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4/26/2013 3:38 PM
-Both teams chucked the ball deep most of the time out of trips.

-Losing team defended the pass with nickel long cover.  Nearly every play read "QB throws to wide open WR"

-Winning team defended the pass with 4-4 long cover.  Nearly every play read "the defense is getting heavy pressure on QB"

Seems pretty counter-intuitive. 

4/26/2013 3:53 PM
you missed the best few parts...  the game featured 5 WRs over 184 yards, the winning team's average completion went for 51.26 yards (losing team's 28.15) and the QBs completion % were 32.9 (losing) and 33.9 (winning).

the team that won the title threw for 11495 yards on the season with an avg completion of 25.8 yards and had a WR finish with 159 catches for 5609 yards (that isnt a typo) and 50 TDs.  His second WR finished with 134 catches for 3904 yards and only 35 TDs.  he also had a RB with 1195 yards.  Team total yards for the season, 13048.

the QB threw for 10361 yards on the season with a 41.9% competion rate.

the losing team featured a RB who ran 699 times for 5026 yards and a secondary back that finished with 2463 yards and 41 TDs.

looks like the losing team figured it couldnt keep up with the scoring if it kept running, so they chucked it in the final.
4/26/2013 4:12 PM
Indeed, being the losing coach, I switched to the long ball plan in rd 2 of the playoffs. 

But really this is what the beta is for - to find these glitches and iron them out so they don't get into the real game.

I had worries earlier on that gameplanning was gaining too much influence over talent.  This confirms my fears in that regard.  The losing team had better ratings (from the test page summary) than the winning team in all but one position.
4/26/2013 4:17 PM
agreed that this is what BETA is for... i dont think that anyone would advocate for a sim where the best option is to set your offense to do nothing but throw deep constantly, complete 40% of your passes and still rack up over 10000 yards and win a NC.  especially when the defense is set to long cover and has the correct number of CBs to cover the WRs.

in this case the WRs were all top notch, but they shouldnt have been getting wide open on as many plays as they were.
4/26/2013 4:36 PM
Check out the thread titled "coverage schemes".  There's a good discussion about a host of issues passing the ball, this being one of them.  Please add your issues/suggestions so they can be brought to light and fleshed out.  
4/27/2013 3:24 AM
The 4-4 on deep passes. The 4-4 all the LBs were on the line not dropping into coverage.  So 8 people being blocked by 5-7 it is not surprising the qb had people in his face. I tried a lot of different defense options vs a hail Mary offence and this worked the best. In a real football game the qb would dump the ball off short/med but the game plan was set to very deep. With only 2 CBs(man) and a safety (zone) the 3rd WR should have been wide open all the time not sure how passing to him more would effect the outcome. 

Nickel vs deep passes. As far as the QB throwing to wide open receivers in the nickel even though my WRs are fast that needs to be adjusted for sure with a CB(man) for each WR and 2 zone safeties. I had my TE and RB blocking so its not surprising the nickel did not yield a lot of pressure. I assume this caused the high speed/elu of my receivers in the sim to get wide open but this still needs adjusting.

Of course the nickel should have out performed the 4-4 it just did not so i ran the 4-4...(i tested all combinations of defenses the 4-4 put to much pressure to land a lot of deep passes)

The stats were high because of the quick turnaround. Fast scores or punts for both teams. One problem is my WR had less than 40 stam and never should have been able to play that much. Stam needs to be address this is also seen in RB/WRs with 40+ carries and low stam.

In my game planning experience with passing I found the only correctly set distance is med passing. VS though you complete 90%  you still get to many -yards or 1-2 yard plays and to few 10+  to off set. Short also did not net a high enough YPA to make it worthwhile except in rare cases. Long YPA was also low due to low comp rating. Deep of course was broken in more than just comp % but also almost never intercepted. With deep passing maybe 50% less comp and 2-3x interception rate at best guess.

So in my option best on just my experence might differ accross the board
VS - buff
S - buff
M- keep same
L - buff
DP- nerf % and interceptions increase

Most teams where run heavy so I messed around with passing until I got what I though was the strongest game plan. There are WRs rushing over 500 yards in games and all that fun stuff as well.  I tried balanced run/pass,heavy short/med passing, heavy run ( in out and balanced) and hail Mary offence just worked the best for my team.

As far as game planning effecting the game the teams where pretty evenly matched with the losing team being slightly favored. Nothing a better game plan along with player setting and formation settings should not be able to overcome. Long gone (hopefully) are the days where the team with the best RB and OL always won regardless of other settings. 

Mcbethbr - Your running game plan with an adjusted defense game plan would have been rough. Great season overall you had a very difficult playoff schedule and CC.  As you said its beta and I look forward to when a balanced run/pass game plan will surpass a heavy run or heavy pass game plan.  


4/29/2013 11:45 AM
Thanks.  Good observations.  I am currently working on adjusting cover results and pass results based on the other discussion we are having in the other thread and this is covered in that as well, but let's check this situation after it is updated to compare to what it is now.
4/29/2013 1:56 PM
Thanks for the insights catch44.  What do you mean by 'buff' on VS, S, and L passes? 

Great season for you too.  You really put a lot of effort in and it showed.
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