If a player has "high" potential for every category except three (which are average), will he progress fast enough to eventually max out?
4/25/2013 4:32 PM
It will depend on how much playing time he gets (especially early in his career).  Assuming you redshirt him and then play him 10-15 minutes per game in his RS FR season and build up his minutes from there he should max out or get close in most of those high potential categories.
4/25/2013 4:37 PM
I had a guy high in all categories with an WE of 59.  I did not RS him, I started him right away, and he made amazing progress, but did not end up maxing out.  If some of those highs are extremely high-highs, which this guy's were (and with so many highs on your guy, I'm sure some of his are, too), he may not max out, but you don't need him to max out to be a good player.  If he has a 39 WE and you get him lots of playing time, he's going to be fine.  Will he "max out"?  Maybe not, but if you can mold him into an extremely good player, he doesn't need to max out.  
4/25/2013 4:46 PM
Idk 39WE isnt very good. Has a lot to do with his PT, he prob wont improve much as a RS with that WE. Personally I rarely touch a guy if he is under 50
4/25/2013 5:43 PM
To max out he will probably need a RS unless you start him right away. Is his starting ratings good? I take players like this all the time and they almost always pan out by the end of their careers regardless if they max out or not. 39 WE is not that bad... if the guy had sub 20 WE or sub 30 WE with terrible starting ratings then I'd be concerned about his growth. Some of my best players in school history had less than 39 WE. It's all relative. 
4/25/2013 5:47 PM
Posted by indiansrck27 on 4/25/2013 5:43:00 PM (view original):
Idk 39WE isnt very good. Has a lot to do with his PT, he prob wont improve much as a RS with that WE. Personally I rarely touch a guy if he is under 50
You can definitely get a lot out of a guy with a WE of 39... I brought in this guy with a WE of 28, and he came pretty close to maxing out (just missed about 12 points worth of passing, which I sacrificed to get him practice minutes elsewhere). I did not redshirt him, but he did start every game of his career.

If you redshirt a guy with a WE of 39, you'll see pretty normal growth, just not outstanding, and then if you start him year one his WE will go up to the mid-high 40s.

It's already been said, but you don't need to have a guy "max out" in order for him to be a good player... Use your judgment about how much you think he'll be able to contribute. If you can get him to redshirt, definitely take him, but I would still probably take him without the redshirt given his potential.
4/25/2013 5:50 PM
HD seems to be putting a little more emphasis on WE the past couple of seasons. Have always considered 40 as OK, and 35-39 as marginal. Have taken guys even in the upper 20's at times--WE improves over time if the guy gets decent PT--a few minutes as a Freshman, backup as a soph, and backup or starter as a jr. Took one guy with a 39 who ended up with a 60, picking up 190 points along the way. Had another who started at 59 and ended up at 81, but only picked up 115 points, maxing out early--little to choose from their evals. They both were good defensive big guys. Have seen guys that I took in the low 30's max out in core cats. But I am just a bit more conscious of WE the last couple of seasons--think it is now emphasized more in the game, just like freshmen improving more than they used to, even playing only a few minutes, and sophs improving less, another unannounced tweak, though Seble did say a couple of Real Years back that he wanted to see more guys reach their potential as seniors, and less have that Senior Slump.
4/25/2013 11:17 PM
I've always thought of work ethic as something that is necessary to a certain point and after that you'd like to have more but it's not your top priority.

I'd say you need at least 30 or so to consider a player (unless you like him as he is with little or no improvement).

Then 40-49 is solid and will get a guy close to his maxes by end of senior year if you play him enough. 50 - 60 is good and I usually see guys get close or max out with that. 60+ is gravy and helps them max out sooner.

I DO consider work ethic in my decision on who I try to redshirt - the lower a guy's WE, the more likely I ask him to take the redshirt.

4/26/2013 10:47 AM

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