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The Talkin' Baseball progressive league is soon heading into its 44th season! The league started with the 1950 season, and we are looking for one owner to join us starting in the 1993 season. Openings in this progressive have filled extremely quick in the past, so act fast if you are interested! 15 of the 24 teams in this league have had the same owner for 15 or more seasons.

Important: We only want owners who are looking to stay with us for the long term. To be more precise, we are requesting at minimum a 6 (six) season commitment from you. We'll call it a gentlemen's agreement. Progressive league vets and non-experienced owners looking to join/learn a progressive league are both welcome in this league. If you aren't willing or interested in playing with us for at least 6 seasons, we do thank you for looking here but you aren't what we are looking for.

We will start off the clock drafting sometime around 4/14 or 4/15. We are currently 120 games into the 1992 season as of the evening of 4/12/18. Estimated first round pick will be within the top 6 overall in the 24 pick first round, and then somewhere around the beginning of each subsequent round. Get in now to make that first round pick likely sometime between this weekend and the middle of next week (depending on which pick you land in the top 6) and to finalize a 1993 Keeper List of your own choosing (1993 keeper list deadline is Thursday, April 19th).

The available team is in Chicago and in the NL Central. The team calls Wrigley Field home (must remain there for at least 1993, but can opt to change to another NL park starting if 1994 if you'd like (current NL parks open are Colorado - Mile High Stadium and Florida - Joe Robbie Stadium). If you choose to move out of Chicago, you may or may not end up in the NL Central (current owners will be given the option to move to another division to better geographically align the divisions if you choose to move to Colorado or Florida, but we do not force any owner to switch divisions if they choose not to do so).

The roster for the available team is at the bottom of this thread. The same owner ran this team for 27 seasons before disappearing prior to the start of the 1992 season. I have been running the team in 1992 because it was (is) an absolute disaster, and I didn't feel good about advertising a dumpster fire. There is no question that this team is a rebuild project, but the cupboard isn't absolutely bare. The good news is that you have middle infielders Delino Deshields and Tony Fernandez that remain relevant for several seasons to come. You have David Justice and Jeff Conine that each give you a decade (or more in the case of Conine) of production. You have pitcher Ramon Martinez who will provide a few more quality seasons as well as innings. You will have between the first and sixth overall pick in the 1993 draft (determined by lotto), so obviously you will land a building block with your first round pick. Pitcher Gil Heredia was acquired in a trade to help you with starting pitching innings later in the decade (and adequate reliever innings in the mid-90's), and we also got you an extra second round pick (note that we traded away your third round pick to help make this happen).

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The Talkin' Baseball league is a single season progressive with 24 teams, progressing one season at a time:
  • Standard WIS Format
  • No DH (league voted against in 1966 and again in 1978 after discussion and vote)
  • Injuries on
  • No live play
  • Unlimited IR
  • No salary cap
  • We draft your own AAA players. Every team will be able to draft up to 6 players that were not drafted in the regular draft. They can be any position (ex. all 6 pitchers, all 6 catchers, or any mix of batters and pitchers that you see fit)
  • Full/combined/partial seasons of players are all eligible to be used.
  • Trading of draft picks allowed up to one season in advance.
  • We have a 48 hour add/drop period after each draft.

We absolutely do not condone tanking games in this league. This has never been much of an issue here and the league takes great pride in that. Eyes are always watching, and even the appearance of tanking games can lead to dismissal from the league, period. If you play progressive leagues using this strategy, then you aren't welcome here. If you want to play in a league where everyone is trying to do their best regardless of what their roster looks like in any given season, then please choose us!

A four-tier lotto system (6/6/6/6) is used to determine next season's first round draft order after 120 games. 6 worst teams get put in lotto for picks 1 through 6 in next season's draft. Next 6 worst teams get put in a lotto for picks 7 through 12, and so on. Lotto is for the first round of the draft only. Subsequent rounds are worst team to best team, based on record at 120 games into the current season. There is a 30 win minimum requirement by the 120th game into the season to qualify for a top 6 pick. Teams that do not have 30 wins by the 120th game into the season get dropped down to the second lotto tier (for a pick between #7 and #12 in round one).

We have some additional cool features in this league. You have the ability to shuffle players up and down from AAA virtually all season (deadline is before game 160 of the season). There is typically not a lot of down time between seasons. On average, we are starting the next season about one week after the World Series concludes. We have a league record book that is updated each season and we also have a Hall of Fame for the league (ballot is made up each season and league votes for who they feel are Talkin' Baseball Hall of Famers)! There is also a franchise history thread in our private forum where you can learn who the previous owners of your franchise were, along with all of the prior team names and a championship/pennant/playoff appearances count. We award league prizes every 5 seasons as well, based on criteria that the league voted on previously.

Important: We attempt to keep things moving at a semi-brisk pace. We start drafting off the clock not too long after the 120 game mark at a leisurely pace. Once the playoffs start, we draft on the clock and pick up wherever we are in the draft at that point. We attempt to keep down time to a minimum between seasons, as we usually finish the draft around the same time that the World Series is finishing up. So keep in mind when considering our league that we move faster than the typical progressive, which may suit you very well or not so well. Missing deadlines to post keeper lists, making draft picks off the clock within 48 hours of the prior pick posted, and entering teams for the new season on time have rarely been an issue in this league. We have certainly been fortunate to have such a terrific group of owners, and we do expect new owners to also be able to consistently meet the above noted deadlines.
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great league
5/29/2013 8:25 PM (edited)
Posted by houseofbayne on 4/21/2013 10:26:00 PM (view original):
The Talkin' Baseball league is a fairly standard, single season progressive: Alternate WIS Format E (4 divisions, 4 teams in each. Division winners make playoffs. Each series best of seven). No DH. No live play. Unlimited IR. No salary cap. 6/2 below average AAA players, randomly generated (6 bats, 2 arms).

A two-tier lotto system to determine next season's first round draft order after 120 games. 8 worst teams get put in lotto for picks 1 through 8 in next season's draft, 8 best teams get put in lotto for picks 9 through 16. Lotto is for first round of draft only. Subsequent rounds are worst team to best team.
As you read this, we are talking about expanding from 16 to 20 teams in the future. This won't happen before 1969. The goal is to have an expansion plan in place within a week or three.
We attempt to keep things moving at a semi-brisk pace. We start drafting off the clock not too long after the 120 game mark at a leisurely pace. Once the playoffs start, we draft on the clock and pick up wherever we are in the draft at that point. We attempt to keep down time to a minimum between seasons, as we usually finish the draft around the same time that the World Series is finishing up.
Feel free to sitemail or post any questions, and looking forward to hearing from you! Team available is below.

                 Curious on how you decide to handle Expansion. Posting to more easily follow your League's process.

4/24/2013 3:38 AM
great league guys....expansion challenges all...we even have a HOF.
8/25/2013 12:10 AM
I'd like this team if it's still available
8/24/2014 3:26 PM
I'll take the Trucks.
11/1/2014 10:04 PM
I'll take the Reds and make the commitment if you'll have me.
11/15/2014 2:06 AM
Did you get your 4 owners?
11/29/2014 4:34 PM
Posted by ff09 on 11/29/2014 4:34:00 PM (view original):
Did you get your 4 owners?
We tentatively have four, but would like to start a short waitlist in the event that one or more back out when it comes time to start the expansion draft (estimated to start around mid-February 2015).
11/29/2014 5:02 PM
sign me up on waitlist
11/29/2014 7:29 PM
id be interested in an expansion team
12/2/2014 6:30 PM
Please give me the Houston team. I see that there are 23 active and 2 players are on injured reserve. So, I can keep however many players that I want. If I cut players then I must fill their spots via draft (or free agency or trade). I'm ready. Let me know if i'm in, so I can hire my fron office,lol. I'm ready!
2/21/2016 7:13 PM
i would like to try a progressive....this sounds like a good one
2/10/2017 4:40 PM
Chicago Ringworms -- Need TBD (Can keep a maximum of 25, IR players do not account against the 25. You will be given the number of draft picks needed to get up to 25. If you keep 25, you get no draft picks.)


C-Greg Olson
C-Jeff Reed
C-Eddie Taubensee
2B-Delino DeShields
2B-Randy Ready
SS-Freddie Benavides
SS-Tony Fernandez
3B-Scott Livingstone
OF-Alex Cole
OF-Jeff Conine
OF-David Justice
OF-Kevin Mitchell
OF-Joe Orsulak
OF-Bob Zupcic

P-Joe Grahe
P-Gil Heredia
P-Joe Magrane
P-Pat Mahomes
P-Ramon Martinez
P-Paul Quantrill
P-Bruce Ruffin
P-Zane Smith
P-Dave Stewart
P-Mitch Williams


P Brian Fisher, P Barry Jones, P Kevin Campbell, P Brad Brink, P Floyd Bannister

Injured Reserve
OF John Cangelosi (1994), OF Ruben Amaro (1995), OF John Wehner (1995), P Scott Aldred (1996), P Joe Slusarski (2000)

Trades affecting draft
Acquired 2nd round pick from Boston
Traded 3rd round pick to Boston
4/11/2018 12:01 AM
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