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Hi all,

No Quitters is looking for a number of committed owners to join a competitive, fun, friendly league... msg me if interested...

4/24/2013 2:33 PM
Great league. Join and watch me lose in the WS again.
4/24/2013 4:15 PM
berrysboys, i forgot to renew before rollover. can you send me the password so i can get back in?
4/26/2013 4:16 PM
Good, established, long-term league. We're in season 27, with a few owners who have been in since in the beginning. Here's the league rules for those interested:

(1) 30M minimal player budget(spent)
(2) no ML players playing grossly out of position
(3) competent major leaguers at the ML level
(4) no fatigue issues in the majors
(5) minimum wins 54/1yr, 114/2yr, 186/3yr
(6) maintain minors to satisfaction of other owners (while no exact number of players is a requirement, starting the season with 29 players and 15 pitchers/level will automatically meet this guideline)
(7) an owner may be given a 1 year "grace period" by the commish OR the vote of 10 owners (any owner can initiate the vote)
(8) EVERY new owner is asked to make a 3 year commitment

4/26/2013 8:34 PM
4/29/2013 8:48 AM
Great league.  However, we miss Griv's leadership and recruiting.  Come help fill the void.  We have a lot of vet owners and a stable world with little drama.  Join today
4/30/2013 6:22 AM
Come join the fun.
4/30/2013 10:28 AM
We are ready.  Come join the fun.
5/1/2013 9:26 AM
We have 4 Contenders available and 4 rebuild projects that are in various stages of the build process.  Franchises that are open include:

AL EAST  92-70  Charlotte  TAKEN
AL EAST  84-78  Durham

AL SOUTH  75-87   Mexico City  TAKEN
AL WEST  71-91   Oakland

NL SOUTH  82-80   Austin
NL SOUTH  88-74   Little Rock

NL EAST  68-94   Baltimore
NL EAST  76-86   Louisville   TAKEN 

5/9/2013 2:01 PM (edited)
Featured team today is Baltimore 

If I were able to select a team to work with this one might be at the top of my list.  Season 26 record was 68-94  Our previous commish has been the only owner through all 26 seasons.  And don’t let last season’s record fool you.   Previous seasons were all .500 or better even in rebuilding phases.  He decided he needed a break from HBD midway through the season and the team is now open.  This team is in the final phases of a rebuild and needs an owner willing to finish the deal.   Fifth pick in the upcoming draft for a team that is really in the upper half of the league.   Last season’s payroll was $78 Mil.  $30 Million is on the books for season 27.  Last season 1B  Luis Montanez  was picked up in the International market.  Three first round picks round out the solid season 26 crew of prospects:

Tomas Morales ,   Napoleon Parkinson  ,  Ivan Espinoza

The foundation of the franchise is already solid with young ML players like:
Matt Madson ,   Tony Alonso and   Trace Barrett   and there are additional players in the minors in different stages of readiness.

There will be some serious payroll flexibility too, as many of the older vets contracts have expired.  $41 million of last season's budget is in negotiations for season 27, and all .... or any portion of it can come off the books.

The bottom line is this is steal of a rebuild since much of the work has already been done and the payroll flexibility (and 5th pick in the draft) allows you to go in any direction you choose. 

It won't last long so contact Berrysboys or CougDawg2 to secure the password.
5/5/2013 10:58 PM (edited)
5/4/2013 10:58 AM
No Quitters featured team today is Little Rock

Here's another contender.  Season 26 record was 88-74.  They finished 5 games out in the NL South.  344 wins over the last four seasons with multiple owners. Last season's payroll was $87 million.  Going in to season 27 they only have  $42 million on the books.   So there is flexibility to move in multiple directions.  LAst season Little Rock had three first round picks in the draft.  Kennie Brow , Steven Buehrle  and Josias Montero were selected in round one.  Internaionals Vinny Hyun and Edgmer Jacquez were also signed last season.  Pasqual Pulido, Pedro Escobar and catcher Alex Parrish are the foundation of the position players.  Relief pitcher Juan Jacquez is one of the best in the league.  And AAA pitcher Phil Davis is ready for a callup any time.

This is a team with a lot of flexibility.  There are trade chips and young guns ready to move up.  Contact Berrysboys or CougDawg2 for the password to join.

5/5/2013 2:33 AM (edited)
No Quitters featured team today is Durham 

Last season's record was 84-78 and they finished 9 games out in the AL East.  Previous owner was with the team for 5 seasons and started a rebuild.  Season 26 payroll was $96 million.  $80 million is on the books for season 27 so most of thetop players are already locked up.  Durham had two first round picks in the 26 draft and selected Joseph Meng and Keith Titan.  Season 25 selection Damaso Perez is on a fast track top the Bigs and sits at AAA.  Catcher Daric McMillan leads the offense and teams with AndreWeaver and Conor Dixon as the heart of the batting order.  Veteran Reginald Bell heads the pitching staff.  But the future of this team may be in the minors.  25 year old Eric Phelps and Gorkys Espinoza are ready to move on to the ML roster.

Durham is a team in transition.  With most of the big contracts expiring over the next tow seasons, there will be tremendous flexibility to finish the rebuild with draft picks and internationals.

Contact Berrysboys or CougDawg2 to get the password and pick up this team.
5/5/2013 4:17 PM
The last available team in the NL is Austin

Season 26 record of 82-80 in the tough NL South.  Austin has averaged 90 wins over the past 5 seasons and finished 1st twice.  Austine was burdened by a large $123 Million payroll in season 26 and many of the contracts are in negotiations for the up coming season.  Nearly $40 million can come off the books in season 27.  The majority of the other large contracts will be up for negotiations over the next two seasons.  One contract that is in place for several seasons is pitcher  Dwight Worrell.   Stuart Davis , Raymond Pryce  and  Quilvio Perez are the clubhouse leaders.  This is a ballclub that will have the payroll flexibility to remake itself over the next two seasons.  It will need an experienced patient owner willing to make some trades and position the team for a conference title run.

Contact Berrysboys or CougDawg2 to secire the No Q's pasword and start working on this team.

5/5/2013 4:40 PM (edited)
Our last team is in the AL West.  Oakland finished with a record of 71-9.  The previous owner had been with the team for all but 5 of the 26 seasons in No Q's. He began the transition from contender to rebuild two seasons ago, and the steady payroll decline reflects that process.   Last season, Oakland's payroll was $88 Million.  Going into season 27, they only have $62 million committed.  Several other large contracts will expire next season.

Last season Oakland selected Nick Dawley and Dicky Peterson in the draft.  They joined season 25 selections Jorge Hernandez and SS Markus Choo in the minors. 
While most of the big contracts will be up for renegotiation over the next two seasons, rookie reliever  Stewart Dickson will be on the roster for several seasons.   Pitcher Jimmie Guillen will be counted on to have a season like he had in 25 to lead the pitching staff.

Bottom line is Oakland is a good rebuilding project with minimal contract commitments.  With so many dollars coming of the books in the next two seasons, the right owner will be able to move the rebuild along quickly.

Contact Berryboys or CougDawg2 to get the password and start your NO Q's career.

5/5/2013 5:00 PM
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