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I want for a power/speed lineup. Apart from my catcher, my starters average 20 hr and 30 sb. I couldn't get the starting pitching I wanted so I'm going to have to go with a 5 man rotation featuring 3 rookie phenoms whose careers were later cut short by arm problems: Wally Bunker, Mark Fidrych, and Bill Stafford.

For people interested in trades, here is my roster:
C Tim McCarver, junior Ortiz
1b Carlos may, Roy Sievers
2b/SS whitaker and trammell
3b Tommy Harper
Of. Cesar Cedeno, Eric Davis, Ron LeFlore, Gates Brown
Sp Fidrych, Bunker, Stafford, Earl Wilson, Dock Ellis.
Rp Bob Moose, Luis arroyo, Tom House, Ricky Horton.

I also have a few draft picks pending.

5/3/2013 5:26 AM
I am waiting on one more pick - not sure if it goes through. 

But on the whole I am very happy with the selections and very nearly have exactly the team I would have wanted. 

My first two players were meant to stabilize things up the middle, Yount and Sandberg, to be able to field, though neither was Ozzie Smith, they are both good, to hit with power and average and have at least good OBP and little speed. I got the 3B I wanted, Nettles, whom I like for his fielding and left-handed power. And EXACTLY the three starting OFs I asked for first: Buford (OBP), Bobby Bonds (more than a little of everything, a highly under-rated player for obvious reasons), and Curt Flood one of the best fielding CFs ever who could hit for average. Dick Stuart and George Scott give me an embarrassment of riches with 1B power. My one error, a typo in which I asked for Larry instead of Lance Parrish did create some concern as I have two starting 3Bs (good platoon though) and had no catcher for a while. But Yogi Berra, who played on the 1961 Yankees (three catchers with 20 or more home runs trivia buffs) can platoon with Bob Tillman and Rick Dempsey fills in in the late innings with an A+ arm. Mark Belanger's brilliant defense off the bench and Woodie Held who you play almost anywhere on the field and hits for power, back up the IF and Tony Conigliaro and Walt Bond give me power from both sides of the plate off the bench to back up the OF.

Tommy John, Dave Stewart, Mel Stotllemyre, Ken Holtzman and Clay Kirby will force me to decide on a four man rotation and someone of those five will either be long relief or a Setup man able to pitch VERY often when the starters falter. Sparky Lyle, Clay Carrol and Lindy McDaniel are a heck of a bullpen. Waiting on getting one more pitcher and we will be set to play in the Kingdome. 

Stottlemyre and John's sinkerballs will help keep things from getting too out of hand there, but the main strategy is keep the team in the game, outscore opponents and field well (pitching, defense and three run homers as Earl Weaver put it). 

This team, in short reflects my baseball philosophy: a mix of speed and power and average/OBP are good, but stolen bases are meant to keep the other team guessing and off-balance, they are at best a necessary evil. More steals than that show lack of character. Triples are a vice and should actually be banned - you should have to go all the way to home once you get to 3B on your own hit or be declared out. All rotations other than a four-pitcher rotation are an act against the laws of god and man. Pitchers' parks are for the neurotic. Relief pitchers should average more than one IP/G or be fined. 
5/3/2013 7:25 AM
I never succeed in these leagues, but I've built the kind of team I like: Very good OBP, some power, good defense, passable or better starting pitching and a killer bullpen.

My starting infield against RHP all has A- or better range. (I'll sub in Bando at 1B against LHP, saving PAs for Hrbek.) Three catchers - arms of A+, A, and B+. Greenwell is the only truly poor starting defensive outfielder, and I've got Milt Thompson to be his legs/defensive replacement. My team walks almost as much as it strikes out, and I've got eight hitters with 20+ homers.

Marichal was a surprise. He'll anchor a 4-man rotation with three guys with short innings (Siebert, Queen, and McAndrew between 185-196 IP), so Marichal will probably get 45-50 starts. Eichhorn is the relief ace, McClure is the lefty specialist, Howell closes, and Davis/Saucier/Camp fill out the bullpen.

Stats as currently constituted:
.298/.388/.482, 267 HR, 245 SB, 1007 BB (in 8100 PA).
1439 IP, 2.35 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, 0.68 HR/9, .209 OAV, 3.5 K/BB
5/3/2013 11:57 AM
Hey, I wanna get in on analyzing my own team so here's mine:

It sucks.
5/3/2013 1:05 PM
Posted by toysboys on 5/3/2013 1:05:00 PM (view original):
Hey, I wanna get in on analyzing my own team so here's mine:

It sucks.
Mine will suck too, no doubt...but a guy can dream.
5/3/2013 2:15 PM
Not to worry my friends. When I say I feel good about a team it is a pretty good sign that things are about to go haywire. 
5/3/2013 2:18 PM
League # MLB105317
5/3/2013 2:37 PM
Waiting on one owner to clarify a pick.  This has been a very clean round so far.  Only 1 player lost.
5/3/2013 4:57 PM
Any guidelines or rules about team names ? 
5/3/2013 6:14 PM
Posted by italyprof on 5/3/2013 6:14:00 PM (view original):
Any guidelines or rules about team names ? 
Nope. Just keep it clean. I named mine after my 3 grandsons.
5/3/2013 6:37 PM
No DH huh. I have too much power -- anyone interested in George Bell, Glenn Davis, or Danny Tartabull?
5/4/2013 12:12 AM
Here is my roster.  See where I am heavy, see where i am weak, see what you have, and let's talk trade.
C - Bo Diaz and Rich Gedman (looking to upgrade)
1B- Wally Joyner and Glenn Davis (let's talk)
2B - Juan Samuel ((not bad but can do better)
SS - Dave Concepcion (not bad but can always do better)
3B - Mike Schmidt (untouchable)
OF - George Bell, Dave Winfield, Lenny Dykstra, Danny Tarabull, Willie Davis (studs for sale)
on the pine - bud harrellson and larry bowa
SP - Clemens, Morris, Viola, and Welch (not bad but can always do better)
SP/RP - Danny Darwin, Charlie Hough - lets talk
RP - Thigpen, Garber, Nelson, Franco, Holland

5/4/2013 10:22 AM
bigfatjew Jerry Lumpe, George Thomas, Mario Diaz, Ray Lankford,, Bart Johnson, HHH Metrodome        
brucel Dick Schofield Sr., Bill Stein., Bob Geren, Griffith Stadium        
dcmatcheck Manny Mota, Joe Lefebrve, Bob Apodoca, Rawly Eastwick, Brent Strom, Milwaukee County Stadium        
deer454 Ivan DeJesus, Paul Lindblad, Larry McWilliams, Nationals Park        
dlchow Dan Pasqua, Jim Essian, Clete Boyer, Cleveland Stadium        
fire13 Bobby Valentine        
georgedeer Dave Valle        
italyprof Scott Sanderson        
loudawg10 Freddie Patek, Horace Clarke, Harvey Haddix, Colt Stadium        
pinotfan Don Pall        
shawbigred Jody Davis, Omar Moreno, Bob Miller        
shysters3 Busch Stadium        
specsman Wayne Krenchicki        
spotsell Steve Bilko        
toysboys Eric Soderholm, Glenn Hubbard, Terry Francona, Andy Etchebarren, Joel McKeon, Billy McCool        
uncleal Matt Nokes, U.L. Washington, Mickey Rivers, Bob Nieman, Wayne Garland, Dyar Miller        
5/6/2013 2:13 PM
Hitters Pitchers Stadiums
Aaron, Hank Abernathy, Ted Anaheim Stadium
Adcock, Joe Aguilera, Rick Astrodome
Aikens, Willie Mays Aguirre, Hank Atlanta Fulton County Stadium
Allen, Dick Aker, Jack Busch Stadium
Allenson, Gary Alexander, Doyle Cleveland Stadium
Alley, Gene Andersen, Larry Colt Stadium
Allison, Bob Andujar, Joaquin Crosley Field
Almon, Bill Apodoca, Bob Dodger Stadium
Alomar, Sandy Appier, Kevin Fenway Park
Alou, Felipe Arroyo, Luis Forbes Field
Alou, Matty Bahnsen, Stan Griffith Stadium
Altman, George Baldwin, Dave HHH Metrodome
Anderson, Dave Bankhead, Scott Jack Murphy Stadium
Anderson, Kent Beene, Fred Kingdome
Andrews, Mike Belcher, Tim Metropolitan Stadium
Aparicio, Luis Berenguer, Juan Miller Park
Auerbach, Rick Bibby, Jim Milwaukee County Stadium
Averill, Earl Blue, Vida Nationals Park
Azcue, Joe Blyleven, Bert PNC Park
Backman, Wally Boddicker, Mike RFK Stadium
Bailey, Bob Bolin, Bobby Royals Stadium
Bailey, Mark Bosman, Dick Three Rivers Stadium
Baines, Harold Boswell, Dave Yankee Stadium (II)
Baker, Dusty Bouton, Jim
Bando, Chris Brewer, Jim
Bando, Sal Bruce, Bob
Banks, Ernie Brunet, George
Barfield, Jesse Bunker, Wally
Battey, Earl Bunning, Jim
Baylor, Don Burgmeier, Tom
Beckert, Glenn Burke, Tim
Belanger, Mark Burns, Todd
Bell, Buddy Busby, Steve
Bell, George Butcher, John
Bench, Johnny Buzhardt, John
Bernazard, Tony Bystrom, Marty
Berra, Yogi Caldwell, Mike
Bilko, Steve   Calhoun, Jeff
Blair, Paul Camp, Rick
Blanchard, Johnny Candelaria, John
Boggs, Wade Capra, Buzz
Bond, Walt Cardwell, Don
Bonds, Barry Carlos, Cisco
Bonds, Bobby Carlton, Steve
Bostock, Lyman Carroll, Clay
Bowa, Larry Caudill, Bill
Boyer, Clete Chance, Dean
Boyer, Ken Clemens, Roger
Braun, Steve Colburn, Jim
Brenly, Bob Coleman, Joe
Bressoud, Eddie Cone, David
Brett, George Corbett, Doug
Brinkman, Ed Corsi, Jim
Brock, Lou Cruz, Victor
Brooks, Hubie Cuellar, Mike
Brown, Gates D'Acquisto, John
Buckner, Bill Dailey, Bill
Buddin, Don Darwin, Danny
Buford, Don Davis, Mark
Bumbry, Al Davis, Ron
Burgess, Smokey   Davis, Storm
Burleson, Rick Dawley, Bill
Burroughs, Jeff DeLeon, Jose
Butler, Brett Deleon, Luis
Callison, Johnny Denny, John
Campaneris, Bert Diaz, Carlos
Canseco, Jose Dibble, Rob
Carbo, Bernie Dierker, Larry
Cardenas, Leo Dipino, Frank
Carew, Rod Dobso, Pat
Carter, Gary Donovan, Dick
Carty, Rico Downing, Al
Cash, Dave Drabek, Doug
Cash, Norm Drabowsky, Moe
Castino, John Drysdale, Don
Causey, Wayne Eastwick, Rawly
Cedeno, Cesar Eckersley, Dennis
Cepeda, Orlando Eichhorn, Mark
Cey, Ron Ellis, Dock
Clark, Jack   Ellsworth, Dick
Clark, Will Face, Roy
Clarke, Horace Farmer, Ed
Clemente, Roberto Farrell, Turk
Clendeon, Don Fernandez, Sid
Colavito, Rocky Fidrych, Mark
Coleman, Vince Fingers, Rollie
Concepcion, Dave Finley, Chuck
Conigliaro, Tony Fisher, Brian
Cooper, Cecil Fisher, Eddie
Corcoran, Tim Ford, Whitey
Cunningham, Joe Forsch, Ken
Daniels, Kal Foucault, Steve
Davanon, Jerry Fowler, Art
Davenport, Jim Fox, Terry
Davis, Alvin Franco, John
Davis, Eric Friend, Bob
Davis, Glenn Fulgham, John
Davis, Jody Garber, Gene
Davis, Mike Garland, Wayne
Davis, Tommy   Garrelts, Scott
Davis, Willie Gibson, Bob
Dawson, Andre Gladding, Fred
DeCinces, Doug Gleaton, Jerry Don
DeJesus, Ivan Gooden, Dwight
Dempsey, Rick Gossage, Rich
Diaz, Bo Gott, Jim
Diaz, Mario Grant, Mudcat
Dietz, Dick Grzenda, Joe
Dilone, Miguel Gubicza, Mark
Doran, Billy Guidry, Ron
Downing, Brian Gullett, Don
Driessen, Dan Gullickson, Bill
Dykstra, Lenny Gura, Larry
Easler, Mike Haddix, Harvey
Edwards, Johnny Halicki, Ed
Epstein, Mike Hall, Dick
Essian, Jim Hall, Tom
Etchebarren, Andy Hamilton, Steve
Evans, Darrell Hammaker, Atlee
Evans, Dwight Hands, Bill
Fairly, Ron Hanson, Erik
Ferguson, Joe   Hardin, Jim
Fernandez, Frank Hargan, Steve
Fernandez, Tony Harris, Greg
Fielder, Cecil Harrison, Roric
Fisk, Carlton Harvey, Mike
Fletcher, Scott Heathcock, Jeff
Flood, Curt Henke, Tom
Foli, Tim Henneman, Mike
Fosse, Ray Henry, Bill
Foster, George Hernandez, Ramon
Franco, Julio Hernandez, Willie
Francona, Terry Hershiser, Orel
Francona, Tito Higuera, Ted
Freed, Roger Hiller, John
Freehan, Bill Hoerner, Joe
Fregosi, Jim Holdsworth, Fred
Gaetti, Gary Holland, Al
Gallarraga, Andres Holtzman, Ken
Gallego, Mike Honeycutt, Rick
Gamble, Oscar Hooton, Burt
Gant, Ron Horlen, Joel
Garcia, Damaso Horton, Ricky
Garner, Phil Hough, Charlie
Garr, Ralph House, Tom
Garvey, Steve Howard, Bruce
Gaston, Cito Howe, Steve
Gedman, Rich Howell, Jay
Geiger, Gary Hoyt, LaMarr
Gentile, Jim Hrabosky, Al
Geren, Bob Hughes, Dick
Gladden, Dan Hunter, Catfish
Gonzalez, Tony Jackson, Danny
Goosen, Greg Jackson, Grant
Grabarkewitz, Billy Jackson, Larry
Green, Lenny James, Bob
Greenwell, Mike Jarvis, Pat
Grich, Bobby Jenkins, Ferguson
Griffey, Ken John, Tommy
Groat, Dick Johnson, Bart
Grote, Jerry Jones, Doug
Gruber, Kelly Jones, Randy
Guerrero, Pedro Kaat, Jim
Guillen, Ozzie Kern, Jim
Gwynn, Tony Key, Jimmy
Hall, Jimmy Kirby, Clay
Haller, Tom Kline, Steve
Hansen, Ron Klippstein, Johnny
Hargrove, Mike Knepper, Bob
Harmon, Terry Koonce, Calvin
Harper, Tommy Koosman, Jerry
Harrah, Toby Koufax, Sandy
Harrelson, Bud Krukow, Mike
Harrelson, Ken Lacorte, Frank
Hart, Jim Ray Ladd, Pete
Hassey, Ron Lancaster, Les
Hayes, Von Landrum, Bill
Heath, Mike Langston, Mark
Held, Woody LaRoche, Dave
Helms, Tommy Larsen, Don
Henderson, Dave Lary, Frank
Henderson, Ken Lavelle, Gary
Henderson, Rickey Law, Vern
Hernandez, Keith Lee, Bob
Herr, Tommy Lefferts, Craig
Herrmann, Ed Leiper, Dave
Hickman, Jim Leonard, Dennis
Hinton, Chuck Lindblad, Paul
Hisle, Larry Linzy, Frank
Horner, Bob Little, Mark
Horton, Willie Locker, Bob
Howard, Elston Lockwood, Skip
Howard, Frank Lolich, Mickey
Howser, Dick Lyle, Sparky
Hrbek, Kent Magrane, Joe
Hubbard, Glenn Maloney, Jim
Hunt, Ron Marichal, Juan
Hurdle, Clint Marshall, Mike
Jackson, Reggie Martinez, Dennis
Jacoby, Brook Martinez, Tippy
Javier, Stan Matlack, Jon
Johnson, Bob May, Rudy
Johnson, Cliff McAndrew, Jim
Johnson, Davey McBean, Al
Johnson, Howard McCatty, Steve
Jones, Cleon McClure, Bob
Jorgensen, Mike McCool, Billy
Joshua, Von McDaniel, Lindy
Joyner, Wally McDonald, Ben
Kaline, Al McDowell, Jack
Kemp, Steve McDowell, Sam
Kennedy, Terry McGraw, Tug
Kessinger, Don McKeon, Joel
Killebrew, Harmon McLain, Denny
Kingery, Mike McMahon, Don
Kingman, Dave McMurtry, Craig
Kosco, Andy McNally, Dave
Krenchicki, Wayne McWilliams, Larry
Kruk, John Merritt, Jim
Kubek, Tony Messersmith, Andy
Lacy, Lee Milacki, Bob
Landis, Jim Miller, Bob
Lankford, Ray Miller, Dyar
Lansford, Carney Miller, Stu
Larkin, Barry Mingori, Steve
Lavalliere, Mike Minton, Greg
Lefebrve, Joe Mirabella, Paul
Lefore, Ron Mohorcic, Dale
Lemon, Chet Montgomery, Jeff
Leonard, Jeffrey Moore, Mike
Lezcano, Sixto Moose, Bob
Long, Dale Morgan, Mike
Lopes, Davey Morgan, Tom
Lowenstein, John Morris, Jack
Lumpe, Jerry Murphy, Rob
Luzinski, Greg Murphy, Tom
Lynch, Jerry Murray, Dale
Lynn, Fred Myers, Randy
Maddox, Elliott Nash, Jim
Maddox, Garry Nelson, Gene
Madlock, Bill Nelson, Roger
Mantilla, Felix Newman, Fred
Mantle, Mickey Niedenfuer, Tom
Maris, Roger Niekro, Joe
Matthews, Eddie Niekro, Phil
Mattingly, Don Nolan, Gary
May, Carlos Norris, Mike
Mayberry, John Nottebart, Don
Mays, Willie Nuxhall, Joe
Mazzilli, Lee Odom, Blue Moon
McAuliffe, Dick Ojeda, Bob
McBride, Bake Olson, Gregg
McCarver, Tim Ontiveros, Steve
McCovey, Willie Orosco, Jesse
McDowell, Oddibe Osteen, Claude
McGee, Willie O'Toole, Jim
McGriff, Fred Pall, Don
McGwire, Mark Palmer, Jim
McMullen, Ken Pappas, Milt
McRae, Hal Pascual, Camilo
McReynolds, Kevin Pattin, Marty
Medina, Luis Pena, Alejandro
Melton, Bill Perez, Pascual
Menke, Denis Perranoski, Ron
Milbourne, Lary Perry, Gaylord
Mitchell, Kevin Perry, Jim
Molitor, Paul Perry, Pat
Monday, Rick Peters, Gary
Money, Don Peterson, Fritz
Moon, Wally Pizarro, Juan
Moran, Billy Queen, Mel
Moreno, Omar Quisenberry, Dan
Morgan, Joe Radatz, Dick
Morris, Hal Rau, Doug
Morrison, Jim Ray, Jim
Moseby, Lloyd Reardon, Jeff
Mota, Manny Reed, Ron
Motton, Curt Regan, Phil
Mulliniks, Rance Reuschel, Rick
Mumphrey, Jerry Reuss, Jerry
Munson, Thurman Reynolds, Bob
Murcer, Bobby Rhoden, Rick
Murphy, Dale Richard, JR
Murphy, Dwayne Righetti, Dave
Murray, Eddie Rijo, Jose
Musial, Stan Rincon, Andy
Nettles, Graig Roberts, Dave
Nieman, Bob Roberts, Robin
Nokes, Matt Rogers, Steve
Nolan, Joe Romo, Vicente
Northrup, Jim Rooker, Jim
Oglivie, Ben Rozema, Dave
Oliva, Tony Russell, Jeff
Oliver, Al Ryan, Nolan
Ontiveros, Steve Saberhagen, Bret
Oquendo, Jose Sambito, Joe
Orta, Jorge Sanders, Ken
Ortiz, Junior Sanderson, Scott
Otis, Amos Saucier, Kevin
Paciorek, Tom Schiraldi, Calvin
Paglironi, Jim Schultz, Barney
Parker, Dave Scott, Mike
Parker, Wes Scurry, Rod
Parrish, Lance Searage, Ray
Parrish, Larry Seaver, Tom
Pasqua, Dan Shantz, Bobby
Patek, Freddie Short, Chris
Pearson, Albie Show, Eric
Pena, Tony Siebert, Sonny
Perez, Tony Siebler, Dwight
Perkins, Broderick Simmons, Curt
Petralli, Geno Simpson, Wayne
Petrocelli, Rico Singer, Bill
Pettis, Gary Smith, Bryn
Piersall, Jimmy Smith, Dave
Piniella, Lou Smith, Zane
Pinson, Vada Solano, Julio
Popovich, Paul Sosa, Elias
Porter, Darrell Soto, Mario
Powell, Boog Spahn, Warren
Puckett, Kirby Splittorff, Paul
Rader, Doug Stafford, Bill
Raines, Tim Stewart, Dave
Ramirez, Rafael Stieb, Dave
Randle, Lenny Stoddard, Tim
Randolph, Willie Stottlemyre, Mel
Ranew, Merritt Strom, Brent
Ray, Johnny Sutcliffe, Rick
Ready, Randy Sutter, Bruce
Rettenmund, Merv Sutton, Don
Reynolds, Craig Swan, Craig
Reynolds, Harold Swindell, Greg
Rice, Jim Tanana, Frank
Ripken, Cal Tatum, Ken
Rivers, Mickey Tekulve, Kent
Roberts, Bip Terry, Ralph
Roberts, Leon Thigpen, Bobby
Robertson, Bob Tiant, Luis
Robinson, Brooks Tiefenauer, Bobby
Robinson, Frank Todd, Jim
Rodriguez, Aurelio Tomlin, Randy
Roenicke, Gary Tudor, John
Rojas, Cookie Umbricht, Jim
Romano, Johnny Underwood, Tom
Rose, Pete Valenzuela, Fernando
Roseboro, John Veale, Bob
Runnels, Pete Viola, Frank
Russell, Bill Washburn, Ray
Salas, Mark Watt, Eddie
Samuel, Juan Welch, Bob
Sandberg, Ryne Wells, David
Sanguillen, Manny Wilhem, Hoyt
Santiago, Benito Williams, Stan
Santo, Ron Willoughby, Jim
Satriano, Tom Wilson, Don
Sax, Steve Wilson, Earl
Schmidt, Mike Wise, Rick
Schofield Sr., Dick Witt, Bobby
Schroeder, Bill Witt, Mike
Sciosia, Mike Womack, Dooley
Scott, George Wood, Wilbur
Seitzer, Kevin Woodeshick, Hal
Sexton, Jimmy Woodson, Dick
Siebern, Norm Worthington, Al
Sierra, Reuben Wright, Clyde
Sievers, Roy Zachary, Chris
Simmons, Ted
Sims, Duke
Singleton, Ken
Smalley, Roy
Smith, Hal
Smith, Lonnie
Smith, Ozzie
Smith, Reggie
Soderholm, Eric
Speier, Chris
Stapleton, Dave
Stargell, Willie
Staub, Rusty
Stearns, John
Stennett, Rennie
Stone, Jeff
Strawberry, Daryl
Stuart, Dick
Summers, Champ
Sundberg, Jim
Tartabull, Danny
Taylor, Carl
Taylor, Tony
Templeton, Garry
Tenace, Gene
Tettleton, Mickey
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, George
Thomas, Gorman
Thompson, Jason
Thompson, Milt
Thon, Dickie
Thornton, Andy
Tillman, Bob
Tollefson, Wayne
Torre, Joe
Tovar, Cesar
Trammell, Alan
Tresh, Tom
Triandos, Gus
Uribe, Jose
Valentine, Bobby
Valle, Dave
VanSlyke, Andy
Versalles, Zoilo
Wallach, Tim
Ward, Pete
Washington, U.L.
Watson, Bob
Whitaker, Lou
White, Bill
White, Roy
Williams, Billy
Wills, Bump
Wills, Maury
Wilson, Willie
Winfield, Dave
Wynn, Jimmy
Yastrzemski, Carl
Youngblood, Joel
Yount, Robin
5/6/2013 2:15 PM
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