I ended up with a C and a couple of PGs. No big deal, just makes it so I'll have to find someone to play SF next season and it will be a weak spot for the team. This recruiting period went by relatively uneventful, as I avoided any battles. Fellow conference mate Kennesaw State jumped on one of the PGs I was interested in on the same cycle as me, but thankfully he backed off. I definitely didn't have the cash to win that battle, so I was really happy about that.

PG Vernon Banner
Athleticism 58
Speed 61
Rebounding 1
Defense 55
Shot Blocking 1
Low-post 1
Perimeter 71
Ball Handling 55
Passing 33
Work Ethic 53
Stamina 74
Durability 44

Banner has high-highs in speed and passing, with Highs in defense and Ball Handling as well. He also has average in athleticism, and I think he'll turn into a very good SG-type in a year or 2. a 65 ath/ 80+ speed combo is very possible here to go along with 65ish BH and 50-60 passing and 75+ perimeter. He should be an elite scorer.

PG Nicholas Dorsey

Athleticism 34
Speed 75
Rebounding 1
Defense 40
Shot Blocking 1
Low-post 34
Perimeter 40
Ball Handling 72
Passing 49
Work Ethic 44
Stamina 62
Durability 45

Dorsey ranks high-high in speed, perimeter, and BH, with averages in Ath and passing. He should be another good scorer, although I think he'll be in more of the PG position with his athleticism hanging around the 40ish mark. Im unsure how his speed and BH will develop seeing as he's already so high in those categories. Possible 90+ in each? The only downside is his passing probably won't exceed 60 (if Im lucky), and I like to have my PGs as big assist threats. I may end up slotting him in as a 6th man down the road.

C Peter Knox

Athleticism 53
Speed 22
Rebounding 68
Defense 46
Shot Blocking 59
Low-post 56
Perimeter 30
Ball Handling 15
Passing 12
Work Ethic 52
Stamina 57
Durability 32

I decided to go for a type like my graduating stud Thomas Zenger. The only difference I see between the two is in the athleticism category, where Knox has a low potential. However, High-highs in Rebounding, defense, shot blocking, and low post should bring his stats up to right around Zenger. With the athleticism lower as well as his free throw shooting, though, he won't be the same scorer Zenger was. If he hits 85-90 in Rebounding along with good defense/shot blocking I'll be happy to have him as a role player who can score 10 a night.
4/29/2013 11:17 PM
S60 Non-Conference

The surreal Gerogia College dynasty keeps on truckin. We finished the non-conf schedule at 9-1, with a 1 RPI and 6 SOS, including the #1 ranking. not only that but there were realistically only 2-3 close games in the bunch, as we blew out a couple of really strong teams. I can't exactly pinpoint where my success over the last season and a half has come from, but I have a couple of ideas:

1) Small Forwards

Ive noticed, at least in the teams I've been playing, that teams don't seem to pay much attention to the SF position. Most teams use a SG or PF in the role, which kicks in the Out of Position penalty as well (last I checked it was ~10%, although I could be mistaken). With the SFs that I have it creates huge matchup problems in the area. With Johnathan Smith, especially, he is able to control his position in basically every category. Then Harrison comes in and can score 15 points a game as the 6th man. With Smith starting it also allows me to play a perimeter defense against the teams that use their guards a lot. I can play a +2 and not have to worry about the rebounding discrepency blowing me out.

2) Coaching

I know a lot of coaches think that the game is 60-70% luck, if not more. I'd like to think its more around 40-45%, as theres lots of ways to increase the probabilities in your favor. Scheduling is the most important part of a season, if you don't create a full schedule the chance of getting a 250+ RPI Sim team can ruin your entire season. Couple that with a game against one of the best teams, and between the 2 games you can go 1-1 with a 150 strength of schedule. Ive been scheduling teams I feel I match up with well NEXT season. I don't spend a whole lot of time gameplanning, but I'll check for any glaring holes and adjust. 

For example, I think our best game of the season thus far has been against LIU CW Post. A strong team with an 8-2 record and the 10 RPI currently. On first glance, they only have 3 guards. These 3 guards are also their top 3 scorers. My best scorer is also a guard. So, what can we do to turn an advantage into a HUGE advantage? Play a perimeter defense, turn the pace to uptempo to wear their guards out and hopefully create more foul trouble, and give our stud guard the majority of the shots as he'll be playing tired defenders the entire game. Obviously the sim has to cooperate which it did perfectly (all 3 of their guards were in foul trouble, Salter scored 38 points on 12-21 shooting), but the odds turned from what could have been a 50-50 game (my ratings arent really any better than theirs) into potentially a 70%, maybe even 75% chance in my favor. We ended up winning 93-74.

There are always going to be games where its a coinflip and not a whole lot you can do about it without going too in depth, like against Rollins. So, I made sure that game was a home game to give that slight potential edge.Very close game, but the home court was the difference. Our toughest game of the non-conf was obviously our loss, but we were actually up by 10 at the half with a couple of their guys in foul trouble and then just simply imploded. 

Conference Play

Another great component in our favor this season is the conference. Peach Belt finishes the non-conf portion as the 5th ranked conference despite only having 4 human teams, and the north only has 1 team worse than a 150 RPI. As long as I dont lose any of the Sim games, I'm in the perfect position for an even better seed then the 3 I had last season, with home games against Northern Florida AND Kennesaw State. Just have to make sure I dont fall into any sim traps and take it 1 game at a time. 

Also, Im really hoping this season ends well. A 1st or 2nd round exit would hurt the dynasty pretty hard, as I dont think we'll have a very good team for the next season or 2. If I can make the Sweet 16 or better and keep the prestige A for the next recruiting class, that will be ideal. 
5/8/2013 3:27 PM (edited)
Conclusion of S60 + Recruiting S61

Well we finished up the regular season in S60 pretty amazingly, with the #1 RPI and #1 overall seed going into the NT. Then a bit of bad luck put us matched up with the ONE team that I was hoping to not see in my half of the bracket, UCCS. They beat us in the regular season and with the style they played, matched up with us very well. I took a bit of a different approach and really thought it would pay off, decreasing my stud Salters touches a bit (their starting SG was really good) and increasing my SF's touches as they matched up well. 

... Didn't pay off, at ALL. I don't have their actual stats any more, but Harrison and Smith collectively shot around 25-30% from the field while Salter actually had a really good game just didn't get enough touches. Should've gone with what had been working the whole season. We still only lost by 4, and increased our prestige to an A+. 


Season 61 recruiting ended today. We'll be losing a lot of talent, with SG Carlos Salter, both my PGs, SF Johnathan Smith, and PF Robert Laws all graduating in the offseason. That is a LOT of production gone, and I don't think we have the firepower right now to repeat what the team did last year. We'll be moving sophomores into the starting roles at PG and SG, both probably a year away from really being ready for the role. We'll have some upperclassmen in the front, though, and a pretty solid front court overall. 

As far as recruiting goes, we had a poor outing this season. I set the bar too high for the A+ prestige and stupidly ended up scouting a bunch of guys who were recruited by D1 schools. 3k or so blown that way, which proved pretty costly as I also jumped on a JUCO C William Milderberger. Milderberger was already jumped on by another D2 school with a Bish prestige, but I hopped on thinking I could push him off pretty easily. He had 6 open schollies and roughly the same distance away as me, but he was in another battle with a sim school on another player as well so I thought it would be easy. He didnt back off and ended up, to my dismay, winning the battle. Still, I was able to salvage the recruiting and got some pretty decent players.

C Joshua Barrientos
Athleticism 32
Speed 11
Rebounding 85
Defense 40
Shot Blocking 76
Low-post 68
Perimeter 1
Ball Handling 11
Passing 27
Work Ethic 37
Stamina 60
Durability 83

Man I went after some guys with some long last names. Barr was a pretty easy guy to recruit for me. Im surprised he didnt get more interest as he already has very solid numbers in 3 primary categories, with Highs in Ath and Low Post. Most other cats are average, and if his ATH can get to 45-50 he will be a very good big man.

SG Antoine Dodson
Athleticism 51
Speed 51
Rebounding 8
Defense 40
Shot Blocking 15
Low-post 10
Perimeter 35
Ball Handling 45
Passing 53
Work Ethic 58
Stamina 69
Durability 48

My second recruit was a freshman guard. His current stats arent very good, but with High-Highs in SPD, PER, BH, and P he should be a top botch scorer He will be a couple year project, though, which works out as he'll be a backup for his first 2 years.

SF Jesse Lundeen

Athleticism 58
Speed 48
Rebounding 43
Defense 51
Shot Blocking 43
Low-post 12
Perimeter 30
Ball Handling 45
Passing 14
Work Ethic 64
Stamina 73
Durability 41

Lundeen was another fairly easy recruit, although he did drop down a bit later. High-Highs in ATH and P (much needed) will be nice to go along with Highs in LP, REB, and defense. If his passing can get up high enough, I see him as a Johnathan Smith type without the scoring possibility.

SF Sidney Broach
Athleticism 52
Speed 49
Rebounding 39
Defense 41
Shot Blocking 12
Low-post 57
Perimeter 15
Ball Handling 25
Passing 50
Work Ethic 44
Stamina 71
Durability 35

Not very happy with this signing. After losing the battle for Milder, I only had 400 some bucks and a huge risk of taking 2 walk ons. So I had to do something, sent this guy a home visit and scholly and thankfully he signed in the very last cycle.  He won't hurt the team, and should be a pretty respectable 11th man this year, backup SF going forward. Without the ability to scout him further, i see Highs in SPD, DEF, Shot blocking, and PER. If the speed is a high-high, I'll be in good shape with the press defense I run.
6/2/2013 9:21 PM
Season 61

Season 61 was pretty disappointing, to say the least. I didnt expect we'd have a great team as we were extremely young, but I thought we could put together a NT season. Unfortunately, a poor non-conf record mixed with a terrible conference RPI and a couple bad losses late in conference play spelled disaster for the team. GC finished an abysmal 19-11 with a 1st round exit... from the PI. Our inexperienced guards really killed us with fouls and turnovers all season.

On the bright side, we have the groundwork for a good team down the stretch.

Season 62 Recruiting

GC was looking to go into this recruiting season looking almost exclusively for big men, with a guard hopefully on the side. We accomplished most of our goals, including a bit of a unique approach this season.

I didnt see a whole lot of talent in the DI or DII pools, but I think I did pretty good. My charts will be with progression 7 games into the season.

C William Hodges

Athleticism 47
Speed 21
Rebounding 74
Defense 58
Shot Blocking 56
Low-post 28
Perimeter 1
Ball Handling 13
Passing 34
Work Ethic 67
Stamina 64
Durability 44
FT Shooting D+  

Hodges was a safe play, as Ive gotten myself into trouble trying to pull down guys. Hodges dropped down really early, so I jumped on him immediately and got him pretty effortlessly. With his extremely low low-post he drew no interest, but if that number can get to the mid-40s or so he can be an effective backup. 

C Charles Mutch
Athleticism 44
Speed 8
Rebounding 75
Defense 39
Shot Blocking 70
Low-post 65
Perimeter 15
Ball Handling 14
Passing 12
Work Ethic 50
Stamina 60
Durability 56
FT Shooting C  

Mutch was another easily obtained guy. An ineligible with low ATH and I can see why. Still, Mutch showed up to school and should complement the team well. 

C Moshe Landowski

Athleticism 60
Speed 10
Rebounding 66
Defense 69
Shot Blocking 53
Low-post 58
Perimeter 16
Ball Handling 1
Passing 26
Work Ethic 51
Stamina 58
Durability 65
FT Shooting D-  

We went all the way to the Ukraine to find Moshe. After seeing the limited pool left of guys, I decided to take an outside show at internationals. I saw Moshe looked pretty decent if he had any sort of potential at all, so shot him a couple of scouting trips. An average in ATH and high rebounding came back, which was the go ahead to pull the trigger. Pleasantly surprised by his other potential, Moshe could actually be a really good player in his JR/SR years.

SF Leonal Lyman

Athleticism 62
Speed 50
Rebounding 19
Defense 54
Shot Blocking 16
Low-post 17
Perimeter 56
Ball Handling 41
Passing 54
Work Ethic 56
Stamina 71
Durability 33
FT Shooting C-  
Not sure what I was thinking here, I just wanted to fill all my schollys, saw no good guards and figured if his REB numbers can get up he'll be a solid defensive player that wont hurt the team. Still, even if he shows good improvement he wont ever hit rebounding numbers I would want from a SF. 

Overall, a pretty good recruiting class. Happy with all my centers, and we've started the season with promise thus far. 4-3 record, all of the losses were winnable games. I mixed up a couple of roles on the depth chart and it worked out very well in my last game, and if it continues to work I could be a force this year, definitely should be next season. The conference again looks horrible, however, with 2 0-7 teams and 2 1-6 teams in my half alone. 6-4 in non-conf would be pretty ideal to set the table for a decent NT seed.
7/10/2013 3:46 AM
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