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I ran this league once before and I'm trying it again with some minor adjustments. Each owner will be given a set of 25 initials that will be randomly selected from these letters of the alphabet.

abcdefghjklmnoprstw  (i,q, u, v, x, y, z are excluded)

The sets of initials will look like this:

nm pa rp be fe ap nr cc jw kn dd db gm es dw ob op jo hw ms wr od pc ec nh

All the players on your team will come from your set of initials for first and last name. You can use the same initials for multiple players and you don't have to use all the initials. If you receive two of the same initial, like cm cm, you can clone a player. In this example, you could clone Christy Mathewson.

Each owner may have up to 6 players below 300K that don't come from his initials.

I will allow one do-over, since there's always a chance of getting a set with few good players. Once you receive a do-over, you can't go back to the first set.

I've experimented with this a bunch of times and I've been able to reach $140M with no problem for the most part, so that will be the cap. However if there are teams that can't get to at least $135M, I will put them in the same division or align according to total salary.

Yes to DH
No trades, WW, AAA
Any stadium
Injuries off
Live play - next series only

Website I'm using to randomize: http://www.dave-reed.com/Nifty/randSeq.html?numSeq=5&lenSeq=5&letters=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz&output=duf

4/25/2013 10:31 AM (edited)


1.   creed29 *
2.   specsman *
3.   Irctounc *
4.   shawbigred *
5.   dilligafdbp *
6.   daddyzander *
7.   flakfizer *
8.   splitter24 *
9.   hoosfirst *
10. dodgebob *
11. mervis7 *
12. newarkwilder
13. slainte *
14. pmars2001 *
15. celticus *
16. mlsb88 *
17. jballot *
18. dlchow *
19. bigfatjew *
20. jjper1 *
21. finn2030 *
22. elonsmitty *
23. alston *
24. grayfoxx *

dippedncrack, seamar_116

5/3/2013 5:45 AM (edited)
4/25/2013 8:49 AM
Thanks, specsman!

gh jt sd eb nj fh go nh pe fa pb ho fs ra ke kn hp rn mf sg pd jb hk ol aw
4/25/2013 8:57 AM
4/25/2013 9:08 AM
Thanks, Irctounc!

sp et sd mb jp oc tb ta es ef oa wo br bw bo ek da tb ge th ph jm mw ck ap
4/25/2013 9:12 AM
I'll play.
4/25/2013 9:16 AM
Thanks, shawbigred!

dj ft ak pa wt ao st dg je wn sp bn lh dt ma af fh bk oc ck sh ak ms fc pe
4/25/2013 9:17 AM
Sounds totally silly, we're in...
4/25/2013 9:42 AM
Thanks, dilligafdbp!

ng ln hw kr wb pl mh ws gn wp ek md bs fo an fm sl hf gm ls dw fj cf dl wg

4/25/2013 9:49 AM
happily in
4/25/2013 9:52 AM
Thanks, daddyzander!

dl fl gl ae ak bl rs oj co an hc wj do lb hm sp ta tk ff hc ad ge ns gd ca *
4/25/2013 11:26 AM (edited)
I've never been able to resist a league with random elements.  Plus it should be a slow day at work today.  I'm in.
4/25/2013 10:12 AM
Thanks, flakfizer!

fs ll wm fb gb em dl cm wh jh bn sj ml lj nw fb pk fp pp eb kb gm tp jw ah *
4/26/2013 5:55 AM (edited)
Of course I'll play.
4/25/2013 10:59 AM
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Random Initials League - full! Topic

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