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Whoo boy. Back to the drawing board!
4/26/2013 7:35 PM
Hitters Pitchers
Aaron, Hank Abernathy, Ted
Allen, Dick Aguirre, Hank
Allison, Bob Alexander, Doyle
Alou, Felipe Andujar, Joaquin
Alou, Matty Appier, Kevin
Andrews, Mike Bibby, Jim
Bando, Sal Blue, Vida
Barfield, Jesse Blyleven, Bert
Battey, Earl Bolin, Bobby
Beckert, Glenn Bosman, Dick
Bell, Buddy Boswell, Dave
Bell, George Brewer, Jim
Bench, Johnny Bruce, Bob
Bernazard, Tony Brunet, George
Blair, Paul Bunker, Wally
Boggs, Wade Bunning, Jim
Bonds, Barry Burke, Tim
Bonds, Bobby Burns, Todd
Bostock, Lyman Busby, Steve
Boyer, Ken Butcher, John
Brett, George Bystrom, Marty
Buford, Don Caldwell, Mike
Bumbry, Al Candelaria, John
Burgess, Smokey Capra, Buzz
Burleson, Rick Carlos, Cisco
Butler, Brett Carlton, Steve
Canseco, Jose Chance, Dean
Carbo, Bernie Clemens, Roger
Cardenas, Leo Cuellar, Mike
Carew, Rod Davis, Storm
Carter, Gary DeLeon, Jose
Carty, Rico Denny, John
Cash, Norm Dibble, Rob
Cedeno, Cesar Dierker, Larry
Cepeda, Orlando Dobso, Pat
Clark, Jack Donovan, Dick
Clark, Will Downing, Al
Clemente, Roberto   Drabek, Doug
Colavito, Rocky Drysdale, Don
Coleman, Vince Eckersley, Dennis
Concepcion, Dave Eichhorn, Mark
Cooper, Cecil Ellsworth, Dick
Daniels, Kal Farrell, Turk
Davis, Eric Fernandez, Sid
Davis, Tommy Fidrych, Mark
Dawson, Andre Fingers, Rollie
DeCinces, Doug Finley, Chuck
Dietz, Dick Ford, Whitey
Dilone, Miguel Franco, John
Downing, Brian Friend, Bob
Dykstra, Lenny Fulgham, John
Epstein, Mike Garber, Gene
Evans, Darrell Garrelts, Scott
Evans, Dwight Gibson, Bob
Ferguson, Joe Gooden, Dwight
Fernandez, Tony Gossage, Rich
Fielder, Cecil Guidry, Ron
Fisk, Carlton Gullickson, Bill
Fletcher, Scott Gura, Larry
Flood, Curt Halicki, Ed
Fosse, Ray   Hall, Dick
Foster, George Hammaker, Atlee
Freehan, Bill Henke, Tom
Fregosi, Jim Henry, Bill
Gaetti, Gary Hernandez, Willie
Garr, Ralph Hershiser, Orel
Garvey, Steve Higuera, Ted
Gedman, Rich Hoerner, Joe
Gentile, Jim Holtzman, Ken
Green, Lenny Hooton, Burt
Greenwell, Mike Horlen, Joel
Grich, Bobby House, Tom
Griffey, Ken Howe, Steve
Gruber, Kelly Howell, Jay
Guerrero, Pedro Hoyt, LaMarr
Gwynn, Tony Hughes, Dick
Haller, Tom Hunter, Catfish
Harper, Tommy Jackson, Danny
Harrah, Toby Jackson, Larry
Hassey, Ron   Jarvis, Pat
Henderson, Rickey Jenkins, Ferguson
Hernandez, Keith John, Tommy
Herr, Tommy Jones, Randy
Hickman, Jim Kaat, Jim
Hisle, Larry Kern, Jim
Howard, Elston Key, Jimmy
Howard, Frank Knepper, Bob
Jackson, Reggie Koosman, Jerry
Johnson, Davey Koufax, Sandy
Jones, Cleon Langston, Mark
Joyner, Wally Lary, Frank
Kaline, Al Law, Vern
Kennedy, Terry Leonard, Dennis
Killebrew, Harmon Lolich, Mickey
Kingman, Dave Lyle, Sparky
Lansford, Carney Magrane, Joe
Larkin, Barry Maloney, Jim
Lopes, Davey Marichal, Juan
Lynn, Fred Martinez, Dennis
Maddox, Elliott   Matlack, Jon
Maddox, Garry May, Rudy
Madlock, Bill McCatty, Steve
Mantle, Mickey McDonald, Ben
Maris, Roger McDowell, Jack
Matthews, Eddie McDowell, Sam
Mattingly, Don McGraw, Tug
Mayberry, John McLain, Denny
Mays, Willie McNally, Dave
Mazzilli, Lee Merritt, Jim
McCarver, Tim Messersmith, Andy
McCovey, Willie Milacki, Bob
McGee, Willie Mingori, Steve
McGriff, Fred Montgomery, Jeff
McGwire, Mark Moose, Bob
McRae, Hal Morris, Jack
Melton, Bill Murphy, Rob
Menke, Denis Murray, Dale
Mitchell, Kevin Nelson, Roger
Molitor, Paul Niedenfuer, Tom
Monday, Rick Niekro, Joe
Morgan, Joe Niekro, Phil
Moseby, Lloyd   Nolan, Gary
Munson, Thurman Norris, Mike
Murcer, Bobby Ojeda, Bob
Murphy, Dale Ontiveros, Steve
Murray, Eddie Osteen, Claude
Musial, Stan O'Toole, Jim
Nettles, Graig Palmer, Jim
Oliva, Tony Pascual, Camilo
Oliver, Al Pena, Alejandro
Oquendo, Jose Perez, Pascual
Otis, Amos Perry, Gaylord
Parker, Dave Perry, Jim
Parker, Wes Peters, Gary
Parrish, Larry Peterson, Fritz
Pena, Tony Pizarro, Juan
Perez, Tony Quisenberry, Dan
Petrocelli, Rico Radatz, Dick
Pinson, Vada Reardon, Jeff
Porter, Darrell Reed, Ron
Powell, Boog Reuschel, Rick
Puckett, Kirby Reuss, Jerry
Raines, Tim Rhoden, Rick
Randolph, Willie Richard, JR
Rice, Jim Righetti, Dave
Ripken, Cal Rincon, Andy
Roberts, Bip Roberts, Dave
Robinson, Brooks Roberts, Robin
Robinson, Frank Rogers, Steve
Romano, Johnny Rooker, Jim
Rose, Pete Russell, Jeff
Samuel, Juan Ryan, Nolan
Sandberg, Ryne Saberhagen, Bret
Sanguillen, Manny Sambito, Joe
Santiago, Benito Sanders, Ken
Santo, Ron Saucier, Kevin
Sax, Steve Scott, Mike
Schmidt, Mike Searage, Ray
Sciosia, Mike Seaver, Tom
Seitzer, Kevin Short, Chris
Siebern, Norm Siebert, Sonny
Simmons, Ted Singer, Bill
Singleton, Ken Smith, Bryn
Smith, Lonnie Smith, Dave
Smith, Ozzie Smith, Zane
Smith, Reggie Sosa, Elias
Stargell, Willie Soto, Mario
Staub, Rusty Stewart, Dave
Stennett, Rennie Stottlemyre, Mel
Tartabull, Danny Sutter, Bruce
Templeton, Garry Sutton, Don
Tenace, Gene Tanana, Frank
Thomas, Gorman Tatum, Ken
Thon, Dickie Terry, Ralph
Torre, Joe Thigpen, Bobby
Tovar, Cesar Tiant, Luis
Trammell, Alan Tudor, John
VanSlyke, Andy Umbricht, Jim
Whitaker, Lou Valenzuela, Fernando
White, Roy Veale, Bob
Williams, Billy Viola, Frank
Wills, Maury Welch, Bob
Wilson, Willie Wilhem, Hoyt
Winfield, Dave Willoughby, Jim
Wynn, Jimmy Wilson, Don
Yastrzemski, Carl Witt, Bobby
Yount, Robin Witt, Mike
Wood, Wilbur
Wright, Clyde
4/26/2013 9:39 PM
Just in case anyone has a question I have Ken Griffey SR not Junior.
4/26/2013 10:30 PM
Looking for a top of the line starter...... A package involving Jack Morris and/ Bob Welch and/or Wally Joyner and/or Danny Tartabull and/or draft picks (if we are allowed to trade those) is on the table.
4/26/2013 11:54 PM
Looking for a top of the line starter...... A package involving Jack Morris and/ Bob Welch and/or Wally Joyner and/or Danny Tartabull and/or draft picks (if we are allowed to trade those) is on the table.
4/26/2013 11:55 PM
Stuck at work today with nothing better to do than refresh frequently...how are we looking for Round 5?
4/27/2013 12:46 PM
mattyberk - You dont consider Morris and/ or Welch quality SP?  They are the same quality as my Wood, Capra, Finley, Candelaria?  If you are holding out for HOF/MVP SP -- Good Luck, Buddy -- Wishful thinking!

Koufax, Guidry, Hunter, Blue, Gibson, Gooden, Richard, Tiant, McDowell, Saberhagen, Tanana, Scott, Drysdale, Perry, Seaver, Hershiser - were all Blacklisted in the 1st round!  A FEW great SP made it through unscaved, but MOST SP in this league are going to be average quality guys, like Morris & Welch!
4/27/2013 8:01 PM (edited)
I tend to agree with good_beef. I got starters I prefer to Morris and Welch, but remember this is not an OL, so while it is also not a single league prog, where players will perform more or less according to their RL stats, it is probably somewhere in between. I would think Morris and Welch are the start of a decent staff, and Morris was arguably the best pitcher in baseball for a part of the 1980s. 

At the same time, we are selecting one season of these pitchers, so even a mediocre pitcher may have had one sterling season that you can use with effectiveness, especially with no salary cap.
4/27/2013 7:48 PM
Not saying Morris and Welch are not quality; just dangling them to upgrade quality to any top shelf available.
4/27/2013 8:12 PM
Very irritating when a player pops into my head and I think "no way he's been black listed already", and he's black listed.
4/27/2013 9:15 PM
Too early for me to think about trading. Still don't know strengths and weaknesses are or what stadium i'll be playing in. I'll probably be open to it after a couple of more rounds.
4/27/2013 9:16 PM
Posted by bigfatjew on 4/27/2013 9:15:00 PM (view original):
Very irritating when a player pops into my head and I think "no way he's been black listed already", and he's black listed.
Almost as irritating as picking a name I've never heard of, that's a notch below the quality available in a given round...and having someone pick him simultaneously to blacklist him.
4/28/2013 12:21 AM
How depressing.  Just got home after a longass day at work, only to find no new results.  Dang.
4/28/2013 3:35 AM
Are we waiting for someone to submit their picks?
4/28/2013 6:19 AM
I find this is a league where the more systematic the research you do the better. of course the proof is in the pudding, so if my team starts out 0-20 then please disregard everything I say. 
4/28/2013 8:27 AM
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